Roulette Software: Essentials of the System and The Best Providers In the Market

Online roulette has been around for quite some time. It is considered among the most popular online sweepstakes games that are available on the market right now. Players who preferred playing such an intense game like roulette in land-based casinos can now switch to live dealer roulette thanks to the modern roulette software solutions. 

It is a gaming genre that has been around for many decades, and most players start their gaming journey by learning roulette. Therefore, we decided to discuss online roulette as well as list out some of the major brands that are developing roulette software for online sweepstakes sites. But before that, let us quickly explain the essentials of roulette for those of you who are not aware or have not played this phenomenal sweepstakes genre until now. 

What is Online Roulette?

Roulette is a very simple game that beginners can learn in a few sessions. The general idea of the game is about a spinning wheel. There are numbers on the wheel, and a white ball thrown at the wheel, which determines the winner. If you can guess the number right, you will win the game and earn effective rewards. 

You need to guess the next stop where the ball is going to land to win the roulette. The developers managed to integrate the Random Number Generating systems into the game through modern roulette software solutions. Therefore, these tables cannot get hacked or be rigged while you are playing. This is one of the aspects that helped online roulette to rise in the market. Besides, it sparked an increase in the number of players who are enjoying this genre online. 

What are the Potential Advantages of Playing Roulette Online?

Roulett software

There are quite a few advantages of playing online roulette through roulette software.  In this passage, we will go over them. The first advantage is about reaching all sides of the table in a few clicks. If you have ever played the roulette game in land-based sweepstakes parlors, you will definitely understand this point. 

In land-based sweepstakes parlors, the shape of the roulette wheel is inconvenient for a player to make bets. If you are on one side of the table and want to make bets on the numbers that are located on the other side, you need to ask the dealer every time while making the best because you cannot reach there by yourself. 

The advantage of online roulette software and internet roulette is, you do not have to extend your hands to make a bet. All you need to do is to click the deposit button and finalize the transaction. 

Another great advantage of playing roulette online is that it allows you to play at your own pace. Generally, when you are in the land-based sweepstakes parlor, the dealer dictates the pace.  So, you need to follow through to not miss out on the opportunities. 

This way can be advantageous for some players. But in general, it is not convenient for those who like to think before making any serious decision regarding the bets. On the other hand, online roulette tables and the roulett software allow you to take your time on each session. Thus it is an opportunity for you to make the best possible bet without worrying about the time limit. 

Who Are the Most Popular Online Roulette Software Developers? 

We will start the list with one of the essential brands that helped the industry to grow massively over the last two decades. Microgaming is the first brand that comes to mind whenever we discuss the topics about the best online sweepstakes software developers. The brand came into the business in 1994 and took off. 

They are the first company that developed an online sweepstakes website and started a trend. Since then, the company switched its focus from being an online sweepstakes gaming website to becoming a supplier. It is no wonder why their products are used by thousands of online sweepstakes websites around the world. They provide over 800 interactive sweepstakes games that include many genres. 

Besides that, they develop roulette software as well as general online casino software that includes both management and security solutions. With the range and quality of the games that they provide, Microgaming deserves first place on our top list of the best roulett software developers. 

Net Ent


It is hard to miss this one out while listing the best roulette software developers. Net Entertainment or Net ENt is widely known as one of the first brands that became an online sweepstakes software developer in the market. They started the journey in 1996. Over two and half decades, they managed to strongly hold their position in the market. 

Thanks to the interactive nature of their online sweepstakes games and innovative features that they have been adding over the course of their existence, the brand managed to stay relevant for 25 years. They provide you with over 500 exciting sweepstakes slots as well as a great roulette and table card game portfolio. The simple and straightforward approach that they took while designing these products is one of the perks that online sweepstakes operators love about it. 


Vegas7Games is another brand from the United States that came into the business in recent years. They are specialized in building software products for online casinos, sweepstakes parlors as well as internet cafes. Roulette software of the brand is highly recommended from the player’s perspective. Besides that, they offer exciting online sweepstakes games that are well known by the players around the industry. If you would like to start a new business in this market and have concerns about the software products that you will employ, you can always contact these brands in order to get the best possible deals and the best value for your money. 

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