Fish Slot Game – Why You Must Play Them

Seas, oceans, and other water sources have always been one of the interesting areas of humanity. And I guess there is a strong reason behind it. Just imagine that the largest mammal in the world, which is the blue whale, belongs to the oceans. Also, as of 2020, over 80% of oceans are still undiscovered. So, it is natural that people are curious about oceans, seas, etc. I should say that this topic is so attractive that they are used in casinos as well. Today, there are already a lot of games with underwater themes. Note that a casino game in this category is called a fish slot game

In general, it is important to state that these games have become more demanding so far. So, it is due to certain features of them that they are loved a lot. It means there are quite a few reasons for you to play them as well. That is why in this article, I will explain why you must play fish slots. 

What Are Fish Slot Game Products?

As mentioned above, I truly think you should start playing fish slot game products as soon as possible. But before explaining why you should do so, let’s define what they are. In fact, they are not very different from regular slot games. Fish slots are ordinary slot machines that are produced in the theme of ocean, sea, etc. So, basically, they are water-themed slot games. 

To win in such games, what you mainly need to do is to line up the same symbols on the identical reels. That said, it will not suffice for the victory of yours. Some other nuances exist that you must pay attention to for winning. For instance, there are icons like scatters, wilds, multipliers, and so on that, you should consider if you want to win big. 

In general, these casino games started to be well-known after the launch of video slots in the casino world. Thanks to the significant developments in technology that impacted the gambling industry, too, players were already able to indulge themselves by playing these beautiful slots on various gadgets.

Moreover, unstoppable development in technology led to the creation of 3D slots. Made fish games even more enticing to gamers. It would be best if you kept in mind that the fish slot game products offered by Vegas7Games sweepstakes software are among the world’s best ones. So, if you ever want to play them, consider this option. 

Why You Must Play Fish Slots

fish slot game

It would be best if you had some idea by now regarding why you must play fish slots. But I will still go a little deeper so that you fully understand it all. 

It is crucial to know that these games have one of the best graphical qualities in the entire gambling world. That means there is no way that you will be bored when playing them. Sound effects are another feature that deserves credit in fish slot game products. Once you hear them, you will be more attached to these amazing casino games. 

Lastly, I should tell you that if you play them through the Vegas7Games online casino software, your winning chances will be a lot more. So why not enjoy and win money? You decide. 

Best Fish Slots You Must Play

You already know what fish slots are and what they are important in the casino world. Now it is time for you to get familiar with some of the best fish game slots.

Columbus Deluxe Fish Slot Game

Columbus Deluxe, created by Novomatic, is one of the most favorite games of fish slot lovers. It has been dedicated to Christopher Columbus, an explorer who discovered America. Note that some real historical figures are available in this slot machine, too. And it is one of the most critical points that make this game extremely important. Also, keep in mind that there is an original version of this game. And this one is the newer and more advanced version.

Compared to the older version, this slot game has one more payline, making it ten paylines and five reels. Additionally, there are symbols like wilds, scatters, etc., that make this slot even more engaging. I should not overlook the lucrative bonus game that consists of free spins. You should remember that scatters and wilds usually emerge during bonus games. That helps you to win bigger in this fish slot game product. 

Speaking of the symbols in this game, they are Columbus himself, Sextant, Queen Isabella, and more. The scatters the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. These are basically the ships of Columbus. To access the bonus game, you will need all three scatters. 

Lastly, note that Columbus Deluxe will not allow you to win large amounts in the base game. To do that, make sure you pass to the bonus game. 

Wild Shark Fish Slot Game

fish slot game

Unlike the previous slot machine, Wild Shark is for those who want to win large amounts from casinos. An original underwater game, Wild Shark, has been developed by Amatic. In the game, you are expected to swim around the wild sharks and collect the crown jewels. At the same time, in this unique fish slot game, you can increase your winnings by finding various beautiful endemic ocean creatures like Pufferfish, Clownfish, Giant Turtles, etc. 

There are a whopping fifty paylines in this slot, which is one of the most in any casino game. Keep in mind that you will notice Clownfish that is orange and white. Apart from that, there will be lots of giant turtles, as well as wild sharks. At first sight, wild sharks may look scary. It is because they will be scaring other smaller fish. However, note that they will also be the reason for you to win significant amounts. As the wild symbol of this slot is a shark, it can replace any other icon. Only the bonus symbol cannot be replaced by it. 

If by any chance you see the shark symbol on the reels, then bingo! It means you have won some serious amount of money. It is also critical to remind that this is not going to happen very easily. You will need to play consecutively so that you may get it. 

Lastly, note that the return to player rate is 94.64% in Wild Shark. It means you have much higher chances of winning in this fish slot game compared to others. Therefore, once again, I strongly advise you to check out this online casino game


By now, you should have learned every single essential detail about fish slot game products. Now it is time to apply everything you have learned in this article. I want to remind you that some of the best fish slots are available in Vegas7Games. So, do not forget to check them out. Thanks for reading. I hope this article gave you some useful information. And for more of such useful articles, you can visit our blog page. 

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