3D Slots That you Need to Play For Real Money

As we are all well aware, the slot games are considered the bread and butter of today’s online gambling platforms. It is hard to imagine a casino website without online slots. Because of the high demand by users and the profitability of these games, online casino operators try to add as many slots as possible to the mix. You can win thousands of dollars while playing classic slot machines, and they are fun for many people. However, modern 3D slots have a slight edge over them because of the visual and sound effects that they are providing. These elements take the slot machine game to a whole another level. Do not let the 3D term fool you because you do not need to wear those cinema glasses while playing these games and having fun. 

General Ideas About 3D Slots

3D slots have been around for several years now. Internet casino game developers realized that they need to adapt to new technology and modern players, so they started to work on innovative solutions like 3D slot games. After seeing the results, it would be fair to say that players are happy, as the owners of those online gambling game development companies. 3D slots came like a storm to this industry and changed it for the foreseeable future. 

There are many advantages of playing these modern video slots, and variety is one of those. 3D slot games offer too great gaming choices for players that we cannot decide which game to start first and then go to check out others. They brought unique designs, themes, and storylines that, as a gambling audience, we have not seen before. In this article, we will focus on a variety of 3D slot machine games and list out different options so that you can choose the one that fits your style. 

What Are The 3D Slots?

3d slots

As we already mentioned, modern technology helped the industry grow in the right direction by improving regular casino slot games and making them a kind of immerse experience for players. So, what are the 3d slot machine games? 3D slot games are the slot machines for the new generation of players. They are packed with video game-like qualities, offer HD visual effects, have lasting and creative storylines while providing excellent, catchy soundtracks. It is not that hard to guess why these slot machine games have become one of the audience’s most favourite games. Whenever we think about the quality of visuals, characters ready to pop up from the computer screen, three-dimensional symbols are spinning around like crazy. 

We are not here to claim that the cover and the visuals are everything for a successful slot machine game. It is undoubtedly not the motto of the 3D slots, either. However, you need to evaluate these games both for their look, functionality, payout rate, and so on. Only after that you can say that this particular game is top-notch. To get the best products and enhance the gameplay experience, you need to find casino games from the industry’s best developers. Evaluation of gambling companies is a topic for another day. For now, let’s find out why you need to play 3D slot games. 

Why Do You Need to Play 3D Slots? 

Anyone who had a chance to enjoy 3D slot machine games in the past would agree that their three-dimensional graphics and enhanced visuals blew their mind. We will share why you need to in this passage for those of you who have not checked them out yet. 3D slot machines offer incredible fun through their 

  • interactive gameplay
  • enhanced visual appearance
  • level-based gaming system
  • several breathtaking themes, and so on. 

Their gameplay is indeed visually stimulating for any fan of the slot games in general. 

You can have a customized and interactive avatar in these games, unlike other classic slot machines. Besides that, 3D slot games work like video games, and they offer level-based gameplay alongside ranking tournaments. You are given a mission to complete. From time to time, you will have video clips during the storyline, which makes the gameplay even more impressive than before. 

What Are The Best 3D Slot Machine Games that You Can Play? 

Jungle Jim El Dorado

As you might know from various slot machines, Mystic land of El Dorado is one of the famous themes and storylines that slot machine developers use in their games. This game is not an exception for that concept. The game is developed by one of the best slot creators in the industry- Microgaming. They took the adventure theme for this game and nailed it from the start. The game has five reels and three rows. In addition to them, you will find 25 winning pay lines ready to help you with earning prizes. In the background, you will notice the Colombian jungle with its mystic look and fearless animals. The game features both two and 3D effects alongside one of the fan-favourite features: the cascading reels. The game is inspired by Net Entertainment’s Gonzo’s Quest slot machine game. 

They elaborated on the storyline and came up with this fantastic slot game. This game is not only famous for its great look but also its generous bonus offers. Whenever you start the journey with Jim, you will face different challenges that will lead you to generous bonus offers. One of those bonuses is the 20-time multiplier that can be triggered by creating a wild symbol combination. By utilizing the game scatters, you can earn free spin chances that can be utilized in the later rounds. Overall, it is one of the best 3D slot machine games from one of the most reliable casino software developers in the industry. So, if you have not played it yet, make sure to check it out as soon as you can. 

Egg-O-Matic Slot Game

3d slots

Egg-o-Matic is another 3D slot machine game that you will love. If you never tried it before, you will be surprised by how interesting the slot’s design and overall gameplay play out. There are five reels and three rows in this game. In addition to that, you will have a chance for betting on 20 winning pay lines. The main storyline of the game is happening in the colourful chicken factory. Egg-o-Matic is described as the machine that helps eggs turn into the colourful chicken to become symbols and help you win. You will see several colourful mechanical chickens on the reels. The primary colours of the chicken breeds are red, light blue, green, and orange. Only Net Entertainment develops this 3D slot game.

It is comical and has very bright colours that are adding entertainment value to the game. The eggs in the game are classified, and they have different values. For instance, the egg from blue chicken can help the player earn up to 50 free spin chances. Moreover, the egg from the red chicken will blow your mind with its 2500 credit offer. It is a high volatility slot game with a 96.5 per cent of Return to player rate. This means that you would not frequently win in this slot. However, the prize will be a lot higher than what the average slots provide whenever you win. It is a very entertaining 3D slot machine game. Therefore, we recommend it to anyone who likes these types of gambling games. 

