Classic Slots and What Makes Them Unique

Slot games have been in our lives since the 20th century. They have made and still make our lives more enjoyable. Some people approach them as a leisure time activity. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who play slot games to earn money. By the time the number of slots goes up naturally. It happens since many people want to see and experience different games. Still, many people are big fans of classic slots. For this reason, some classic slot games are still actual even in the world today. Despite this fact, there are still many people who do not have enough understanding of classic slots. So, in this article, we will discuss what classic slot is and top classic slots in history. 

What Are Classic Slots?

In case you go back to the root of classic games in slot, you will notice fruit machines. In these machines, there is a drum together with three reels. Every reel indicated three symbols at once, which makes nine symbols in total. Due to the number of symbols in the structure of 3×3, the number of paylines is low. Some of the classic slots would even contain just one payline. Also, in such slot games, various types of fruits were available as symbols. There were also stars, bars, bells, and more. During the 1990s, slot games already started to appear as online games. Indeed, they gradually became quite advanced, too. In spite of this fact, classic type of slot games always found their place even in online casinos. Whereas traditional slot games’ major characteristics are their basicness, in online casinos, the traditional slots have seen some additional features.

Differences between Classic Slots and Video Slot Machines

There are various differences between these two models. The number of reels and paylines is one of those differences. Classic slot machines have three to five reels while video slots offer you multi-reel designs that combine 10 to 25 reels. The classic slots have high volatility while most of the modern video slots tend to have low volatility. The 3d and visual effects are another area where classic slots are different than video slot machines. The high payouts and bigger rewards are one of the advantages of playing classic slot games. In video slot games the chances of winning ios higher, however, the actual reward is lesser.

Why are Classic Slot Games popular?

The current video slot games are better than classic online sweepstakes games in the slots industry for numerous aspects. For example, you will get better sound effects, better design graphics, and so on. Here a question arises. Then why are classic slots still popular? The primary motive for this is simplicity. The significant mechanics of slots are more critical than any of the enhanced graphics. So, this is actually what some slot players look. In other words, this type of simple game is ideal for people who seek an unsophisticated slot. Also, though no skill or strategy is required in slot games, you may find them necessary in some modern slot games. Nevertheless, in slot games, none of them is essential for you to play and win real money.

What Type of People Enjoy Classic Slots?

classic slots

You can find any person who likes playing classics of slots. Still, the leading group of people who are big fans of traditional slots is somewhat older people. This group includes people who would go to land-based casinos to play fruit machines in previous years. Growing up, they observed such classic games. Considering the fact that current virtual casino platforms provide them a traditional atmosphere they once had, it makes those people quite happy. It is undoubtedly true that playing those games will not give the same enjoyment as in land-based casinos. 

However, it is still subtle enough for many people. There is also another reason why online casinos are pretty attractive to many people. With the help of internet casino games, people can play their favorite classic type of slot games anytime, anywhere.

On the contrary, they would need to visit a land-based casino if they want to have the same experience. Also, the people that just start to play slot games like classic slot games, too. It is again because of the simplicity. Debutants understand that it is better to start with more straightforward online casino games. These are precisely what traditional slots offer them. So, after perfectly understanding slot games, they can then move on to play more complicated games. 

Popular Classic Slot Games

Mega Joker

While talking about the classic slots, it would be unfair to forget Mega Joker. If not the best, it is one of the best slot games ever produced. Even though it is quite old, the game is still dominant in the slot game online market. One of the most favorite sides of the Mega Joker is its return to player (RTP) rate. The game has 99% of the RTP rate, which has always been among the top games for this feature. 

Mega Joker Features

Initially granted, we have to say that Mega Joker does not have as many bonus opportunities. It is because the casino game is very old. Still, the Supermeter bonus mode is available in the Mega Joker. You can access it when particular symbol winning combinations emerge on the reel. When the game activates Supermeter bonus mode, all five paylines will be available for you. So, you can wager more than the allowed amount. Here, once the Joker arrives on the reels, you will get much bigger wins.

Further, there is the Gamble mode in the game. Here, you may wager on the result of a card turn. As a result, you can multiply your wins. Even though it is something risky, some players may still like it. Besides this, the wilds do not exist in the Mega Joker. It is because of being a classic slot. However, as mentioned above, there is a massive RTP rate of the game. 99% of Return to Player Rate will considerably increase your winning chances. Lastly, while playing on the highest level, you can win the Mega Joker jackpot. It can bring you a maximum of 30,000 pounds.

Irish Gold

classic slots

Another one of the classic slots is the Irish Gold. The name of the game has been taken from an Irish saying, “Irish luck.” Also, it is commonly believed that Irish gold miners working in the US, inspired the creators of this game. There, local miners were looking down at Irish miners. So, the only chance of Irish people to find Gold was thanks to luck. That is a brief history of how producers launched the game.

Irish Gold Features

Coming to the features of Irish Gold, it is quite a beautiful game for players. The RTP rate for this classic slot game is 96%, which is pretty good. Three reels and five paylines are available in the game. Apart from this, there are six symbols in the Irish Gold. Among them, four symbols are essential, and the remaining two are special. You may see the basic symbols as plates. The word “BAR” is available on them. The shape of them all is identical. However, their color appears to be different. These colors are Gold, silver, and bronze. The last basic symbols are a leprechaun. Also, it is the most profitable symbol. 


In brief, classic slots are still actual enough for casino lovers. Their simplicity is the primary reason for their popularity. In addition to this, many people have pleasant memories of those games. So, it is understandable that they have such an enthusiasm to play classic slot games. Despite such sides of them, classic slots usually have basic features. It might make some new players find them annoying. Nevertheless, many people still play them due to high RTP and other features mentioned above. If you liked this article, you might find similar topics in Vegas7 games. 

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