Four Card Poker Essentials For Newbies: Updated Guide

Playing four card poker has almost the same principles as 3 card poker, but several points significantly distinguish it from other varieties of card gambling. For example, to play, you need a particular poker table on which the appropriate markings are applied for making bets.

The gaming process is carried out against the representative of the gambling establishment – the dealer. Four card poker uses a classic poker deck with 52 cards. To win in poker with four cards, the poker player must build a hand that is stronger than the dealer. The participant in the distribution is gets 5 pocket cards in his hand. He can use only 4 of them to form a winning combination.

Four card poker: rules for building combinations

Since the number of cards from which it is allowed to build the most potent combination is less than in the poker disciplines familiar to most players, the winning hands also differ:

Four of a kind

In four card poker, this is the most potent combination, consisting of 4 identical cards, for example, four Queens.

Straight flush

To complete this winning combination, you need 4 cards of the same suit, going in order, for example, three hearts, Four, Five, and Six.


Four card poker

Also, one of the strong combinations in 4 card poker includes three cards of identical value, particularly three Tens.


That is a combination built using four cards of the same suit, but of different denominations, for example, clubs Two, Five, Six, and King.


To form this combination in poker for 4 cards, 4 cards of different suits are needed. However, coming in a specific sequence, for example, the Eight of Hearts, the Nine of Spades, the Ten of Diamonds, and the Jack of Clubs.

Two pairs

This combination in 4 card poker consists of two paired cards, and the suit and face value do not matter, in particular, two Deuces and two Kings.


That is the second combination from the end. It must contain one pair of the same value and any two cards, for example, two Fives + Queen and Ace.

High card

Although it is difficult to call it a full-fledged combination, since the winner is determined by the strongest of the four cards, it still takes place in four card poker.

Winning combinations in four-card poker are ranked a little differently than in classic gambling disciplines. That can be explained by the chances of each of them falling out with a given number of cards from the participants in the distribution.

The main types of bets in 4 card poker

There are three primary forms of bets in a related variety of real-money gambling:

  • The “Ante” (required deposit) is regarded as the start of the game session. It’s done blindly, that is before the hole cards are distributed. If you win, you will receive a 1:1 reward.
  • After analyzing the combination, the poker player places a “Play / Play” bet. Its value might range from one to three compulsory contributions. In a win, this bet is paid out at a 1:1 ratio.
  • “Aces Up” is not a required wager; it can be made at your leisure (a kind of condition with a casino or poker room where the participant in the distribution will build a combination of a pair of Aces and higher).

This wager is paid apart from the game’s outcome and is based on the available combinations. Therefore, its payout ratios may vary slightly between gambling sites and poker rooms. However, even if the gamer loses, he is guaranteed a payout if his hand fulfills the “Above Aces” bet’s requirements.

Game rules of four card poker: step by step instructions

As already described above, making blind “Ante” bets in 4 card poker online for money is the start of the game process. Then, if you wish, you have the option to place an Aces Up bet. But there is one obligatory condition – their value must be equivalent. At the end of this procedure, the dealer, in turn, starting from his left side, deals five hole cards each and six for himself. Finally, the sixth card is face down, thereby providing an opportunity for each participant in the game distribution to maximize their winning chances.

No dealer play

The rules of four card poker state that there is no such thing as “dealer play” in this discipline. In other words, the combination of the representative of the gambling establishment does not limit the strength of the cards, which means that his hand is compared with the combinations of poker players in any case (except when all players make a “Fold”).

After evaluating their probability of making a strong hand, the participant has the right to stay in the sweepstakes game or fold the cards. But the last option involves the loss of all perfect bets. At the same time, you must place a “Play” bet for the first one.

“Ante” bets ratio

Four card poker

After the showdown (opening), if the “Aces and above” bet has been played, then, first of all, it is paid, and then the lined up combinations of the croupier and the players are compared. In the case of winning, all “Ante” bets are paid in the ratio of 1:1. If you still play, your bet is credited to the dealer’s deposit.

Having formed one of the three most potent combinations in four card poker (Four of a Kind, Straight Flush, or Trips), the player can count on additional bonus money from the poker room online casino. These payouts depend on the number of mandatory bets, and the payout ratio is at the discretion of each institution. The result of the game session does not affect the issuance of this bonus.

All 4 card poker players use a simple strategy:

  • A hand of two Tens and above – the value of the “Play” bet varies from 2 to 3 blind installments.
  • A combination from two Threes to Nines – the size of the “Play” bet is no more than 1 ante.
  • A hand below two Threes – throw-off cards in a pass.

As can be seen from the description of the game’s rules in four card poker, fortune plays a significant role. Still, when analyzing any situation, you need to take into account the dealer’s sixth (open) card and the probability of winning your hand. A well-chosen gaming strategy allows you to earn income at a distance while minimizing the losses of a particular session.

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