Top 5 Keno Casino Games Tips For Starters

Once you start playing Keno casino games, you want to improve your gameplay style and win more. For that, you search for valuable tactics and master tips that can help you to get over the hump. If you intend to do that, then, you came to the right place. Before getting into the tips part, let’s generally discuss the opportunities that you may get through playing this game.

As you probably know, Keno casino games are chance-based games that involve a little bit of skill. If you are fed up losing and want to quit the game, you can switch to another keno variation and try your chances there. Do not settle down for one main goal while playing and try to explore new adventures by playing new variations of the game. All in all, you will need to know some tips to become a successful keno player. So, let’s start with the first tip.

#1 Searching for Best Available Odds

There is a massive number of keno variations in the world. That is why, it is almost impossible for a player to try all of them. However, playing this game on various platforms allows you to find the variation that fits your playing style and has better odds than the previous one.

For instance, in land-based casinos, you can find Video keno and Keno TV games. In online gambling platforms, there are various options regarding the variation, and all those games offer interactive gameplay and vivid graphics. Besides them, you can try keno scratch tickets or lottery keno drawings as well.

The primary reason that we talked about this is that not every game has the same odds. Even if you play the same keno game, the odds and prizes may differ. The regulatory body of the games is the casinos themselves. That is why they have options for including progressive titles, bonus rounds, extra gifts, etc. In online casinos, casino software determines most of these aspects. So, you can play your favorite casino game on various websites in case if the same online casino software provider powers both of those sites. You need to search for better options while playing continually. If one casino offers higher odds and you can find exciting keno games, you should choose that one over others.

#2 Importance of playing middle spot keno casino games

keno casino games

Any player who studies the strategies that can ultimately turn him/her into a winner knows the fact the middle spot keno games have the best odds. By saying the middle spot, we refer to the four up to six spot games. Some players prefer to play them up to eight because their prizes are considerably better than the lower spot keno casino games. By limiting the spots of numbers, you can increase your chances of winning.

The probabilities will be less than playing more spots. You can manage your initial expectations by using this tactic. In luck-based games such as Keno, playing 20 or even ten spots at the same time is risky. You can win decent rewards through middle spot games but not millions of dollars. However, the chances of you getting those prizes are remarkably higher than someone who plays 20 spots and wishes for a million-dollar check. So, playing 4-6 spots in every game can give you the best risk-reward efficiency in Keno. If you decide to play more spots, not only will you lower your chances of winning but also go broke after one round.

#3 Paying for Multiple Drawing Chances

In land-based and online casino real money platforms, there is a function that you can utilize. This function is called drawing in advance. By purchasing the advanced ticket, you can play for several rounds without buying starting over and over again. Buying the tickets for the next few games is significant because by doing so, the player can his/her losses/winnings and manage the budget more effectively until the game finishes.

#4 what is the effective number picking method?

It is known that the numbers that you pick while playing keno casino games do not matter. The probabilities of the Keno do not change over the fact that you choose specific numbers. Though, there are several speculations in the industry regarding this topic. Some players argue that there are particular patterns in the sequence of numbers, while others insist on their argument about hot and cold numbers. Let’s define the term and then continue to give you more tips about the number in Keno.

The hot numbers are considered the ones that have been drawn more in recent memory, and the cold numbers are precisely the opposite of first. The online casino software uses a Random Number Generator in both land-based and online casinos, which determines the drawn numbers. Like in any other internet casino game, RNG ensures fairness, and for most people, it assures the reliability of the game.

It is almost impossible for someone to guess the next number, which will be determined through RNG. It was possible back then when casinos used older versions of keno machines. Experts could re-code those machines’ current algorithms, which would result in drawing the number they wish. Right now, secure devices do not allow such cheaters to take advantage of their games. If you have a certain number picking strategy and it works, do not change it. You need to wait for several weeks and play with that strategy. After that, you may acquire another approach and try to guess the keno numbers with that. So, there is no effective number picking method, and every player should utilize it with their style of play.

#5 Choosing the Best Picks

keno casino games

Keno Casino Games are very complicated when it comes to computing the probabilities and odd. The payouts are another aspect that most people get confused about. The first tip about payouts is that, you need to increase the deposit if you want to increase the payout rate. Probabilities of winning in Keno can continuously change according to:

  • Your preferences
  • The variation that you play
  • and the pick level

So, the probability of getting the exact pick if you play only one is 1/79. You may think that playing more picks would be advantageous, but in reality, it will only make the case more robust for you. Even if you chose, let’s say 20 picks, you will probably match only 2-3 of them. A more natural way to compute these numbers in the game is by eliminating the ones that have been drawn before. For instance, if twenty picks have been selected, the chances of one number to get into that box are ¼, while the possibilities for selecting two is 1/16. Inside the drawn 20 numbers, the probability of matching your five-pick coupon is 1/1550. So, you need to be careful about these aspects and avoid any complications.


Vegas7Games is a casino software provider from Brooklyn, New York. The years of experience in the gambling industry helped this brand to develop exciting casino games and multifunctional software products. Keno is one of the games that we provide to customers. Multiple variations of keno are available for you. All you need to do is to contact us to get more information.

Final Thoughts

Playing keno casino games gives players an enjoyable experience because of its luck-based nature and exciting features. One of the main advantages that players can get with Keno is that every player can create his/her strategy in the game. By doing so, you will feel more directly involved in the game, which will encourage you to play and improve your skills. It may seem quite complicated for starters, but as soon as they develop a number picking method, they will enjoy the game. For those people, we advise the tips mentioned above until they become proficient players of Keno. 

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