Casino Cryptocurrency: Is it Safe To Gamble Anonymously?

Have you ever wondered what the main reason for cryptocurrency development was? And why did the casino industry join the cryptocurrency invasion? The main reason was the fast-growing internet. That’s one of the critical reasons Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin in 2009. Now, casino cryptocurrency is on the rise and for a good reason.

For years, players have had an issue with security, restrictions, and personal anonymity. But with the rise of cryptocurrency gambling, it’s now possible to play your favorite game at your preferred online casino software entirely anonymously. 

In terms of security, cryptocurrency offers an alternative payment method, which makes it easy and secure to deposit funds and withdraw your winnings. If your state prohibits gambling, you can use cryptocurrencies available anywhere in the world, to play your casino games.

And the fun part is, you don’t have to disclose your personal information to anyone. You become anonymous. But is it safe to gamble anonymously? This guide will explore more on playing casino cryptocurrency anonymously. 

Let’s get into it.

Is Casino Cryptocurrency Safe To Play Anonymously?

Before we answer the question, here’s what you need to know. Regular casinos are quite different from anonymous online casinos (casinos that incorporate cryptocurrency). You’ll need to be aware of these differences before you gamble on such casinos. 

One of the significant disadvantages of anonymous online casinos is that operators can’t acquire a license from the approved licensing authorities. We always recommend that you choose casinos with a verified license.

Here’s why.

It’s much safer to gamble with a licensed casino compared to unlicensed ones due to several reasons. For instance, let’s say you tried to withdraw your earnings, but it was rejected. Then the casino accuses you of going against the terms and conditions which you don’t agree with.

If it’s a licensed casino, you can present your case to the licensing authority. They will resolve the issue in a fair manner and an unbiased way. Since anonymous casinos don’t conduct their business with a license, you can’t plead your case when something goes wrong.

Other reasons aside from the license include:

  • Casino cryptocurrency usually have a small selection of casinos games (more details below)
  • Cryptocurrencies us usually the only payment option
  • Compared to regular casinos, anonymous casinos are not many. However, that may not be so in the coming years since it’s fastly gaining popularity.
  • The bonus offer that anonymous casinos offer is the worst, especially no deposit bonuses. That’s because people could, in a theoretical sense, abuse it when they sign up for new anonymous accounts.

So, Is It Safe Then?

As stated earlier, anonymous casinos don’t operate with a license. That means no regulatory authorities monitor them and ensure that they treat you accurately and fairly. However, it does not mean they will take advantage of you and rip you off due to no supervision. 

So what is the answer then? Is it safe to play with anonymous online casinos? Well, it depends. 

It’s wrong to assume that all anonymous casinos are fraudulent casinos. We’ve seen some treat their customers fairly while others come up with excuses when their customers want to withdraw their money.

But here’s what you need to know.

Casino cryptocurrency

Even though malpractices will help some casinos gain money in a short while, they usually don’t last. Words will quickly spread of their misconduct, and they’ll immediately begin losing customers. So it’ll not work for them in the long run if they act dishonestly.

Now, we do not suggest that they can’t scam you, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying cryptocurrency casinos. There’s no cause for alarm if you follow steps, which we will show you shortly.

When selecting anonymous casinos, use your best discretions before you proceed and check their reviews too. If you have any challenges, contact us, and we will gladly assist you.

Game Selection In Casino Cryptocurrency

Earlier, we mentioned that anonymous casinos have a small casino game selection, and you may not get your favorite game to play. But there’s a good reason for that cause. 

As it turns out, licensing anonymous casinos is not the only difficulty. The main reason is due to their anonymity. It makes it extremely challenging for their platform to support casino games from reputable internet cafe software providers such as Microgaming, PlayTech, NetEnt, etc. 

However, there’s a way around this hindrance, at least partly. But they can’t be compared to reputable online gambling real money sites. That said, it’s possible to find good slot games, roulette, and other well-known games in cryptocurrency casinos. 

So before you proceed with any anonymous online casino, search through their game selection to know if they have your favorite game.

Now, let’s find out how to select the right anonymous casino.

How To Select The Best Casino Cryptocurrency to Play In

Most fraudulent anonymous casinos don’t go rogue in one night. They need time to plan and make sure you fall for the trap before they scam you. If they scammed you from the get-go, they wouldn’t be successful.

 That means there are some hints that they leave behind; if you know them, you can save yourself before the scam happens. You can use that to select the right anonymous online casino if you’re able to find the hints.

Here are some clues to look out for:

Big Bonus Offers

To choose the best anonymous, always keep an eye out for casinos that offer abnormally big offers. That would be your red flag to be extra careful with such a casino. If their bonuses are too good to be true, beware.

For example, offering a 100% bonus up to $1,500 or 300% bonus up to $4,000 or $6,000. Legit casinos don’t offer such high bonuses, so why should other casinos do it?

Slow Payments

Legit casinos pay their players within a reasonable time. If it’s taking a long time, say, three times longer to receive your winnings, you need to be wary. Sometimes, it could be a genuine issue.

However, it becomes unreasonable and consistent, especially if they start making excuses. When they show such a sign, that’s your cue to leave. What’s worse is if they fail to live up to their expectations.

No Payments

real time gaming casinos

When they stop paying you, you need to pull away fast. Usually, some signs would have occurred to get to this level. But no matter, you should withdraw your funds before they entirely close down.

Blocking Your Account

The anonymous rogue casino can block your account, especially when you complain about your bonus, winnings, etc. No legit casinos will take such action without any way of solving the issue.

When that happens, and they don’t settle the score or something seems odd, avoid such casinos.


Many advantages come from playing gambling games online on anonymous casinos. You don’t have to disclose your information, which is a great deal if you want your privacy. However, whether it’s safe to play or not depends on a lot of factors that we’ve discussed in this article.

You can safely gamble online without any hindrances if you follow the steps used to find the best casino cryptocurrency. Even still, keep an eye out for any signs that might tell you they’re scamming you.

However, if you want the best games that offer an immersive, thrilling experience, check out our online casino games. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Thank you for reading!

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