Buffalo Slot Machine: How to Win the Best Jackpot

Buffalo slot machine is one of the best slot machines in brick-and-mortar casinos. If you have played enough games on physical gambling sites, you’ve probably heard shouts of “Buffalo” numerous times. Those shouts and the slots are about to become the best things you’ve ever heard.

All and sundry love Buffalo games because of the low volatility and high returns they guarantee players. Luckily, these games are now available online and have the same gambling terms.

However, because of the unique gameplay and features, Buffalo slot machines can seem complicated for new players. This article will explain the gameplay, strategy to win, best symbols, casino promotions, and the best places to play this game.

If you’ve not heard of Buffalo slots, this is the best time to learn about this legendary casino game.

Let’s begin.

Buffalo Slot Machine: Overview

Aristocrat Gaming Company provides Buffalo slot games. This game is the first in a chain of serial casino slot games. Compared to the new Buffalo slot machine games, this title gives you the best advantage on the reels and rewards your patience with numerous bonus rounds.

The buffalo slot machine themes are centered around the Wild West and nature. These themes are reflected in the gaming designs, sounds, and symbols. You might never drop this game for another if you love Americana themes.

Also, as said earlier, this slot machine differs from your average slot title. The game has 5 standard reels activated according to your bet. Additionally, the profitability of this game depends on the number of reels you activate. You’ll enjoy a flexible and highly profitable 1024 winning pathways if you activate all five reels.

With over 94% RTP and 1024 paylines, you don’t need much in the way of Buffalo slot machine tips or cheats. The game itself is the cheat; all you have to do is play well and take advantage of all the bonuses that will come your way.

If you cannot play buffalo slot machine in physical gambling rooms, the games are available at online casino platforms like Vegas7Games, BitPlay, and BitofGold. Aristocrat also allows mobile users to enjoy the reels on their phones. 

The Buffalo slot machine free download app is compatible with all mobile devices and operating systems. Also, the size of your screen does not matter; the game is optimized for small and big screens without compromising the quality of the gameplay.

Buffalo Slot Machine: Why You Should Play This Game Online

buffalo slot machine free download

Buffalo is not just a slot game that pay real money; it is also a brand name in the gaming industry. Aristocrat has had much time to update and finetune this series and used the time well.

If you’re skeptical of playing this game, here are some reasons why you should at least try it once:

Low variance

Many slot machines have low variance, but unlike Buffalo slot games, only a few progressive slots are easy to win. While the average jackpot amount might seem unremarkable, this game has many bonus rounds activated randomly throughout the game. These bonuses give you an excellent opportunity to win mega amounts.

Legendary theme

The Americana theme always stays the same in slot games. This theme brings a refreshing perspective to slot machines online. The graphic quality is eye candy and ensures you never lack excitement while playing the game.

Excellent bonus games

Usually, slot games have bonus rounds where you can win extra money to supplement your wins. But the bonus rounds for Buffalo online slot machines are meant to boost your bankroll. The rounds are more lucrative than the regular game, and the best part is that the bonus games take place on the same reel where you play the regular game.

Tons of ways to win

Buffalo slot has 1024 ways to win. The sheer amount of the payline assures you that there’s no way you’ll play this game and not go home happy. You have a literal cash cow if you combine the 1024 paylines with a 95% RTP and 5 reels.

Sense of excitement

Few people play Buffalo slot machine games and leave unsatisfied or angry. This game is designed to lift you from whatever dark energy you’re experiencing and take you to the light.

The game symbols represent good fortune and the light of nature. Also, the sounds bring a sense of anticipation and excitement to your heart. After all, nothing is more exciting than knowing you’re about to win mega jackpots from a slot machine.

New Buffalo Slot Machine: How to Play

New Buffalo Slot Machine

Buffalo slots are different from your regular online slot machine. The gameplay is somewhat different, but the process of setting the bet can be confusing to new players. And that is why you should play the free version of the game before making real money bets.

The free game gives you time to practice, understand the game mechanics, and get familiar with the paytable. And when you’re ready to take the game to the reels, you’ll notice how easier and effortless it is to cash out mega wins from this slot game.

Bets on Buffalo slots are calculated differently. Using your game credits to unlock the number of reels you want to play would be best. One credit unlocks 1 reel, 5 credits unlocks 2, 10 unlocks 3, 20 credits unlocks 4, and 40 credits unlocks the 5th reel.

After choosing your reels on buffalo slot machine, you can then customize your bets per reel. Your total bet is calculated by multiplying the amount spent on reels by what you bet per reel.

The symbols on the reels include animals from the Wild West, like eagles, wolves, stags, pumas, and buffalos. The Buffalo is the highest-paying character on the paytable, and if you manage to get 5 buffalos across the reels, you’ll win an ultimate jackpot of 300 coins.

