Casino Jackpot: How Does it Work?

Before considering this concept in detail, it is worth examining two vectors. It should be understood that this is a gambling prize presented in a large or extra-large amount. You can get it by playing different games, but most often, this chance is given precisely to “one-armed bandits.” The bank can be pledged in the gaming device itself or be within the framework of the internal prize fund of the platform. Regardless of the situation, the player will play a specific slot for a certain bet. The accumulation of the casino jackpot occurs due to several such bets made by players. It always represents the percentage of bets placed on the game. Absolutely every member of the system can get it.

To date, this word has gone beyond poker, retaining its essence. A certain percentage of the bets goes to the formation of the jackpot. The participant who receives it takes the largest winnings. In simple terms, this is a prize fund created from a percentage of the organizers’ income. And, of course, the key goal of any player is to hit the main jackpot while playing online slots. 

Main types of casino jackpots


Casino jackpot

The most common and favorite type of the main prize among the players, the total fund of which depends on the bets of the most active members of the club. Its amount increases in front of the players for a predetermined period.

This jackpot is formed from the percentage of bets made by real players. The more of them, the larger the final amount will be. The cash prize increases until someone hits the right combination of symbols or numbers. When a player hits the jackpot, the size of the casino jackpot is reset to zero, reducing the minimum amount (it can be different in each slot).

The progressive jackpot can also be a secret one. Its exact amount is not disclosed; the casino only sets the boundaries beyond which the size of the winnings cannot go. When the accumulated amount of money grows to this value, the winner is chosen at random. This does not require certain conditions to be met.


Attractive amounts, the upper limit of which can be unlimited. The final check does not depend on the size of the current bet, and the gameplay brings the maximum feeling of excitement.


There are fewer chances to win in the main mode than in fixed jackpot slots. This is due to the fact that the final amount is formed by reducing the RTP (the theoretical percentage of payments to the player). For example, the percentage of return in the machine is declared as 97%, but due to the formation of the prize pool, the RTP of each bet is reduced by 3%. This means that the actual payout percentage in the base game will be 94%.


The main difference from the previous version is that a fixed amount is indicated in advance, which players can win.


When compared to other forms of casino jackpot, the key advantages of these cash awards are their originality and high possibilities of winning. Such games feature a higher RTP, which is the proportion of rewards to the player that is set by the developer. Slots with such a jackpot are ideal for individuals looking for consistent if little, winnings.


Fixed jackpots are typically not very large and will not please people who like to win a large sum.


In this scenario, the system for generating wins has been altered. The major prize payout is generated at random. The total jackpot range is visible to players, but the actual sum has not been published. As a result, the race for the huge reward takes on a mysterious tinge and becomes even more dangerous.

Double trigger

In this situation, the casino user is given the opportunity to play in the bonus set, the likelihood of which is determined by the maximum bet size. Playing only for lower stakes reduces your chances of earning a double trigger.

How to get a jackpot?

There are several basic options for how a lucky player can claim their jackpot. The method depends on the conditions of the casino/provider or on personal choice.

The instant payout-The winner is given the opportunity to take the entire amount at once but will have to take into account tax deductions. 

Offer to play again- Many modern establishments offer customers additional gambling. They can increase the prize amount or receive a material gift (car, etc.). Relevant in situations where the jackpot is virtual money that can only be used for new bets.

The chances of unexpectedly hitting the jackpot in an online casino are small, but this does not mean that the big winnings go to some mythical “acquaintance of the owner” of the resource. The payment of prize money is strictly controlled by regulatory organizations, where all documents confirming the honesty and transparency of the processes are provided. 

It happens that people who are in the subject not very long ago or even tried their luck for the first time become lucky, but this is very rare. Often, jackpots go to those who constantly bet and play at a certain distance.

How to win the jackpot at the casino?

Casino jackpot

First, you need to choose a reliable online casino. After all, if the company is fraudulent, then the winnings simply will not be paid, even if there is one.

Well, then you need to keep in mind the following.

1. It is worth looking for establishments that offer large but not exorbitant jackpots. After all, the more zeros on the right in the jackpot amount, the more zeros on the left in the probability of winning it.

In addition, if no one has been able to hit a giant jackpot for several years, then it is extremely unlikely that you will succeed. It is better to pay attention to those establishments that regularly “reset” the jackpot amount when someone wins it. It’s even better if they publish lists of winners.

2. It is equally important to carefully read the rules for obtaining the jackpot. Perhaps, for this, you need to play certain machines or certain games. And it also happens with specific rates.

3. If you play card games, then some of them (like poker) allow the player to form combinations of cards himself, including those that guarantee the jackpot, or at least the chance of getting it.

That is, by playing poker and similar games, you can independently influence those events that can lead to the desired jackpot. While slot machines completely exclude this possibility.

4. Typically, only players who gamble with their real money, rather than virtual or bonus money, are eligible to win the casino jackpot. Because modern bonus systems may be somewhat complicated, this problem will need to be extensively researched.


Playing for fun at an online casino and getting small wins from time to time is great in itself, but the potential for extra-large winnings is even more attractive. Each casino jackpot has its pros and cons, but the common characteristic is that they rarely hit and are much larger than the regular wins available in the game. Remember that there are no magical ways or tricks to hit the jackpot. This is a completely random feature that can amaze any user who chooses the corresponding game. May luck smile upon you!

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