Less-Known Facts About NetEnt Casino Software

Coming across hundreds of gambling games may confuse you. As all game vendors try to do whatever they can to attract customers, making a choice can be tough. Then, how can you find a reliable website to make your payment and enjoy the fullest by playing casino games? Let’s have a look at the details and get valuable information about NetEnt casino software, which can help you make a profit. 

What is NetEnt? 

The name NetEnt is not so old and was NetEntertainment until May 2015. Whereas, the foundation of the company was in 1996. Nowadays, approximately 700 people work in this gambling industry. Their location is in Vasatagan island in Stockholm. The online gambling real money software is in the list of the Swedish stock market. After 20 years, it spread to offices in Malta, The United States of America, Ukraine, Poland, Gibraltar, and Alderney. The NetEnt casino website allows processing 68.000 gaming transactions in one minute. The players get the chance to play online casino games in almost 100 casinos worldwide.

NetEnt is one of the best and well-known program providers in the world. This online casino software offers premium gaming solutions by being a successful one. Moreover, slot programmers have created so many beautiful games that you will not even dare to leave your chair. Talented people offer high-quality digital solutions to attract a lot of traffic to their website.

Casino Module 

The platform called Casino Module emerged in 2002 by NetEnt. The gambling software providers created this platform so that they have high-quality management tools. These make the burden of the owners of the online gambling businesses lighter.

With the help of state-of-the-art technology, you can find various kinds of online casino games. We know that each casino website has its way of approach to the customer and strategies to keep customers permanently. Whereas, the CasinoModule provider of the NetEnt Casino Software is a kind of software that there is no need to make sacrifices to gain the customer. The job and effort of the game programmers say everything. To make it to the operator’s website, the game providers customize the various kinds of games of the Casino Module Platform.

Each game has a different and unique design. To access the games, you can make use of about twenty foreign languages. The CasinoModule platform provides customers with technical support, hosting of the system, various kinds of marketing tools, and management issues of players. Therefore, it helps the game providers to make a considerable profit. These characteristic features are one part of the Back Office of the NetEnt casino software. The platform is accessible in all locations. It makes it possible for the site operators to record all kinds of data that run on the CasinoModule Platform. This data includes reviewing the activity of players, recording how many times they access the website to play, preparing statistics regarding the rate of performance of the software.

 NetEnt Back Office

netent casino software

The NetEnt back office of the NetEnt casino software is a kind of tool to run the website. It helps to create, organize, and establish various types of real cash online casino games, prepare, and offer rewards for the players to collect money and make a payment.

Products that NetEnt offer 

NetEnt Casino Software produces high-quality and up-to-date online gambling slot machines and online casino games, casino software, and realizes the administration process of the jackpots. The products that the software program offers are below:

NetEnt Slots

The ultimate reason why the NetEnt games differ from others is that the game creators offer games that aim at the lifetime value of the player. It moves money from the pocket of the customer to the pocket of the game operator. And it is not illegal or unfair. It is the core value that helps the game operator to manage their online gambling business effectively and work on their product to provide the customer with the best of the games. Furthermore, it aims the value of the player towards the casino website.

Undoubtedly, the NetEnt slots are popular in many countries and are in the up-to-date version by the help of technological advancement. There are various kinds of online gambling slots like the Viking range, Starburst (popular in the UK), Lost Relics, and so many other online casino games. 

Almost all games of the NetEnt platform are easy to install on a mobile phone, computer, and in-booth casino machines as well.

You might be new to the online casino games, and you would like to gain some experience. To win a vast sum of money, you can get the benefit of free virtual gambling games that NetEnt software platform offers. By playing free types of NetEnt games, on its website, you will be able to practice your skills and learn a few online casino tips and tricks in order not to fool yourself.

Starburst Slot

It is also one of the most popular slot games to be legendary in the gambling game industry. Even many people grew to like to play real online casinos after playing this game. It is a video slot game and has from three to five reels. The game programmers used various high-quality sounds and light effects. Its RTP is 96.1%.

You can see the stars in the game. In general, the symbols are gemstones as well as planets. There is a golden kind of symbol which pays the highest and is set against the sun — the Lucky Seven circles around the Earth. Besides, there are various gemstones like rubies, diamonds, sapphires, and so others.

You can find no spins in this slot game. It means there are no bonus features, which means that there are no Scatters. There is a cosmic background behind the reels which game creators established. And, the graphics made the game so beautiful that you can easily see the results of each spin. Therefore, if you know how to win a slot, it will be easier for you to earn big money.


netent casino software

This real online casino slot has a kind of sound effect that will mesmerize you. It influenced other gambling game soundtracks. It will take you out of this world, and you will feel as if you are in the cosmic space. When you line up a win, you can feel the excitement by the beat-up soundtrack.

NetEnt Casino Live Game

There is a casino site program, which is Live Rewards offered by the NetEnt casino program. By playing this game, you can come across a massive load of promotions. The sets of this program will not make you feel bored. There are free spins and bonuses that you can get a benefit as well.

Making Profit With NetEnt Software 

The NetEnt software offers its players the number of jackpots even we can say pooled jackpots. In the game, there are Hall of Gods, Mega Fortune Dreams, and Arabian Nights, which offer huge jackpots. Virtual slot programmers created this option with the help of the network of the number of online slot machines.


To sum up, we covered a few unknown details regarding NetEnt casino software, which will help you play slot games online and also win real cash. If you are into internet casinos and like to learn their essentials, this post will definitely help you. Netent is one of the brands that shaped the industry and brought innovative solutions and that is why it is very important to know who is behind our favorite gambling games.

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