Buffalo Slot Machine Bonuses

Buffalo slot games are not famous for their jackpots or the symbols. Instead, many players love this game series because of the number of bonus rounds and the opportunity to win more cash.

The Buffalo game picks up once you start playing the bonus games. These bonuses mainly comprise multiple free spins. If you land 3 or more gold characters on the reel, it triggers the free spins bonus game.

More spins can come your way depending on the number of gold symbols you have; 3 gold coins give you 8 free spins, 4 golds give 15 spins, and 5 gold symbols across the reels will give you 20 free spins. If you play these bonus rounds well, you’re guaranteed to make more than the standard jackpot of 300 coins.

There are more opportunities to win games. Buffalo slot has wild symbols that can substitute for any other symbol, including Buffalo, on the reels. So you can use wild characters to improve your winning chances. The symbols can also activate multipliers that can double or triple your wins.

The scatter symbol also awards free spins.

Buffalo Slot Machine Tips

Buffalo Slot Machine Tips

Slot games are notorious for being unable to cheat. These games are chance games, but there are some ways you can maximize the advantages placed in the games. And luckily for you, there are many features you can use in Buffalo slots.

Play the maximum bet.

The first thing you should do when playing this game is to wager the maximum amount allowed. Doing this brings you two advantages; first, you become eligible for the progressive jackpot game. Secondly, you get the maximum number of payline available.

This game has 1024 paylines; activating these paylines on a 5-reel game is a cheat everyone deserves to know.

Pay attention to the bonus rounds.

The bonus round games in Buffalo slots are more lucrative than the standard jackpot. So when playing this slot, you better pray that Lady Luck smiles on you.

The game also has several bonus features that you can maximize, like wild and scatter symbols, multipliers, etc.

Bet responsibly

Although this game has a 95% RTP, it is still a slot game, which means you can lose your bet amount and all your wins if you overplay your hand. And that is why you must take your wins and losses right now.

Buffalo Slot Machine Free Download: Play on Your Phone

Buffalo slots are available offline online and can be played on mobile phones. The game is optimized for all screens, including your smartphones and tablets. 

When playing on your phone, the gaming interface automatically adapts to fit your screen. There are no lags or reductions in quality. All features remain the same. Some people believe that mobile gambling is more interesting. 

However, you should know that Buffalo does not have an app. If you want to play it on your phone, you can download Aristocrat’s Heart of Vegas Casino app or Vegas7Games mobile casino.

New Buffalo Slot Machine: Where to Play

Buffalo slot is a popular online and offline game, but only some virtual casinos can host it on their site. You can’t afford to miss the seamless gameplay and fabulous bonuses, so if you want to play Buffalo slot games, you should register at the following online casino sites:

  • Vegas7Games
  • BitPlay Casino
  • BitofGold Casino

Alternatives to Buffalo Slots

If you need a Buffalo slot machine hack, look to other casino games before trying this game. Some credible alternatives to Buffalo slots are:

  • Aztec Glory 

  • Fruit Shop
  • Go Bananas
  • Columbus
  • Paradise 

  • Fruit Poker


How to play the Buffalo slot machine?

The Buffalo slot is different from other casino games but features similar gameplay to other slot machines. The main differences are in the betting processes.

Which is the best Buffalo slot machine for sale?

The best Buffalo slot machine for sale that you can play is the Buffalo Gold variant.

Where can I play the new Buffalo slot online?

You can play Buffalo games on Vegas7Games and BitPlay Casino. You can also play Buffalo slot machine free download on your mobile phones.

Are there any Buffalo slot machine hacks?

There are many Buffalo slot machine tips for maximizing the game advantages, but there are no Buffalo slot machine hacks. Practice and luck are what determine your fate on the reels.

What is the minimum bet on the Buffalo slot?

The minimum bet on the Buffalo slot game is 0.03 credits per spin.

Are there any bonus rounds on the Buffalo slot game?

Yes, there are many bonus games on the Buffalo slot. The bonus rounds are triggered by scatter and wild symbols. Most of the bonuses are free spins.

What are the winning combinations in Buffalo slot games?

The winning combinations in Buffalo depend on the symbols you have on the reels. Usually, you need to have 3 to 5 identical symbols across the 5 reels. Also, you can get the maximum jackpot by landing 5 Buffalo characters across all five reels.


You don’t need a Buffalo slot machine for sale advert before you can play Buffalo slots online. This game is available on several platforms and is playable on mobile phones. So, you have no excuse for missing out on the fantastic bonus games and jackpots. Register on BitPlay to win your share of the Buffalo riches.

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