Best Paying Online Casino Platforms in the Market

In today’s world, where we have numerous options regarding online casinos, it can be not easy to find the best paying online casino and enjoy our favorite games there. There are thousands of options when it comes to online casinos and best paying online casino slots. We cannot decide which one is better unless we have a clear thought about these platforms and the impact of the payout rate on the gambling platforms’ quality. There are several aspects such as banking methods, variety and quality of games, best paying out online casino, the volatility of the games, etc. 

These aspects all contribute to our main decision about where we are going to play. So, What is the best paying online casino, and how can we find it? In this article, you will find answers to all these questions. Before that, let us discuss facts and definitions about the best paying online casino and overall RTP to help our amateur readers to understand the concept better.

Understanding Payouts in the Best Paying Online Casino

Generally, most online gambling players are entering online casinos to compete and win great cash prizes. To do that, they need to find the best paying online casino USA. Enter that platform to make their dreams come true. These platforms are committed to transparency, meaning that most share the return to payout rates with their customers. However, this information can undermine the success of the platform in different ways. That is why they do their best to hide some facts about the casino slots or any other game that features a low payout rate. Otherwise, no one would ever play that game. Let’s talk about some facts about the best paying out online casino and the features people need to be aware of. 

  • Payout percentages are not set for online casinos. Each game can have a different payout rate, and the reason for that is a little bit complicated. We will go through this aspect when we discuss the differences between the house edge and RTP. 
  • Most of the time, the casino game payout rate should be at least 90 percent depending on the game genre for players to consider among the best paying online casinos. 
  • Payout speed in the casinos can be affected by your banking withdrawal method. 

Payout Rates: Are they Really That Important for Players?

Best Paying Online Casino

Return to Player Rates is significant for players and online casino operators for several reasons. Those are the critical statistics that can be used to find the best online casinos. Then you can enjoy the highest gaming experience in those places. Players need to focus on this aspect more and try to understand the overall complex system. Otherwise, they would not find the best paying online casino and compete with the best people. It is more important than just statistics about how much online gambling players are wagering and how much of that deposit goes back to their account. In this passage, we will try to show the importance of payout rates for overall gameplay.

Once you enter the online casino, the next thing that you need to know is to search for the payout rates. It should be visible on the homepage of online casino platforms. If you cannot find it there, go search for other bars and pages. Then you can contact the user support center and ask them about the necessary documentation about payout percentages. It is better to do that to make sure that they are not deceiving you. 

Who Is Testing Best Online Casinos for Payout Rates and Fairness? 

Reliable and best paying online casino USA should be certified by local and international authorities testing these platforms for fairness. Some of them are eCogra or International Gaming Laboratories. These are the agencies that test the platform, games separately and then give them an internationally recognized certificate about the fairness of their games and the calculated RTP for the casino. 

Return to Player percentage is an average number for players. In one casino, during one month period. Thousands of players can play the same game. Some of those players can earn higher amounts, while others can lose significant cash. These aspects contribute to this percentage and that RTP shows how much money the casino paid out during that time span. 

Why Do We Need to Know the RTP of Online Casinos? 

It is an effective method to see the percentage and amount of paid out money for the last few months in the casino. It can show us the generosity and fairness aspect of the online casino that we will enter for playing our favorite online casino games. Keep in mind that this percentage is the average, showing its effect in the long run. So, do not panic if you lost two or three games in a row, even in online gambling platforms, where the games offer the highest payout rates. All these results are calculated for a certain period, and casinos pay out the amount that they suppose to payout. 

Online casinos are consist of thousands of online gambling game which offers different payout rates. The average of these games determines the overall payout rate of the casino. If some outliers have a 60 percent payout rate, they would definitely negatively affect the overall payout rate of a prestigious casino platform. Another thing to remember for players about the best paying online casino is that the payout rates can change over time, and that time span is usually one or two months. They can increase or decrease according to the specific situation, one or two percent. 

All you Need to Know about RTP

Best Paying Online Casino

Best paying online casino games are the ones that offer high RTP percentages. This term is a great measurement tool that can help us define the particular game’s payout capacity. It is calculated by looking at analyzing the different measurements. Different factors can impact payout rates. Some of them are the type of casino and the online casino software provider who designed the games, etc. to put it into perspective, imagine that you are playing a casino slot. You would deposit 100 dollars over the time each time you play this slot machine.

 If you earn 96 dollars during that time span, that means that the casino has 4 percent of house edge and 96 percent return to player rate. This idea sometimes creates misconceptions because most players do not actually spare their time to understand gambling basics. As the casino games work through random number generators, RTP can help you to earn the lost money in one round, or it can take to pay out that amount in several weeks. So, try not to have unrealistic expectations even if you are playing the best paying online casino slots with 97+ Return to Player Rate

During the testing phase, programmers play the same games repeatedly and calculate the odds and possibilities for players. From the frequency standpoint, the games can be high, medium, or low volatile. These are the measures that can help you figure out how often an online casino slot can payout and how much the winning amount would be. 

