3 Amazing Slot Machine Strategy & Tips that Really Work

Have you ever wondered how to make big wins in slot machine games? A quick search online for slot machine strategy and google will give you about 61,900,000 results. We may not know how long it would take you to review all these. However, we know all you need are straightforward tips that point you in the right direction and do not lead you on with promises of life-changing jackpots that never materialize.

Now, some of these results are good and research-backed content. However, there are tons of low-quality content out there too. Therefore, what we’ve done is to help you separate the sheep from the goats or the wheat from the chaff if you would prefer. Hence, this article puts together the most salient slot machine strategy for your internet casino games. So that you improve your chances and minimize your losses.

No longer do you have to experiment and try without success to get your hands on a single win to make up for all the loses you’ve piled up (and we all know how this story ends) – till your entire bankroll evaporates. This is you need the right slot machine strategy to win and also to prevent excessive loses.

Without much ado, here are three amazing tips for online casino real money strategy that really works in your favor.

Make use of No Deposit Bonus Codes

Pause before you dive into the ways of tricking the slot machine. Instead, look into the casinos and consider how you can outsmart them. Remember, the word here is not trick but outsmart. In online casino reviews, you’ll notice casinos may not like you to know these facts, but you shouldn’t be surprised to find out that there are tons of freebies and bonuses you can enjoy from the casinos if you know where to find them.

To get there, we begin to look at casinos as businesses. A business needs customers to remain afloat. This is the case with casinos too, and even more so. Because there is fierce competition in the gambling industry. As such, every casino is looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage over the other. Hence, they are usually ready to go to great lengths to get users through the door. 

One of such incentives casinos use to draw in players are no deposit bonus codes. These codes are free money offered you by the casino through their online casino software to enable you to spin some fantastic video slots that pay real money. The key slot machine strategy here is in the use of these bonus codes. Imagine what you could do with a free $10 chip?

Your answer depends on who you are and how you approach gameplay. However, the safest bet is to attempt winning some slot games without putting your own money at risk. Though this approach is enticing, it is not a walk in the pack. This is because, as earlier mentioned, casinos don’t want every player deciding to play only with bonus codes. Therefore, you might have to do some extra searching online to get these no deposit bonus codes.

Divide the Casinos and Conquer their Slot Machines

slot machine strategy

As mentioned above, casinos are on a mission to get more gamblers in their gambling arenas. To achieve these, they are also offering free spins, free chips, bonuses, and several other attractive packages. In addition to these, the rules and regulations that the operations of online gambling casinos vary from one region to another. Hence, you can enjoy enviable offers from a casino through the internet.

Usually, gamblers in the U.S. have an advantage in this respect. U.S. gaming laws are relaxed such that players can enjoy a wide variety of bonuses if compared to several other parts of the world. (you can read about this in casino blogs online). Hence, if you happen to reside in the U.S., you can take advantage of this fact and cash in on the fun without sacrificing next to nothing. Some experienced U.S. players have used this slot machine strategy to win some major jackpots. Some have even made the news.

If you don’t happen to live in the U.S you might be asking yourself, what’s the difference between an amazing bonus and a good one?

To distinguish the two, you first need to check the wagering requirement. This is the multiplier used to calculate the amount players are required to pay before they are allowed to enjoy the bonus. Usually, in the case of bonuses, you won’t get it, but you receive only the real amount you won playing slot after you completed the wagering requirement. Another popular term for the wagering requirement in the gambling industry in the “playthrough.”

Hence, you are better off with a low playthrough/ wagering requirements. Ideally, you should be expecting 10x or less playthrough to get you those wins. However, should you stumble upon a slot machine that has no playthrough requirement; it’s even best.

Know Which Slots to Avoid

A popular quote from Lord Varys in Game of Thrones said, “I choose my allies carefully, and my enemies more carefully still.”

Applying the same caution, you need to select the casinos that will favor your chances. Of course, everyone does a bit of research before playing in any casino. Be it an online casino or a brick and mortar casino. However, what bearing does this research have on the efficiency of your choice, even when you choose the most popular casino slots. Our guess is as good as ours. Else you won’t be reading these words at this moment, you would be busy playing some real money online slots and betting paid big time.

Nevertheless, you are in the right place and yes, research is the way to start. However, the key is to only look beyond the facts and figures. You need to know which standards to compare the points you got from your research to. Usually, there are vital aspects of a casino that you need to look at to determine if it’s worth your time to go for even a single spin. But then again, it’s not as if any casino wants its players only to lose. That’s why slot games are first of all a game of chance.

Why do you need to search before playing?

There have been cases where first-timers playing in a very unpopular casino that has received terrible reviews. But this player goes home with a handsome reward of cash and some bonus wins too. In some instances, some casinos tend to relax their grip on the bonus as such, helping more players to win. These kinds of wins can be obtained from some specific sites online that offer online casino games like PayRiverSlots, Skillmine Games, Riversweeps, and Fisharcades.

Hence, if you are looking to take advantage of the first two tips, all you need to do is select your casino carefully.


Vegas7Games is a great platform that you can try out new slot machine strategies that you designed. The brand is specializing in building interactive slot machine games and developing casino software. All the main variations of the slots are provided by Vegas7Games to you. If you are an entrepreneur that wants to start from the bottom and rise up quickly in the online gambling industry, contact 8us for more information.

Bottom Line

When all is said and done, an effective slot machine strategy is critical to have an increased chance of winning slots, which are otherwise believed to be solely based on luck. Carefully consider your options, make use of bonuses, and take advantage of rules and regulations for your area. These should set you on your way to winning some significant jackpots. Remember, gambling is purely based on luck, and there is also a good chance you may lose. Therefore, always try to arm yourself with some extra facts and knowledge. Even if you are a seasoned gambler, you refer to a beginner’s guide to slot machine strategy to win or at least minimize your losses. Follow this blog to ensure you know the latest tips and tricks about online gambling. Especially for slot game fans.

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