Complete Guide to The Types of Slot Machines

We are all familiar with online gambling, what if offers, and how it can reward you. No matter where you come from, you probably see adds about online casino websites every day. If you like challenges, you probably clicked on the ad and signed up on the online gambling platform immediately. It is tough to resist tempting online casino games, especially the slots. The slots we see today are just the younger sister of land-based classic slot machines. In this article, we’re going to talk all about slot games and the types of slot machines available today. Whether you are an online or offline gambler, this information will surely come in handy. 

Types of Slot Machines

Contrary to people’s beliefs, slot machines are incredibly different when you compare them. Given the fact that the first slot machine emerged around the 1800s, developers had plenty of time to perfect time. Right now, players can choose from classic slots, video slots. 3D slots, progressive jackpots, and many other sweepstakes. Choose them according to your taste, your gambling style, or the size of your pocket. This is what’s great about vegas slots- there’s so much diversity that there’s something in store for every single gambler. There are different types of slot machines, depending on the features you are focusing on. To make it easier, we divided them into two main categories; denominations and number of reels. 

Slot Games Denominations

This way is the easiest way of organizing online casino or land-based slots, and it’s helpful as well. This categorization helps players a lot when they don’t know which slot game fist their budgets better. 

The lowest possible denomination currency available in the slot games industry is pennies. These sweepstakes games don’t pay out much, but you can still have a lot of fun with a low budget. Next in line are nickels, you are still controlling your spending, but you’ll get better rewards when gambling with them. These two denominations are popular among brick and mortar casinos, where the vegas slots are the most popular games in the room.

Following up, quarters are more expensive than nickels, but the slots requiring quartes pay out way better than the ones we just mentioned. Also, this is your last option if you want to gamble with coins. High limit slots require dollars and sometimes, significant amounts of money to wager. The catch is, if you bet on this type of slot machine, you’re probably going to hit a massive jackpot. 

The Number of Reels


Classic slot machines started out having only three reels, and you can still find them in both offline and online casinos. Nowadays, most video slots have five reels, and you can find games with even six or seven reels. This type of slot machine creates more winning possibilities, but they are typically high limit internet casino games

The slots with five reels are the most popular online casino games available on today’s market. And this is since they come with amazing bonuses and great graphics, maximizing your gaming experience. 

Land-Based Types of Slot Machines

Given the size of the gambling industry nowadays, we have to cover more topics than before, meaning we categorize slot machines again. Firstly, we have the land-based slot machines, the pioneers of the slots industry, and the ones that started everything. People don’t bet on them as they used to, but traditional gamblers love them, and they can sure take you back in time!

Single Coin Offline Slots

You might know them as classic slots, and most of them have fruits or diamonds as symbols. They have three payout lines, and you can only find them in land-based casinos. These types of slot machines represent the original sweepstakes we all heard of from casino-themed movies. 

Multiplier Slot Machines

This kind of slot game requires more coins, and they reward you according to the number of coins you insert in the machine. Once again, these are part of the online vegas slots we all know and love but, sadly, are rarer these days. They were first introduced in 1987 to encourage gamblers to take more risks. Gambling more coins, more times, meant bigger earnings for the players and the house as well. 

Online Casino Slots

Online casino websites are the star of the show, because they hold thousands of slots, each different through design, sound effects, bonuses, and rewards. You can gamble on classic slots, video slots, 3D slots, autoplay slots, and progressive sweepstakes. However, there are even more types of slot machines available online, waiting for you to discover them. 

Multi Payline Slot Games


We already mentioned that slot games come with different sets of reels. Multi payline slots are very common on online gambling platforms, and their features can vary. You can bet on twenty lines on some games, meaning your winning chances are close to 100% any time. Players love them because they can cover a lot of ground easily and win with only 2-3 matching symbols. 

Video Slots – A Blast From the Past

Video slots represent the revolution of technology in online gambling slot machines’ history. They first appeared in the 70s, and shortly after that, all casinos transitioned from mechanical machines to computer-controlled machines. That’s when the lever became a button, and slot games had betting options and different bonuses. 

Video slots also paved the way for every online casino on the planet and the online casino software industry as well. You can find these games offline, if you want that classic 80s experience, or online for more advanced gaming experiences. 

VR Slots

VR or Virtual Reality slots are a considerably new invention for the online gambling industry. If you think that 3D slots were realistic, you need to think twice before checking out the VR slots. These games took the industry to another level by offering the real brick and mortar experience for players who are just sitting at their house.

Progressive Slots

If we are talking about types of slot machines, progressive slots were the last to appear on the market, shortly after video slots. They are insanely popular on online casino websites, due to their massive jackpots. In this case, the jackpot increases every time a user plays, and it can happen on a single slot machine, only on one online casino or an entire network. 

Network progressive jackpots are the ones that made headlines, because rewards would get as high as 1$ million dollars overnight. Because of this, slots are now sweepstakes, or a new, updated form of lottery. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, slots are the sensation of both online casino platforms and land-based casinos. Ever since their creation, they had tremendous success and a massive number of users. We all recognize vegas slots from movies or the classic fruit slot machines from other pop culture sources. Over time, software developers perfected their products leading to a massive variety of exciting slot games. Branded slots feature famous movie characters, cartoons, or TV shows, attracting players with their storylines and designs. The online casino industry is moving at a fast pace, so we expect even more types of slot machines in the feature. As we’re speaking, there’s probably a new VR or AI slot game release or an update on Bitcoin gambling platforms. There’s so much to do and so many things to choose from – choose a slot game that you can connect with and also win big! 

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