What are the Odds of Defeating a Blackjack Dealer?

Blackjack is a fascinating card game in which success is based not just on luck or chance but also on your ability to evaluate and apply the appropriate strategy. You will find helpful advice on how to win in blackjack, as well as answers to frequently asked questions about the game, in this article. First, we need to find out basic information about this popular game, and then we can go on to discuss the major ways to defeat the blackjack dealer, so stay tuned!

Why is this game called “blackjack”?

Although the game was initially known as “twenty-one” (“vingt-et-un“) and dated back to the Middle Ages, blackjack only became popular in France in the 19th century. Gambling online platforms gave incentive payments when the twenty-one card game was first launched in the United States to pique tourist interest. If the player’s hand included an ace of spades and blackjack, one of the incentives was a 10:1 payment (jack of spades or jack of spades). This hand became known as blackjack, and the name was eventually connected with the game itself, even though the 10:1 bonus was soon removed. When you play modern blackjack, you should know that a blackjack refers to any hand that contains an ace and a ten-valued card or a picture, regardless of suit or color.

Who wins at blackjack?

blackjack dealer

When a player gets dealt 21 points (an ace and a card for ten points) right after the cards are dealt, the situation is known as “blackjack.” In this situation, the award is given out right away to the player. If the dealer’s first card (open) lands on a 10, an ace, or a picture, the dealer is almost sure to have blackjack as well. As a result, the blackjack player can continue the game to get a greater payout in the event of a win or accept a smaller payout without waiting for the game to end.

After the cards are dealt, those who did not get blackjack have the option of taking another card or keeping their cards and the points they have on their hand. If the player has a total of 21 after drawing a new card, this is likewise considered a winning combo. Such a player refuses to take any more cards and instead waits for the game to end.

If neither the dealer nor the gamers receive blackjack or a combination of cards totaling 21 points, winning combinations are those that exceed the sum of the dealer’s points but do not exceed 21 points!

Can you win the blackjack dealer?

Yes, winning at blackjack is achievable. However, a great deal depends on pure luck. Dealers are required to play fairly by the double down casino management, but players are not permitted to cheat or use some casino hacks.

You will be successful in blackjack and outplay blackjack dealers once you have learned the basic card counting strategies. On top of that there are other tricky strategies that can help as well. 

When should I get my cards in blackjack?

To succeed at blackjack, you must understand when it is advantageous to draw further cards and when it is not.

  • When your steady hand reaches no more than 11 points, we recommend drawing extra cards. 
  • When you don’t have an ace in your hand, it’s considered a solid hand. If you have a weak hand with no more than 17 points, you should always draw cards.

When should you not take additional cards on the live table?

You should not draw cards in certain situations. For example, sometimes, you have to save those you already have and wait for the game to finish. In such cases, the dealer’s score should be taken into account.

When you don’t need to pick up cards, consider the following scenarios:

  1. The gamer gets a solid hand and 12 points, whereas the croupier has only 4-6 points;
  2. The gamer gets a solid hand and 13-16 points, whereas the blackjack croupier has only 2-6 points;
  3. Gamer gets a solid hand and 17 or more points;
  4. The gamer gets a soft hand and 18 points. However, while the blackjack dealer has 9, 10, or ace, then the gamer can go on taking cards;
  5. The gamers should not continue drawing cards if they have a soft hand and 19 or more points.

When should you split in this game?

blackjack dealer

There are a few occasions when you should split your hand into two hands, as shown here.

1. Separate the ace and the eight every time;

2. Never split the numbers 5 and 10;

3. Split 2 and 3 if the dealer’s total of cards is 4-7 points or he has 2 or 3, and if doubling the bet is permitted after the split;

4. Split four only if you can double your wager after the split, and the dealers have a 5 or 6 on the table;

5. Split six if the dealer has 3 to 6 or 2 cards, and if permitted, double your bet after the split;

6. If the dealers have 2-7, divide seven by 2;

7. If the dealers have 2-6 or 8-9, divide 9.

If you want to play at an online casino, you’ll need to know all of these and other blackjack regulations. Then, we recommend that you try your hand at online European blackjack. It’ll be a good warm-up before you try your luck at one of the country’s oldest land-based casinos.


Blackjack is one of those casino games that demand high skills and effective strategies from players. If you want to win against blackjack dealers, only pure luck will not be enough. You will have to search and learn a lot to increase your chances of winning. If you have never played blackjack, we recommend starting with free games where you can fastly master all needed skills.

To achieve success, you should know:

  1. When to split your hands;
  2. When to pick up cards;
  3. How to use blackjack strategies without cheating;

If you learn how to play appropriately, winning against a blackjack dealer will not be a problem for you anymore. We wish you the best of luck at blackjack!


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