RTP According to Game Types

As we already mentioned, each game offers different payout rates, whether you are playing on average or the best paying online casino platforms. The games that require skills to compete usually have higher payout rates than the ones that are chance-based. Below, we will discuss a variety of options regarding the game choices and analyze their RTP percentages. 

Video Poker

Video poker is among those games that tend to have higher payout rates. It is not a coincidence because poker is one of the hardest gambling games in which you need to have years of experience to master it. The payout percentage of this genre depends on the skill level of the player. Chance is involved in poker, but it is not like you can win many games by solely having decent luck. It would be best if you incorporated various winning strategies in order to come up on top. There are video poker games out there that have 99 percent of return to player rate. So, if you are a confident table card player that can take risks, there is no better way to test your skill set in these games. 


Just like video poker, blackjack is a skill-based casino game. To win the game, you need to act strategically and follow the steps taken by other players. Without counting the cards or effectively putting down a strategy, it is hard for a player to earn the desirable rewards in this game. There are many blackjack titles that have 99 percent of RTP. 

European Roulette

Just like the skill-based casino games, there are many titles and genres that are solely determined by luck. Roulette is one of those online casino games. The actual payout rate for European roulette titles can go as high as 97 percent. However, there are many players around the table whenever you play roulette, so it is hard to win without having good luck on any given draw. The results of the game depend on the random number generation system. So, you cannot figure out or calculate it in order to get an unfair advantage over others. Try to find the roulette titles that are offering the best odds for winning. 

Casino Slots

Best Paying Online Casino

Casino slots are the games that you will frequently encounter in best paying online casinos. Unlike other examples that we talked about in the previous paragraphs, online slot machines do not have any theoretical payout percentage. Whenever we measure slot games according to RTP, we take the averages and list them from the low to the high. The lowest RTP in video slots can be even 50 percent. On the other hand, best paying online casino slots can have an RTP of 98.5 percent. For instance, let’s take Gonzo’s Quest, which is one of the best slot games in the market. The game offers 96.4 percent of the payout rate. There are 15 active pay lines and 243 different ways of winning. 

Progressive Slots

It is one of the FAQ’s when it comes to payout rates in the casino slots. Most players want to know whether or not it is possible for a payout percentage to change during the game. The players who utilize max bet strategy believe that this is the case for all the sweepstakes slot machine games. In reality, only progressive slots can have that feature, and yes, it can be possible for online slots to increase the payout percentage according to the actions that are taken by players during a particular game. 

Progressive slots have jackpots, and they collect a certain percentage of the deposits in order to grow that jackpot amount. Overall progressive games tend to have lower payout rates, but it can go higher as the jackpot grows. Once someone earns that jackpot and that round is finished, the slot machine resets itself automatically. At that moment, we need to know what is the seed amount and why we need to learn more about it. The seed amount is the percentage where the payout rate will be set after the jackpot won by a player. 

The resetting actions prevent two players from winning the jackpot back to back. It has a lower possibility because, as we mentioned before, the seed amount is reset percentage, which tends to be lower. Players can impact that seed amount percentage by betting high even after the jackpot just won. The most popular progressive slots that have higher payout percentages are Mega Million, Age of Gods, and Mega Moolah. 

Best Paying Online Casino Platforms

Green Play

Green Play is among the best paying online casino platforms that we have in the industry right now. Aspire Global International developed this casino platform back in 2019. Since that, they showed tremendous growth in the past year. They managed to attract hundreds of online casino players from all around the world. There is a huge gaming library that is waiting for you on this platform. However, that is not the only advantage of playing internet casino games in Green Play. The Return to Player Percentage for this platform is 96.8 percent on average. You can find a number of titles for different gambling genres, 

Europa Casino

It is another platform where you can find the highest paying online slots in the market. The history of the gambling parlor started in 2009 when they launched their first virtual casino. The brand is working closely with Playtech in order to get and provide high-quality casino games to its gambling audience. RTP of the best slot games that you can play in Europa casino is 96.5 percent on average. 

888 Casino

888 Casino is not only among the best paying online casino platforms, but it is also one of the most popular brands in the gambling business. It is a multi-million company that received a number of awards during the two decades in which it operated successfully. Top-quality games from different genres of online gambling can be found easily on this platform. You can play keno, bingo, roulette, video poker, baccarat, live bet on sports, and enjoy the best quality slot machine games in 888 Casino. 

The compatibility is another great feature of this platform. You can access all those high paying online casino slots through your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop device. There are many games from this brand that has a mobile app on the major platforms. If you are among those players who want to feel the premium quality in online casinos, you need to take a chance on this brand. The payout rate for the average of the games is 97 percent for 888 casinos. If you want to learn more about the best paying online casino platforms, check out other articles that we write on the subject matter. 

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