Punto Banco: Learn About the Unique Baccarat Version

Punto Banco is among the different variations of baccarat which has been around for quite some time now. The game was mainly played in land-based casino platforms up until a few years ago. Then, the gaming software developers like Playtech decided to create an online version which has led to more popularity. Most of you have probably heard about the baccarat before. 

However, not many players have tried Punto Banco, and they are curious about this genre. Therefore, we decided to come up with this article and explain all the details about the game, show you how to play it, and discuss earning potential that this genre provides. So, without further ado, let’s start with the playing rules.

What are the Rules of Punto Banco? 

There are lots of different baccarat variations in the market, and all of them have some similiarities as well as differences. Mainly the number of players, bet sizes, wagering strategies, and such aspects differ in those games. For instance, in the Chermin De Fer baccarat version, players are betting against each other, and dealers are not involved in the process. On the other hand, in Punto Banco, you are playing against the dealer. The initial meaning of the term in Spanish means exactly that. 

Punto means a player, and you guessed it right, banco is referring to a bank that is a house in gambling terms. The initial goal for all the players that are attending is to get the number closest to the nine before any other competitor does so. You can go above nine as well, which will result in a loss. In most simplistic terms, these are the general ideas behind this genre, but in the following passages, you will manage to read about all the minor details on Punto Banco, so stay tuned for a couple more minutes!

Punto Banco Online

Punto banco

If you enter an online casino that offers this game, you will learn the rules and start playing easily in a few hours. The rules of the game are basically the same as the land-based version. On the other hand, there are several advantages that you can get. 

Live Version

For instance, if you play in live online casinos, you can get the excitement of real casino parlors without leaving your house. There are quite a few options for you when you decide to take this route, and with the full HD streaming services that those online sweepstakes sites offer, you will feel the vibe of casino floors instantly. 

Through live chat, you will manage to interact with other players as well as the dealer. That helps to bring a social aspect to the internet casino game. One of the best examples of online Punto Banco is the one that was released in 2017 by Net entertainment. That game offers players six different decks, customizable features as well as a betting range from 1 dollar up to 100. 

Winning Odds

The odds in the game are like this:

  • Player: 1:1
  • Banker: 1:0.95
  • Tie: 1:9

The game works smoothly on both mobile and desktop devices. Regardless of the operating system that you have on your mobile phone, you can still download and enjoy the premium baccarat experience wherever you want. 

Card Values in the Game

There are a lot of similarities between different types of baccarat versions, as we already mentioned. So, the card values are one of those similarities. If you have some experience with baccarat-related games, it will be a lot easier for you to get the idea about Punto banco. The 0 value cards are 10s, Jacks, Kings, and Queens. 

The rest of the playing cards have the same value as the number on them. The whole value of your hand depends on the first drawn two cards. If you get something above 10, 10 will be subtracted from the overall value of your hand. For instance, let’s say that you have drawn the 6th of clubs and 8 of spades. Then, your hand value would be 4( 6+8-10). 

The Layout of the Game

Punto banco

Punto Banco is played in the same table game layout as the baccarat. There are seats for around 14 players who can enjoy the game at the same time. There is a version that looks like a mini-baccarat on online sweepstakes sites. 

In those versions, the maximum player number can go to 8 at most. Before each round, the dealer shuffles and hands out the cards for players. The decks are standard 52 card decks. There are 6 to 8 of them that are used on each punto banco round. There are two major slots for placing your bets. The third additional one is designed for Egalite bets which refers to the Ties. 

As the first player draws four cards and gives them to the dealer, the intensity arises, and the river sweeps game starts. The dealer places those cards on the table, and they are separated into two groups ( 2 for Bank, 2 for Player). Then, the dealer places them face down on the table. As players look at their hands, the dealer reveals the initial cards. After that,  players compete so that the one with the closest hand value to 9 can win. 

This pretty much sums up Punto Banco rules, strategies, and etc. If you would like to learn about various online casino games and read such information as well as analytical articles on the subject matter, check out our blog page at Vegas7Games. 

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