All you Need to Know about Impressive VR Videoslots

Online gambling has always been among businesses that like to try and involve modern technologies. They used 3D technologies that brought casinos to mobile platforms and all that. However, in 2017 online casinos came up with the new invention that fans have not seen before, and that was VR videoslots. It is considered as the evolutionary move that changed the whole industry. Virtual Reality changed the way that we play and experience the slot games. There are many exciting opportunities for slot game fans with VR, and in this post, we will explore those aspects and make an in-depth analysis of VR. But before that, let’s quickly explain VR first for those of you who have not heard about that yet. 

What is VR?

VR is the three-dimensional world that is created through computer programs. People use googles or headset to enjoy the best features of that digital world. By entering to VR world, you can interact with digital objects, and other users within that same world. In many areas, the use of VR is getting popular. For instance, medical and military training include them in their programs. Just like those, online casinos also saw VR as an opportunity for the future and utilized them.

Why can VR videoslots make a considerable difference in the business?

Visual excitement

VR videoslots are the games that can fairly close the gap between brick and mortar slot machines and online slot games. The excitement that virtual reality brings to the table for players is enormous. They can feel the game the same way as they play in land-based casinos. The critical difference between online and land-based casinos was about their vibes and effect on players. Land-based casinos were hitting players from every angle through colours, sounds sights, and all that.

On the other hand, online casinos were mainly about only visuals that you could see on the screen. VR is here to change that notion and close that gap. All the necessary aspects that can give you goosebumps while playing in land-based casinos are effectively put in place through VR technology. Now, we can experience the excellence of slot games from the comfort of our houses.

Social Element

VR casinos are great for several reasons. After putting the headset and joining the game, you will have freedom of going to the casino, checking the games, and move from one machine to another. Besides that, VR allows you to get discussions with other players in the same game. The most important one is about interaction with the casino staff. For instance, let’s say that you choose to play RTG’s White Rabbit slot in VR casino. After entering the platform, you can have a staff member who welcomes you and shows you how to play your favorite video slot game. Free spin and other bonuses in those games can also be offered by a staff member, which is great because it creates an atmosphere of real casinos. Whenever you have an issue, concern, or question in mind, you can directly ask support agents in VR casinos.



VR technology allowed casino developers to create more immerse, exciting, and engaging games than ever. Players can interact with the characters while moving up levels and defeating their competitors in videoslots. In 2018, Net Entertainment launched the VR version of Gonzo’s Quest. If you are not sure how that interaction can help you and why we recommended it, check the demo videos of the game in search engines and see what you can expect from VR casino slots.

VR Headset: What are the available options?

For those of you who decided to try out VR videoslots, it is essential to have the related hardware. Besides the hardware, you need to download the VR app from online casinos to help games function. There are multiple headsets in the market, and here are the most popular ones:

Facebook Oculus Rift

This headset is made in 2016 by Oculus Rift. The price of the headset is 400 dollars. The headset is mainly designed for gaming. Oculus Rift is only compatible with high spec Windows Operating systems. It is a high-quality headset that provides you with 1080×1200 result ion for each eye. This allows players to enjoy a seamless experience in internet casino games with a refresh rate of 90HZ. With the headset, you will also get motion controller systems. They are joysticks that have triggers, buttons, etc. Besides that, through this technology, you would be able to grab and touch things in the games that you play. If you would like to have an immerse gambling experience, we recommend you to go with this device.  

HTC Vive

It is another great headset that can help you to enjoy VR casino games. Founders of the device are Valve Corp and HTC. The price of the product is 599 dollars. Just like the previous one, HTC Vive provides you with 1080×1200 resolution and 90Hz refresh rate.   

Samsung Gear VR

The product is developed and distributed by Samsung and is compatible with all the devices by the company. It was released in 2015, and the initial price was 60 dollars.

Google Cardboard and Daydream

Google Cardboard is the simpler version of the VR headset. It is designed to increase awareness about VR and help headsets go viral as more people would buy and use them at a lower price. It costs you around 80 dollars to have a Google Cardboard. The mechanism in this headset is simple, and all you need to do is place the mobile device into the slot and experience virtual reality in casino games through lenses. Daydream is another product that released just after clipboard. For those of you who have handsets for VR can utilize this product. The price of Google Daydream is 60 dollars.

VR of 3D Slots?


3D slots are kind of like VR slot but without headsets. The experience is different for both versions, and they both have their advantages. While the visuals in VR is impressive, it can hurt your eyes after a certain period. On the other hand, 3D slots do not offer as remarkable graphics as VR, but that does not mean that you cannot enjoy them.  

How big will Virtual Reality casinos be?

Researches that have been conducted since 2017 by Juniper Research team showed that the VR casino industry would grow over 800 per cent in five years. They argued that the gaming revenue from this industry would be around 580 million dollars in 2021. We are in 2020, and we can say that those predictions did not happen in reality, and there are certain reasons for that. Virtual Reality is an astonishing tool that can change the way how we play gambling games.

However, not everyone has information about that system and how it works. Regular players who enjoy casino games as their hobbies do not get really into VR. Those people do not prioritize paying around 400 dollars for headsets or other tools that they need for experiencing virtual realities. There are more regular players than videoslots fanatics in the world, and that margin is higher than you think. It is evident that from the customer’s perspective, it is unluckily that the change will happen overnight. Though, gradually VR casinos will take over the industry as more and more people start to discover them. 

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