Play Sweeps Cash Casinos to Win Real Money

Casinos are one of the best entertainment means for people nowadays. Their importance as a self-indulging tool has even doubled in the current pandemic. Just imagine you are sitting at home, playing fun slot games, and even earning some genuine cash prizes. Any better choice of entertainment? I do not think there is something else. That said, no matter how fun those online casino games are, they are not always or in most cases going to allow you to win. That is why I will make you familiar with another type of casino games, that will increase your chances of winning. They are called sweeps cash casinos.

But what are these casinos? How do they work? Where can you play them? To get a full understanding of these questions, please go ahead and read this article carefully. You will get the answers to all your questions regarding sweeps casinos. 

Sweeps Cash Casinos: Overview

sweeps cash casinos real money

Before moving to explain to you how you are going to win real cash prizes from sweeps cash casinos real money, let’s first define what they are. Ideally, they do not considerably differ from real slot game casinos. So, you can play them almost anywhere inside the US. All you need to do here is to spin the reels, and that is it. You can even play several slot games for free. On top of that, it is possible to play them with sweeps coins. Sweeps coins are basically coins that you would then be able to convert to real money prizes.  

Sweeps Cash Casinos: Truly Legitimate?

This question is arguably one of the most commonly asked questions regarding sweeps online casinos. The short answer to it is yes. You can access these casinos in all the states of the US, except for one. It is not legal in Washington. Note that these casinos are operating under the sweepstakes law of the US. 

Prominent Sweeps Casinos

Naturally, there are thousands of sweeps cash casinos in the world. Among the best paying casino platforms are LuckyLand Slots and Chumba Casino. Both of them are operating under the sweepstakes law of the US. Note that these are the identical laws under which a lot of famous sweepstakes games operate and also are your favorite games. 

Legality of Sweeps Casinos 

online casino with sweeps cash

You probably still wonder why and how sweeps casinos are legal. The answer is pretty simple. There is no obligation to purchase. For instance, Luckyland Slots and Chumba Casino provide players with free sweeps coins when they sign up. Later on, they can get extra coins if they send a request through mail. It is a very sensitive part of being able to work under the US sweepstakes law. 

Further, it is important to know that players do not play with real cash they deposit to their casino account. Instead of this, they are given free virtual coins upon sign up. Or they can get chips, namely Gold Coins. Bear in mind that these coins or chips are not equivalent to genuine money. And any slot machines online that requires the use of Gold Coins is not included in the list of traditional casino games

Moreover, note that there is an option for players to purchase more Gold Coins. And when they do it, then they are given sweeps coins. Sweeps coins are also known as premium points. Players can utilize these coins in specific tables. Finally, the players can convert these coins, as well as those which they win in sweeps coins tables to real cash. 

This feature is arguably the most enticing part of sweeps cash casinos. The possibility to convert some of those virtual coins into real money attracts many players back to these casinos. 

On top of that, what makes sweeps casinos the favourite of many people is the deposit amount demanded from players. Note that for opening a new account, usually players are required to pay $5. And it is among the best casinos in terms of the minimum deposit required. 

Pros and cons of playing at sweeps casinos

Sweeps cash casinos real money have lots of ports. Let’s list them below:

  • Safety – they provide players with safe gaming environment
  • Large Selection of games – sweeps cash casinos usa tend to have larger gaming sets compared to their regular counterparts
  • Efficient Customer support – sweeps cash online casinos stand out with their supportive teas that are available for players 24/7

When it comes to the downsides of sweeps cash online casinos, there are two cons that we can highlight:

  • Addictive – these casinos can be addictive, so it is necessary to gamble responsibly
  • Virtual coins – instead of real cash, these casinos use virtual sweeps coins which you can purchase with real money (you can exchange them back later once you are done with your gaming session)

Tips for choosing sweep cash casinos to win real money

sweeps cash casinos usa

In order to pick the right online casino with sweeps cash, you have to first their their legitimacy. You should register on online casinos that have high reputation and enjoy trust among sweeps enthusiasts. 

We also recommend looking at game selections. Make sure that the online casino with sweeps cash you choose offers the titles that interest you. Otherwise, you will be bored easily. 

Finally, we also recommend to pay attention to bonus opportunities. Sweeps cash casinos usa are famous for their generous casino promotions. So go for the ones that stand out among others with their lucrative bonuses. 

Popular payment methods at sweeps cash casinos

The most popular payment method at sweeps cash casinos real money is crypto transactions. Crypto payments are famous for their low transaction fees. They also offer players anonymous transaction possibilities and are significantly faster compared to regular payments.

