Blackjack Game | Updated Guide to Check in 2023

The best blackjack game gives you a thrilling experience, even if you’re not among the lucky winners. Get a dose of the thrilling night game in this article.

Card games are just not it?

For a player who has felt the gratification of sitting through a game session, the anticipation of what is coming next, and the excitement of winning, that is the wrong question.

Card games are fun, played worldwide, and easy to learn. The blackjack game is an exciting card game where players wager and play against the dealer, hoping to win.

The game centers around playing the cards to sum up to a number close or equal to the number 21, hence, the reason it is called 21. 

In this article, you will learn about the card game of blackjack where and how to enjoy a free blackjack game.

Blackjack Game: A Game Against The Dealer

The game has taken on many names, including pontoon, Vingt-et-Un, and 21. Although no specific region of the world could lay aims to its origination, it is known to have been quite popular among the French, Italians, and Romans. The name 21 is in as much use as blackjack itself.

As a card game, it is played entirely with only a deck or decks of cards, which include the number cards, the face cards, and the ace. 

Blackjack Game

Most casinos allow the game to be played with more than one deck of cards, mostly 6 collective decks. This collection is called a shoe. The number cards retain their values (cards with numbers 2 to 10 retain the value 2 to 10), the face cards (J, Q, K) have a value of 10 each, and the ace could have a value of 1 or 11.

How to Play The Blackjack Game

At a casino table, players may be more than one against the dealer, but each player knows they’re not a team. Every player plays for themselves. 

As real money is used in a real-time casino and offered on an online casino platform, players place their bets or wagers to start. Every player is then dealt a round of cards and another to make two cards, each with one of the dealer’s cards faces up. 

The blackjack game rules are the same, even though there are variations in the game.

The game’s goal is clear; it has only one goal: winning against the dealer. When the dealer’s hole card (the one with its face up) is an Ace, a player can get insurance by placing only half of their bet.

When playing the blackjack game online, the blackjack dealer uses software (called Random Number Generator, RNG) that ensures each game is random and unpredictable. Although the RNG software is used, players must be strategic in knowing what decisions to make and when to make them.

If a player is dealt a face card and an ace after checking their hand, they get a natural blackjack and win that round. The player gets 150% of the bet placed, and the next round starts. The 150% winning rate is in the ratio of 3:2, but some casinos pay with 6:5. A player would do well to avoid such casinos. The best-paying ratio, however, is 2:1 and is most rare. It gives a player more advantage.

Decisions in the Blackjack Game

There are 4 decisions to make while playing the blackjack game online or in real-time.


This means that a player requires more cards to increase the total of their hands one at a time. A player can keep requesting to hit without limits to the number of times until they choose to stand or go over 21. 


Blackjack Game

After the first round of dealing, if a player is satisfied with their hand, they can choose not to acquire more cards before the reveal. This situation is called a stand. If the dealer’s hand is 17, the dealer will stand unless the 17 is soft. A soft 17 comprises an Ace and a 6; the dealer could make the value 1 instead of 11 and get a chance to get more hit cards. 


Splitting happens only when a player has a hand of cards with the same value. They will separate the cards, face up, and indicate that they need a card on each of the separate cards. This strategy makes their initial one hand of cards two. Splitting is possible even for face cards and can be done on blackjack game apps. Players are advised to split when their hand equals to or is below 11 but not when it goes over or is equal to 12, as it may take them over 21. 

Double down

As the term says, double down is double one’s wager. Players double down when they are very sure to win a round. Doing this will get them an additional card; if they win, they get double the wager they placed, that is, 200%.

Players make one more decision in the blackjack game. It is called the SURRENDER, and it means giving up a hand. Players give up their cards after dealing if they feel that the hand they have been dealt is not satisfactory and could lead to a loss. 

To do this, they give the surrender sign, say the word and their hand is returned. Of course, there is no need to say the word if players play the blackjack game online.

The splitting, doubling down, and surrender decisions are available only to players, not the dealer.

What are The Possible Results of a Round of Blackjack Game:

Every player aims to win in each round. Still, playing does not guarantee a win, even though the game is one of luck and strategy.

A player may win by beating the dealer to get a total hand of 21 since the player reveals first. If the player gets a total closer to 21 than the dealer, they also win that round. A win of this nature will get the dealer to pay them a wager equal to the wager they placed.

In the case of a loss, where the player has a total hand lesser than that of the dealer, the dealer gets the wager placed by the player. The same happens if the dealer gets a natural blackjack and the player is dealt a total not equal to 21. Players do not lose to one another; they lose only to the dealer. This loss is termed a “bust”.

blackjack game online

When there is a tie where the player and the dealer get blackjack or their hand totals to the same sum, the result is called a “push.” The next round begins immediately without any wager being paid to either of them.

Playing a free blackjack game without betting real money is available to players. As a top-rated card banking game offered by casinos, many casino game developers provide blackjack to online players. A download is not even necessary. Both users of Android and iOS devices could have access to playing the game on blackjack game apps.

Are There Variations to the Blackjack Game?

As essential as the blackjack game rules are, some variations allow for more rules that, in one way or the other, rest on the basic rules. Here are 5 variations which may be found in blackjack game apps as well;

  1. The Blackjack Switch 
  2. The Spanish 21
  3. The Superfun 21
  4. The Free Bet Blackjack
  5. The Stadium Blackjack 

The difference between a real-time casino game and an online game is the community and social aspects. Playing alone does not give the feeling of being among other players, and this is a feeling most players seek.

Now, some casinos allow a live deal game where there is a human dealer. The players can watch the dealer dealing out cards and the whole process being streamed from a real-time casino, usually a studio. Like an online casino blackjack game, you have all the options and decisions you can make and are much closer to a live casino!

Alternatives to Blackjack 

  1. Aztec Secret 

  1. Fruit Poker 
  2. Go Bananas
  3. Columbus
  4. Orca.

Frequently Asked Questions

What online casinos provide free blackjack games? 

If you want to play the best blackjack game, try Vegas7games, Riversweeps Casino, and Bitplay Casino. 

Can you play a blackjack game on a mobile device?

Some apps and sites allow you to play the blackjack game on a mobile casino, whether iOS or Android.

How can I successfully win at online blackjack games?

The game is one of luck and grand strategy. Still, to increase your advantage, learn and master the game’s basic strategy.

How to play a game of blackjack?

The blackjack gameplay is easily understood, but you must understand the system. The bottom line is to get a card value of 21 or close; anything over 21 means you’re out.

What are the rules of blackjack?

Blackjack game rules are numerous and complicated. However, they have been explained above for your digestion. The game aims to draw a 21-card value or close to it without going over it.


The blackjack game is one of the most popular card games played across the globe in casinos. It is a game of strategy and luck, where you strive towards and hope to beat only the dealer. Register on BitPlay or download the app to play the best blackjack game and discover why it is as popular and loved as it is.

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