Turning Totems Slot Machine

Turning totems is one of the popular 3D slots in online casino websites. Thunderkick developed this slot game in 2017. Before updating the previous version, the original version of the game was 2D and had less interactive features. However, Thunderkick decided to create a slot that has both an old school vibe and new elements in the same place. The cultural heritage of Mayan tribes inspires this slot machine. Both game design and symbols of the slot describe it very well. The main symbols are the colourful masks that portray the ancient Mayan values. 

The primary colours used to create these symbols are green, purple, red, blue, and yellow. The interesting fact about this 3D slot game is that it does not require symbols to spin for you to play. Instead, the Mayan masks are turning to the left and right and stop randomly. By doing so, they can create a winning combination that will help you to earn great prizes. 

Bonuses in the Game

The game offers to win both ways and a gamble feature to earn massive rewards. In the gamble feature, you will be asked to pick random card signs. If you could guess right, you would be making twice as much money as you would earn until that point. If you missed the mark and guessed the wrong symbols, you would lose the initial prize. The main bonuses in this game are not triggered by classic wild and scatter symbols. 

Instead, the developers created a thunder snake that scrolls around the screen and stops the symbol masks in a particular order while helping you win. If the thunder snake can land on three symbols lined up in specific order, you will earn up to 15 free spin chances. The Return to player percentage of the game stands at 96.05 per cent. It is an excellent 3D casino slot game with a higher payout rate. Therefore, you need to check it out to see more about it. 

Vikings Go to Hell

3d slots

Even the name of this 3D slot creates an immerse reaction. Imagine playing it. It is one of the blockbusters by Yggdrasil Gaming that launched in 2018. Vikings Go to Hell is among the best 3D slots for its intensive gameplay and stunning visual effects. The main storyline is about the great battle between warriors and demonic creatures returning from the underworld to destroy the regular one. If you want to be a part of this incredible story, go check this game out in your favourite virtual casino platform. The slot game is packed with a variety of bonuses and promotions that will grab your attention. At the first sign, this game looks like a video game. As the storyline goes, and the video clips start to show up. 

Special Features of Vikings Go to Hell

As soon as you enter the game and press the spin button, the exciting part will begin. To get the extra wild symbols on the reels, you need to fight with actual demons in these casino slots. Lord of Chains is hiding the keys for wilds. And without defeating it, you would not be able to use those bonuses. To get a chance at a free spin round, you need to face the prince of the dark – Lucifer. Only after fighting with him, you will be able to earn it. 

The Return to player rate of this slot machine is 96 percent, and it is considered a high volatility slot. So that means you would be able to earn huge prizes, but those wins would not come as frequently. However, the main advantage of playing this slot game is that it provides you chances and a better shot at multipliers that goes as high as 3000 times of the initial bet on a single pay line. 

Thunder Strike 3D Slots Game

Thunder Strike is another excellent example of 3D slots that you can enjoy in online gambling platforms. Net Entertainment develops the game, and it is the first version of the two series sequel. The theme, overall design, and the gameplay for this slot are off the charts. It is inspired by Norse mythology, and the game is full of mystic god characters such as 

  • the Thunder God Thor
  • Freya
  • and Loki.

It is a movie-themed slot that will capture your attention with its detailed look. Three-dimensional graphics of the game captures the detail, just like in comic book style. They are bright and full of vibrant colours. Asgard’s mystic land will be seen in the background while you are trying to win the best prizes that Thunder Strike offers. 

Gameplay and Symbols of the Thunder Strike 

There are five reels and four rows in this fantastic slot machine game. In addition to that, you will have as much as 50 winning paylines. You have a variety of options when it comes to the wagering process. You can start wagering from 0.2 cents and go up as high as 50 dollars on each of the flexible pay lines. The availability of so many pay lines in one game enables you to earn the highest amount of rewards as possible. The bonus system of the game adds another opportunity for you to go for it. 

All you need to do to start the fun is to press the spin button and watch the fantastic graphics and visuals to blow your mind. The Thor hammer is the wild symbol of the game, which can help you earn the fifty-time multiplier in the game. On the other hand, Thor himself is the scatter symbol that works as a substitution for other symbols. Whenever you have two identical symbols and one Thor image, it is considered a win because of the Scatter symbol’s unique ability. If you are a fan of pop culture themed internet casino games with bright colors and huge payouts, this is one of the best 3D slots you need to play. 

Final Thoughts

3D slots are among the new phenomenons of the online gambling industry. Since their initial release, many gambling platforms decided to incorporate those games into their existing library, and it surely paid off. Players love the dynamic nature of 3D slots, and it helps them feel more engaged with the game itself as these slots offer various stages and levels to reach the top. 3D slot games are great for the industry because they show the true potential of these games to the anti-gambling audience trying to downgrade gambling games by saying that they are too simple and cannot compete with video games. If you are a fan of slot games in general, you can check the above mentioned 3D slots and enjoy them. 

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