Another popular payment method at sweeps casinos is credit/debit card payments. This is the most common payment method in regular casinos too. Almost all players have credit or debit cards, so it is a very convenient way of making transactions.

In addition, many sweeps players also use e-wallets. E-wallets are just like bank accounts. However, they operate online. The most popular e-wallets are Paypal and CashApp.

Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Rewards

If you want to maximize your rewards when playing at sweeps casinos, you have to take advantage of every casino promotion that you encounter. This way, your gaming budget will be boosted significantly. As a result, you will be able to make bigger bets and increase the potential returns. 

We also recommend going for those sweeps games that have high RTPs. The RTP rate tells you the potential return from a game. It’s best to play those games that have around 96% RTP rate or more. 

Sweeps Gambling Slots

The slots offered by sweeps cash casinos are not very different from those offered by traditional casinos. It does not matter if you are a fan of slot games or table games. You will have to use Gold Coins in casinos, such as LuckyLand Slots and Chumba Casino. Note that these are virtual money, and they are totally free. It is also worth mentioning that you can obtain them from various sources. For instance, one of the sources is the first step when you are given them for creating an account. Second, for signing in to your account every day will ensure more of such coins. You will also receive them when you win in the best online slots games. 

Note that you will access many more games by purchasing more Gold Coins. Otherwise, you have access to only a limited number of slot machines. 

Cashing Out in Sweeps Casinos

sweeps cash online casinos

The casinos that have mentioned above provide you with an option to purchase virtual money to get free sweeps coins. By choosing this route, you can be sure that the process will be both secure and smooth for you. 

First, note that you will have to enter personal details. These can be a name, phone number, address, and more. You can be sure that there will not be any confidentiality breach of your details. Additionally, you can be sure that the process of buying coins with real money is also quite secure. 

The payment systems that you can leverage here are mainly debit and credit cards and bank transfer. However, e-wallets are also available as preferred by some players. 

Then, if you already want to convert your coins into real money, you will have to enter some more personal details. For instance, you will be required to show an ID. It may be a driving license or a passport. Moreover, you will have to enter the details of your residence. 

The good part of the process is you will have to fill in all these details for the first time only. Speaking of the duration of payment to you, this usually takes around 7-10 days. 

Sweeps Games

Certainly, there are a bunch of slot games to play in sweeps cash casinos. However, I would suggest you go for the ones introduced by sweepstakes software companies. Rest assured, these internet casino games will increase your chances of winning real cash prizes from sweeps casinos. So, do not forget this little but highly crucial advice if you want to play the best paying games. 


Read our FAQ below & learn more about sweeps cash casinos real money! 

How to cash out prizes at sweeps casinos?

In order to cash our prizes at sweeps casino, you have to go to the withdrawal page and exchange your coins for real money. After you request such payment, the finance teams will review and approve it. 

Are online sweeps casinos legal in the USA?

Yes, online sweeps cash casinos usa are legal. That said, we recommend that you check local laws before engaging in any such form of entertainment on the Internet. 

Can I win real money at Sweeps Cash Casino?

Sweeps casinos deal with virtual coins. However, players can always exchange their coins for real cash.

Which are the best sweeps casinos online?

The best sweeps casinos online are BitBetWin and BitOfGold. These casinos offer players big sets of games and lucrative promotional deals.

How to choose sweeps cash online casinos?

To choose the best online casino with sweeps cash you need to consider factors such as game selection, security, reliability, and bonuses. You can also pay attention to customer support availability. 

Can I play sweeps casinos on a mobile app?

Yes, there are many sweeps casinos that have a separate mobile app. Most of these casinos are also mobile-friendly, meaning that you will be able to access them on the web from your phone (without the app).

Are sweeps casinos legal?

Yes, sweeps casinos are legal. However, as we noted above, the best way to go is to check your local regulations.

How to Get Free Sweeps Coins?

Free sweeps coins can be collected through promotions. As we pointed out, sweeps casinos usually offer many promotions. So, you will have lots of opportunities to get free sweeps coins. 


Now you should not have any questions unanswered regarding sweeps cash casinos. You know everything regarding them, such as what they are, whether they are legal, how to win real cash from them, etc. Now it is time to act. Before concluding this article, I would want to once more remind you to prefer the slots of Vegas7Games. They will ensure you have a better probability of winning. Thanks for reading this article. I hope you now know whatever you need to know about sweeps casinos. For more of such informative articles do not hesitate to read our blogs page. 

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