Quick Hits Slots: The Best Slot Machine Games to Play

Quick Hits slots are the best instant-win casino games you can play online. These games are a collection of several titles and jackpot prizes, and while they have classic slot machine features, they lean more toward modern video slot games.

The Quick Hit slot machine game is perfect if you’re new to online casino games. And that is because they allow you to win enormous prizes for a bit of money. They also have various bonus games which can increase your total payouts by over 1000 times. The key to winning the best payout from this slot is a profound understanding of the game and its features.

This article helps you improve your chances of winning substantial casino payouts from playing Quick Hit casino slot games. You will learn the best free Quick Hit Slots, their jackpot prizes, bonus features, extra games, and how to play them.

Let’s begin. 

Quick Hits Slots Overview 

quick hit slots free coins

Quick Hits Slots are a collection of several Quick Hit casino slot games. Bally Technologies produces the game and has over 10 titles in the series. They are famous for their refreshing themes, slot symbols, and amazing jackpots. These games are a fusion of classic slot symbols like cherries, bells, 7s, etc., and modern slot structures like the 5-reel support, bonus games, autoplay, and progressive jackpot options.

The numerous features and bonuses give the games a great look, making them perfect for experienced and novice players. If you’re a frequent casino hall gambler, you would have seen certain Quick Hit casino slot games in physical casinos. Some of these games are popular jackpot options at physical gambling sites. They provide affordable gambling and a high jackpot prize. They also allow you to boost your bankroll with various casino promotions and in-game bonuses.

Although, despite all the features and attractive bonuses, these games are still games of chance, so you need to maximize every advantage. You can play free Quick Hit slots at most online casinos. Bally Technologies also provides specific incentives, including the Quick Hit slots free coins, which you can use to play games for free.

The highest-paying symbols in the slot game include bars, cherries, bells,7s, etc. And to win the jackpot prize, you need 5 Quick Hit symbols on the reels.

Quick Hits Slots: Top Gaming Options

There are many Quick Hit games that you can play online. But if you’re determined to play only the best and most lucrative options, you’re in the right place.

Quick Hit Cash Wheel Slots

This title has the most engaging and best online casino bonus offers among all Quick Hit casino slot games. This game returns to the familiar 5-reel and 3-row slot structure. It also boasts excellent graphics, classic slot symbols, and impressive jackpot prizes.

However, compared to other games in the series, this game has a lower jackpot requirement – you win 1500x your wager if you get nine Quick Hit symbols on the reels.

Quick Hit Platinum Slots 

quick hit casino slot games

Quick Hit Platinum is one of the most lucrative casino slot games in the history of slot machines online. This game has a slot structure that comprises 5 reels and 3 rows. It also boasts 30 paylines and various high-paying slot symbols. You must assemble 9 Quick Hit symbols and earn 2000x your original bet to hit the jackpot.

Also, the Quick Hit Platinum symbol is a unique icon that gives the highest payout of all other Quick Hit casino games.

Quick Hit Pro Slots

This Quick Hit slot machine is another popular title from the Quick Hit series. It has a vastly different structure and features from other Quick Hit casino slot games. This sweepstake game excludes the 5 reels and 3-row slot structure used in other slot games. Instead, it has 5 reels and 4 rows.

Each spin shows 40 possible paylines and more slot symbols than other Quick Hit games. This feature compensates for the additional row and boosts the player’s chances of winning the ultimate jackpot.  

The number of paylines and symbols available also affects the number of symbols you need to trigger the jackpot prize. You need 11 Quick Hit symbols and can win up to 1500x your wager.

Quick Hit Black Gold Slots

This Quick Hits slots game is similar to the platinum version. Its main difference is in the game’s jackpot prize and some slot symbols. The symbols of the Black Gold slots swap the $ and third Bar icons for double 7s and 777.

However, regardless of the differences between the two slot games, they have the same number of symbols and require the same number of Quick Hit symbols to earn the jackpot prize. The maximum pride package is 2500x your wager.

Free Quick Hit Slots Bonus Games

free quick hit slots

Quick Hit slot machines are one of the most lucrative casino games you can play online, and that is not entirely due to the jackpot prizes but also the profits you can get by playing the bonus games. Quick Hit bonus offers often involve mini-casino games included in the original game.

In the Platinum version, the bonus game begins with a tile game. Each tile contains several free games that the player can get. The numbers available can go from 5, 7, 10, and 15 to 20, which is the maximum amount. And you get to pick each tile thrice until you pick the same number, which automatically becomes the free spins you’re awarded. 

The bonus games are also given a multiplier; the maximum 20 free spins have 3x multipliers, while others have just 2x multipliers, which means the bonus game can give you the best online casino jackpot you’ve ever had.

As for the Black Gold game, the bonus game is an 18-number tile. However, you’ll choose the type of game you want instead of choosing several games. The number of free spins you can play in the Black Gold Quick Hits slots game is fixed at 10. As for the bonus games, you choose between Locking Wilds, Quick Hit Fever, 3x pays, and 2x pays. 

The Pro bonus game is a two-stage affair. The first stage gives you 15 free spins and tallies all the combinations. You’ll also collect some symbols that look like a pinball when playing this game. The pinball will be used in the second stage of the game, in a game called Prochinko.

How to Play Free Quick Hit Slots?

Free Quick Hit slots can be played on any casino platform, offering demos and free games. You can also play for free on Bally Technologies with the Quick Hit slots free coins bonus. This bonus gives you the chance to play games without risking your own money and gaining all the knowledge you need in preparation for the online casino real money gambling. 

Playing Quick Hits Slots for free requires having access to a reliable gambling platform like Begas7games Casino. You can play the demo game or use your casino promotions for free. Enter the website address in your search bar and load up the Quick Hit series you want to play.


Can you win real money in the Quick Hits slots app?

You can win real money when you play games on the Quick Hits app. Quick Hits Slots free download app is compatible with all mobile operating systems and devices.

Where can I play Quick Hits slots online?

You can play Quick Hit casino slot games on Vegas7games Casino and Riversweeps Casino. 

Can I play Quick Hit casino slot games on my smartphone?

Yes, you can play this game on your mobile phone. To get Quick Hits slots free download app, go to the casino website and download the apk file. Or download the mobile gambling app from your phone store.

Can I play Quick Hit slot machines for free?

Yes, you can play Quick Hit for free using unique Quick Hit slots free coins issued by the casino for new and existing players.

What is the RTP of Quick Hits Slots?

Quick Hits slots have an average RTP of 96%, making it one of the most lucrative casino slot games online.

Which Quick Hit slots are available online in the US?

Real money casino gambling is illegal in the US. So, to play Quick Hit online, you must play at a social casino or sweepstakes platform.

What is the best Quick Hit slot casino?

The best Quick Hit slot you can play is the Quick Hit Platinum game.

What is the maximum jackpot for Quick Hit slots?

The maximum jackpot prize in the Quick Hit series is 2000x your original bet.


You can play Quick Hits slots for free and real money at several online casinos. These games allow you to play games with minimal wagers and win 2000x jackpot prizes. You can also play Quick Hits slots free download games on your mobile phones.

However, as many Quick Hit games are online, this article gives you the best quick-hit options to play and win a high payout. Register on BitPlay now to start playing Quick Hit casino games. 

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