Reasons Why You Should Choose Licensed Virtual Casinos

When we talk about sweepstakes gaming, most people immediately imagine the casinos with slot machines in Las Vegas or Monaco luxury hotels. Nevertheless, today virtual casinos are rapidly replacing traditional gaming establishments and attracting a large audience. 

Now, to win the jackpot, you do not need to go to Las Vegas at all. Do you have other options? Yes, sweepstakes platforms offer you all types of your favorite virtual casino games! Thus, you can access them easily by using your phone or tablet.

The main advantages of virtual casinos are constant availability, wide variation in the choice of games, comfort, and flexibility. That is why now, on the Internet, you can find hundreds of different online platforms with various games, from virtual slot machines to sports betting.

However, along with online casinos, the topic of security has become just as relevant. Often, you need to enter your bank details into a virtual casino website, which is very dangerous if you accidentally run into scammers. This article will tell you what you need to know to ensure that you are safe to play at a virtual casino.

Virtual Casino Sites License

Many players are afraid to play virtual casino games due to the lack of direct contact with the employees of the sweepstakes site. However, this is absolutely nothing to worry about if this virtual casino is licensed.

Virtual casinos with a license fully guarantee you the impartiality of the gaming process, as well as complete protection of your financial and personal data. Before obtaining a license, virtual casino sites undergo an audit, where several aspects are checked:

 1. A random number generator that provides all players with an equal chance of winning;

 2. Protection against hackers and money laundering;

 3. Protection of personal data of users;

 4. Efficiency of the support service;

 5. The quality of the interface.

In such cases, only those virtual casinos where the management cannot interfere in the course of your game and where you are guaranteed the security of money transactions and anonymity of your private information can be audited.

It is relatively easy to check the license on the virtual casino site, as the sweepstakes platforms themselves expose all their certificates and licenses to the public. If the casino has granted this license, you can ensure that the entire gaming process will be fair and safe.

Random Number Generator in a Virtual Casino

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In traditional casinos, mechanical reels with symbols are responsible for the outcome of the game. Very often, some players tried to cheat, say, using magnets to disrupt the mechanism of a rivers casino slot machine. However, there are no such mechanisms in a virtual casino; a random number generator is responsible for everything. This program gives you symbols in random order. Hence, if there is a match in the symbols, you win a certain amount of money. The best example of how an unexpected number generator works can be seen in virtual casino slots.

It is the presence and serviceability of this program that checks the audit for the issuance of licenses. In some cases, the casino interferes with the operation of games. For example, it blocks more valuable combinations, which reduces the win rate. However, with a licensed random number generator, such actions in virtual casino sites are not possible. Licensed casinos profit from a massive number of users, not from fraudulent practices. It is typical for virtual casinos with a large number of players, regardless of whether you win the jackpot or not, since the casino will cover the money given to you at the expense of other players’ deposits very quickly.

What Else is Also Affected by the License in the Virtual Casino?

Several other parameters affect the licenses of casino sites:

1. Most well-known internet cafe software companies like NETENT, Microgaming, FlamingoSeven, etc., provide their services only to licensed virtual casino sites. Brand image is essential for software companies. Therefore, casino certifications are of great importance for them. Therefore, if you see that an online casino cooperates with well-known software brands, then you can be sure that this casino can be trusted.

 2. In licensed online casinos, the level of payouts is higher than in casinos without licenses. Usually, the RTP in the most prominent virtual casino sites can exceed 85%. That is, you will have confidence in your financial security and great chances of a high jackpot wins.

Bonuses in Licensed Virtual Casinos

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If you are still unfamiliar with the virtual casino format, another surprise awaits you: licensed virtual casinos give bonuses. That can be no deposit or free spins. Virtual casino bonuses are a significant component of the modern online sweepstakes industry.

All bonuses in a virtual casino are a new chance to get additional winnings. In particular, the most popular among them are the welcome bonuses.

First of all, you should pay attention to no deposit bonuses. That is when you can play for bonus money without investing your own but competing for genuine winnings. Then, if the fortune brings you a series of winnings, you can withdraw money from virtual casinos. 

Many virtual casinos provide an opportunity to take bonuses at least for every deposit, which makes the game more profitable. Moreover, it can be educational. For example, if we are talking about bonuses with free spins, they will be an excellent opportunity to try some new slot machines and expand your gaming horizons.


Since the river sweep casino industry is considered very profitable, some entrepreneurs try to profit from the players in fraudulent ways. Therefore, the licensing of virtual casinos is a crucial point you should pay attention to before entering any personal data on the site. Do you want to be sure that you receive all your winnings and do not face scammers? Licenses will help you figure out all the details that interest you! In this article, we have discussed why licenses are essential for virtual casinos. The rest is up to you!


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