A Complete Introduction to Gambling Games Online

In the journey of taking a daring risk till winning – gambling is truly a roller-coaster ride. It’s exciting and entertaining. We all saw Alan in ‘The Hangover’ conquering Blackjack. He made it look so easy! Or you might have seen one of those movies where someone randomly pulled a slot machine and won a million-dollar jackpot. Have you always wanted to push your luck too? And by pushing it, we don’t mean buying a lottery ticket. We are talking about original gambling. It’s easy and challenging – all at once. This segment is a treasure for those who have finally decided to explore the world of gambling games online.

Online gambling may be a new concept for you, but it has been around for two decades now. The phenomenon is also growing increasingly popular. The online gambling games market stands at $45 billion and is all set to double globally by 2024. In our guide, you will know the types of online gambling games and how to play them. We also have a special section for you where we debunk myths. You cannot call yourself a novice after this session!

Types of Gambling Games Online

Category 1 – Purely Chance Based Gambling Games Online

Has a bird never ruined your perfectly shampooed hair? Have you always found your shoe size at black Friday sales? Or, do you hate the extreme performance pressure that comes with gambling? Well, these are the online gambling games for you then. They depend only on your luck. They are breezy all the same. You need zero math skills to ace them. Just cross your fingers and hope for the best.


We all have played Bingo, Keno is its Chinese gambling version. The game is a kind of lottery. Now imagine a card with 10 columns and 8 rows – this means that there 80 random numbers on your card. You are supposed to bet on a few of these numbers, guessing which ones might be drawn up. These are ‘keno spots’ in casino terminology. The more numbers you guess right, the more you win. You will find this to be one of the simplest gambling games online.


One of the most famous games. We are sure you weren’t expecting to find it in the no-skill section. This one involves lots of probability. There is a wheel with numbers that are red, black, odd, or even. You can also bet on more than one number and hope that the ball stops on the numbers you chose. The game is fascinating and builds up tension. You have a 50/50 chance of winning, so it’s not a stressful affair.


By far, our favorite chance game, slots are a great go-to if you have been feeling lucky lately. All you need to do is choose a reliable online slot game platform and you’re good to go. (Pssh! We also have a beginner’s guide for you.) Slots come in all kinds of themes; they can be 3-reel or 5-reel and are very aesthetically engaging. Most of them have a narrative so you never feel bored. The anticipation and modern slot features make them interactive too.  


Category 2 – Gambling Games Online which Require Skills


Gambling Games Online come in all shapes and sizes. All you need to do before you step into the gambling world is – choose which game suits you best. The next step would be choosing a reliable online platform that uses a provably fair online casino software. We are making this easy-peasy for you in this segment. Keep reading to know about gambling games online.

Casino Craps

Do you like throwing dice? Craps is a game that revolves around the outcome of single or multiple rolls of dice. Being the shooter, a player has to bet on the “Pass” line or the “Don’t Pass” line. These are also the “win” and “don’t win” bets. It can be either simple or complex. You can bet on a roll and win if it’s correct. To make it complicated, you make a bet and wait for the shooter to roll the desired number and hope he does it again. This can go on for many rolls. Once you ace the method of making bets, you can make real money online.


This most famous internet casino game. Did you know that you can earn your living playing this game? We would recommend against that if you’re not a pro at it. Blackjack is a card game. The players don’t compete against each other. Your objective is to beat the dealer. In the online case, you’re playing against the computer. However, you cannot count cards if you play online, as the deck will constantly shuffle.


Texas Hold’Em is by far the most famous variant of Poker. You can be a professional poker player too. One of the most complex games to learn, Poker, is a strategic game and requires lots of skills. It’s next to impossible to cover in this segment. We advise that you practice lots of poker before betting any money on it.


The game is played between two hands. Each round can have three possible outcomes – player win, Banker win, and tie. There are three popular variations of the game. Baccarat is known for earning casinos the highest amount of revenues. Do you dare to play it?


Myths and Reality of Gambling Games Online

Gambling games online are viral. At Vegas7Games, we also offer online slot games that are a profit-as-you-play venture. No wonder that there are all sorts of myths floating around these games. You should know what’s real and what’s not. We are here to help you with debunking myths in this informative segment.

Myths –

  • Players will not get the money that they win.
  • Gambling games online are more addictive.
  • There is a bonus after every specified number of spins.
  • If you’re on a winning streak, the online gambling games will jam.
  • Online players can be underage.
  • Changing your bet sizes can lead to more winnings.
  • Gambling games online are rigged.

Realities –


· Reliable gambling platforms are secure. You can always get legal redressal.

  • Gambling will be as addictive as you make it.
  • The bonus generators are very random.
  • Online gambling games are fair and square.
  • Changing bet sizes never affects the game.

Wrapping Up

If you choose a game with skills, you must also make an effort to practice it before you step into the real arena. These games are complex, but they come with stability. We suggest you play demos for no-skill games too. Getting the hang of a game is essential before you play one. There are nuances and casino terminology that you must look into. We also advise you to gamble responsibly. You should know where you draw a line even if you’re on a winning streak. Gambling Fallacies – thinking you can earn money you’ve lost and Gambling Conceit – assuming you can win more now that you’re on a streak, are common misconceptions. Make sure you pre-meditate how many funds you want to use in one go.


Vegas7Games is an online casino and gambling game developer from Los Angeles, California. At Vegas7Games, we have state-of-the-art solutions in the form of cyber cafés software, online casino software, and sweepstakes software. We provide world-class services and gambling games online. So, if you would like to start a business in this industry, contact us!

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