Make It Rain Real Cash with Online Casino Slots This New Year

Online gambling is a new phenomenon in the world of blingy casinos and shiny machines. It has been two decades since it made an entry. Players swear by it all over the world. By 2024, the online casino slots industry is set to value at $94 billion. That’s almost twice as of now. Playing online is simply more convenient and gives you your anonymity and privacy. Online slot casinos are also a great way to kickstart your gambling spree and gain all the confidence and experience. You can start with as little as $10! And nobody will bat an eye.

The sheer variety of online casino slots available is a boon but can be confusing all the same. We are here to teach you all the basics. Before you try your beginner’s luck, there are a few things to note too. From choosing the best game to seeing you win, we will accompany you in everything slot-related. You too can make it rain real money this festive season!  

How Do Slots Work?

Probably the easiest to play, slot games involve almost no skill or strategy. Casino game strategies are hard to formulate and require some cunning and extra knowledge. But in slots, all you need to do is hit the spin button and hope for the best. They are just so exciting. The best thing is that the enormous growth in the industry has led to the creation of online casino slots that are no less than the machines you see at fancy casinos. They have beautiful graphics and themes. Playing online casino slots, you can choose the ones that appeal to you most. You can personalize to your sense of aesthetics. Now, let’s look into the mechanical part of how online slots operate. It’s great to know this bit. You wouldn’t want to be clueless about what you are investing your money in, would you?

There is an RNG, that is, Random Number Generator. The name is self-explanatory. It creates random sequences by the millisecond. These digits decide your luck. And it’s random, meaning that it has no memory whatsoever. Yes, there are a few mathematical equations at work, but the results are never pre-programmed. RNG makes playing online casino slots fair and safe.  

What Are the Types of Slot Games?

online casino slots

1. The 3/5/7-Reel Slot Game – Simplest of all games, 3-Reel Slots is also known by the name of One-Arm Bandits. This is because you find the lever at one side of the machine. It is the best option if you are new to playing slot games as they have only one payline. The classic 3-reel slots will surely take you behind in time. 5-Reel and 7-Reel games have more reels, meaning more paylines, thus, more ways and more chances of winning. You decide which payline you want to place your stakes on. These games are exciting and full of symbols and visual appeal.

2. Video Slots – Better graphics, security, and features – video slots have them all. Video slots are like mini-movies blended with gambling. There are up to 100 paylines that you can bet on. There are a high number of pay-outs in these games. Video Slots have become one of the most popular online casino games with advantages of free spins and bonus rounds.

3.  3D Slots – These games engage the player and are even more fun. The graphics are such that all animations, symbols appear 3D instead of 2D. Don’t let the name fool you; you don’t need 3D glasses to play these games. However, playing too much of these could make you need spectacles, though!

There are many more games like Progressive Jackpot and Multi-level Bonus slots available online. You can experience each for yourself and slowly develop a fondness for them. Now that you have a grip basics, we’ll talk about the best online casino slots to play, how to choose the best game, and tips on how to play them.


Best Games and Casino Slots

· Wolf Moon – Tracing a white wolf’s journey with night-time aesthetics, this game offers a very high chance of winning money. Wolf Moon is a five-reel game and offers many bonuses and symbols. It has a return rate of almost 98%.

· Starburst – Featuring an old-school theme, Starburst is an excellent five-reel game with three rows. It is pretty and more than that, trustworthy.

· Merry Fruits – With five reels and twenty paylines, this game has impressive bonuses too. It also pays real money.

Other than these games, you can also try the following platforms which have been trusted the most for using provably fair online casino software in 2019 –

1. Cherry Gold – It offers a $7500 welcome package. Isn’t that great?

2. Slots LV – They have 215 slots with a 95% return rate.

3. Las Vegas USA – It has been around for 15 years and offers a $5000 bonus on joining.

4. Vegas Casino Online – With 24/7 assistance, you get a massive $11000 beginner’s bonus.

5. Vegas7Games – You can encash instant profit with Vegas7Games. It is accessible on any device and, thus, is highly convenient. It also a go-to choice for low-limit gamers.

Making a Choice for Best Online Slots

online casino slots

1. Graphics Quality – Such games are not only pleasing to play. They are also judged based on the quality of graphics. Better graphics indicate better reputability.

2. Volatility Rates – Volatility rate means the risk factor of a game. The higher the volatility of a game, the higher are the returns. With games that have lower risk rate, the player gets small returns frequently over a while. If you are looking for quick ways to earn real money, choose games with higher volatility. These have massive gains. You can figure this out by playing a slot for a while. If the winning is rare but significant, it means that the volatility is high.

3. Games with High Pay-out Rates – Games that pay big amounts to players are worth playing. You have a better chance to win and win bigger amounts in such slot games.

4. Secure Games – Trustworthy games have RNGs approved by TNTs – Technical Systems Testing.

Tips for Players

Especially helpful for beginners, these are some great pointers to keep in mind. (We also have a beginner’s guide for newcomers to internet casinos!)

1. Have strict spending limits set from the start. You don’t want to become an addictive spendthrift. Even if you have incurred losses, don’t go behind it.

2. Play a free demo before you invest money. Playing a money-mode game without getting the hang of it first is unwise.

3. Start with low investments. Don’t go all in!

4. If you get any bonuses on joining a game, check the terms and conditions as soon as you can. Use such rewards without making delays.

5. Do not play out of frustration. Stay in control.

6. Trust other players and their reviews. (But don’t when you play poker!)

7. Don’t bet money on the obvious slots. The higher the risk, the more the gains.  



Online casino slots came a long way until they get to the top of the online gambling industry. Starting from first fruit slot machines to today’s 3D and VR slots. The journey was interesting and it totally worth it. By obtaining the necessary measuers and using technology in their favor, casino game developers created a slot amchine experince like no other before. So, take your chance and enjoy the exciting slots.

Pushing Your Luck

Now that you know every basic about online casino slots, it’s time to go ahead and walk the exciting path of playing them. We hope that you feel and get lucky. At Vegas7Games, we aim for utmost user satisfaction. We offer world-class internet café and sweepstakes software along with fantastic online games for you to play and win. We invite you to try our exciting range of games and make a big fortune – the best way you can start a new year!

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