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Make Your Sweepstakes Business Thrive With Vegas7Games Riverslot Software Solutions

Vegas7Games is an online sweepstakes software developer who has expertise in different gaming services. Our devoted team is known for being dynamic and innovative in bringing you the best riverslot solutions to effectively run the sweepstakes parlor. With the user-friendly approach, our main goal is to focus on the needs of the customers and deliver innovative solutions to meet those specific needs. We provide you with

  • Fast Setup

  • Mobile Compatibility

  • Cost-Effective Services

  • And Prime Security


Why Do You Need to Employ Vegas7Games Riverslot Software?

The most feasible way to set up a brand new riverslot platform or scale the existing one is to get an exceptional Riverslot Software solution. Below we listed the best features of our software model.

Payment Gateway Integration

We provide you with the riverslot software that has already been integrated with the industry’s major payment solution providers. You will not have difficulty creating a comfortable platform for users as they will have a number of preferred payment methods in one place. Depending on the market that you are aiming to enter, we can adjust the available options and provide you with a custom plan.

Those options include standard direct payments, Google pay, e-Wallets, or even cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Through the advantages such as anonymity and low transaction fees, you will manage to attract customers worldwide by having Bitcoin as a major payment solution.


Security Control

Through utilizing modern security tools such as data encryption and two-step verification, we offer your customers the safest option to enjoy the best riverslot games. You will get daily security checks and reports to identify the issue and solve it right away. Users will enjoy the riversweeps services without worrying about the possible threads when you acquire Riverslot software from Vegas7Games.

Mobile Compatibility

All the available services and riverslot games are optimized for small touch screens. You will manage to offer the same quality of riverslot solutions to the customers while utilzing this software. All the games are compatible with mobile phones regardless of the operating system that they have. Our software is supported by Android, Windows, and iOS smartphones.

Riverslot Games

There are several exciting riverslot games in our software product. You can find different variations of each of those riverslot genres. There are slot machines, table card games, keno, and many more titles available on this software.

HD graphics and amazing sound effects in those games make the online riverslot experience much more realistic for users. We provide you with an interactive gaming environment that you can enjoy on both PCs and mobile phones. To access these cross-platform compatible games, you need to partner with Vegas7Games.

Technical Support

We are providing you with 24/7 technical support. By employing the riverslot software of Vegas7Games, you will have a loyal companion in the market who is ready to help you whenever it is necessary. Keep in mind that the technical issues can cost you a lot of money because players tend to leave the riverslot website that is lagging.

Fortunately, you do not have to worry about this matter at all because of the instant tech support that we offer. The maintenance of the riverslot software and issues related to that will be fixed as soon as you contact our support team.


Robust Bonus Module

Through this tool, you will manage to develop custom bonus offers for your players. You can also integrate available bonus opportunities that we designed. Available bonuses in the riverslot software are happy bonuses, cashback, no deposit full match, etc.

Marketing Tools

We provide you with a variety of digital marketing tools to ensure your brand’s online presence. Our experienced team is ready to take your business to another level and create a strong brand communication strategy for you. We will research your target audience and competition level. Then, we will create a digital marketing plan by auditing your performance and analyzing the available data. We will provide you with content creation, social media advertising, and public promotions to reach the desired results quickly.


You will have freedom of choice and a high degree of customization while employing the riverslot software of Vegas7Games. You can customize the platform through these tools and create a unique gaming website for customers.

Multi-Language Support

This is another excellent feature of the riverslot software that can help you establish the sweepstakes platform effectively. Depending on the area that you want to start your riverslot platform, you need to be able to provide the services in the local language so that more customers can come and enjoy the riverslot games. In that sense, the multi-language support of the riverslot software is what you need to look for.

Ready to Start?

If you have questions or concerns about the Riverslot Software of Vegas7Games, contact us for more information.