Casino Software Developers That You Need To Cooperate With

The online casino software is a significant part of the successful casino business. From management tasks regarding casino platform to the quality of the games are depending on the casino software. You need to work with excellent casino software developers to offer high-quality services to your customers. This post aims to cover casino software developers and analyze each of them according to the casino games and overall features that they have. So, let’s start the list with first online casino software developers who are Microgaming.


Microgaming is among successful casino software developers. That is why Microgaming games are top-rated among online casino players, and casino operators love to use their software services for their businesses. The company has over twenty years of experience in casino software and game development. It has one of the broadest product portfolios among casino software developers. So, if we can divide the characteristics of the company for advantages and disadvantages, the pros would be:

  • Great slot game portfolio
  • Progressive Jackpot availability for almost all games
  • Safety of the players
  • Great bonus and free spin chances
  • Up to date services and development of at least four new games per month

The disadvantages of this company can be

  • The number of live dealers and 3D casino games which is less than others

Background of the Microgaming

Microgaming is famous for its online video slots. They have twenty years of experience in this field and produced over eight hundred casino games and many more casino software. Besides great jackpot wins and multi-reel video slots, other factors led to the success of this company. For instance, they provided InterCasino with the slot games back in 1996. At that time, Inter was one of the first online casino platforms. That is the main reason why Microgaming gained respect of the industrial giants as time passed. To this day, Microgaming has partnered with over a hundred fifty companies and provided them with high-quality casino software, which contains hundreds of entertaining online casino o games.

Microgaming Casino Software

casino software developers

The Microgaming casino software has over six hundred titles. They offer various management tools for online casinos as well as different types of casino games which they prefer to have. The list includes, video slots, online poker, table games. The games developed by this company are both chance and skill-based, and they work smoothly on various platforms because of the compatibility factor. High-end developers develop Microgaming software, and they got help from studios like Derivco and third parties such as Pragmatic Play. There are some inventions that Microgaming made to this day. The most popular one is the octopus rift technology, which makes it easier and more suitable to develop virtual reality games.


Microgaming platform features various benefits that operators appreciate

They are:

  • Microgaming allows players to enjoy casino games without making any deposits. Free trials are available for all the games that Microgaming includes in the gaming software.
  • The help section of the online casino software is working effectively. Amateur players who use the casino software will get familiar with the games, terms, and conditions as soon as they press the help button.
  • The multilanguage system allows players from different countries to enjoy casino games by Microgaming. As a result, all the games and casino software is available in over forty-five languages
  • Attractive bonus system of the software helps you to generate more customers to your online casino
  • The software allows and supported by twenty-five currency values. Users can wager by using different payment methods such as PayPal, debit card, credit cards, and other eWallet platforms
  • The interface is designed very user-friendly, and the website is convenient for any player who wants to access casino games


Igrosoft is one of the casino software developers that we put on this list. The company was established in 1999 and had headquarters in Moscow, Russia. Igrosoft is not so popular in the world, though, they are one of the market leaders of the Russian online casino industry. They are best known for modern technology, which consists of boards that can be integrated into land-based machines. So, as industry shifts from land-based to online platforms, Igrosoft decided to transfer its services and create software solutions for online platforms.

Igrosoft Casino Software

Even though Igrosoft has over eighteen years of experience in this business, they do not have much titles under their belt regarding the casino software. Though, their product is working smoothly and many customers of the Igrosoft state, it’s a convenience and compatibility for the online casino that they are operating. In addition, their online casino software operates on HTML 5 technology, and that means there are no difficulties when it comes to run those casino games on whichever device that customers use. The software is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices. Diverse fan base of virtual casino players can enjoy their famous games from Igrosoft in their smartphones, just like they play them on their desktop computers.

Games that included in Igrosoft Online casino Software

Igrosoft software has more than twenty interactive video slot games in casino software that they offer. The games such as Crazy Monkey, Rock Climber, and Gnome are among those exciting online casino slots that you can try in online casinos which partners with this company.

Igrosoft API Integration

Online casino operators who would like to add this company’s software to their game library can quickly do that through unified API. With the smooth integration, system operators will gain access to the full suite Igrosoft classic slots.


Novomatic is one of the best European online gambling brands that we have in the industry. The company is established in 1980 by Johann Graff in Austria. Currently, they provide services in over 40 countries worldwide. It was not always like this and hard work +dedication by the Novomatic team helped this brand to go global in several years. Nowadays, many online casinos are employing their gambling software and the ones that use other software brands include Novomatic games because they are fan-favorite. When it comes to the slot machine gaming, this brand is off the charts regarding the quality and entertainment value that those games have.


casino software developers

Vegas7Games is one of the competent online casino software developers in the market. The company is LA-based and serves American clients. Online casino software of the Vegas7Games has many advantageous sides. First of all, the downloadable format of this software allows casino operators to get the best services even when they do not have an internet connection. They can provide casino games in both online and offline formats. The gaming catalog of this company is vibrant. You can enjoy a variety of great slot games from Vegas7. The games that you can find in the online casino software of Vegas7Games are:

  • Hot Chance
  • Ocean Monsters
  • Katsino
  • FireBall Keno
  • Space Rocks
  • Fruit Bar
  • Jungle
  • Vegas Vacations

Features of Online Casino Software

  • A high-quality system that uses 128 Bit encrypted SSL data and latest technology for the safety of your customers
  • Easy navigation regarding the site design and operations such as wagering, gameplay, and depositing
  • Technical Support that is available for 24/7
  • Customized design and Cashback opportunity for your players

Final Thoughts

We analyzed three popular casino software developers that are working with the market leaders to help them with various issues. The quality of the online casino can be assessed through many criteria. Most of the time, players want to see a variety of games and smooth control over the site. That is why it is essential to work with high-quality casino software developers, so that your customers would love to want they see and experience on your website.

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