Most Entertaining Fish Games to Play in Online Casinos

As summer goes away, most of us will undoubtedly miss the days at the beach while having fun with our friends on the shining sand. There are a variety of ways that can help us to reminisce those days. And one of those is to play fish games. For those of you who have different activities such as fishing or scuba diving that they cannot live without, the good news is that fish games can cover up for that aspect. Aqua themed casino games have come a long way until they reach this point. Over decades, fish or aqua-themed casino slots have been favourites of gambling players. Before getting into the best fish games list, let us briefly discuss the overall theme and differences between various fish casino games. 

What are the Fish Games? 

Classifying all these games under the golden dragon fish game tag is hard because overall aquatic-themed casino games vary. On the other hand, we can divide them into two major groups. The first group consists of mainly chance-based aqua or fish-themed casino games. They are mostly about the slot games that have main characters as fishes and use different fish breeds as symbols. Like regular slot machines, you need to place your bets and put a spin button to be successful in these games. The winning combinations consist of at least three identical symbols on the same reel or identical symbols on the pay lines. 

The second group is mainly about skill-based fish shooting or arcade games in the house and online versions. Fish arcade stores are great places to go for having fun with friends and earning some cash. Online fish arcades are also a great way of entertainment. In these games, you need to shoot at the fishes and earn points. Then you can convert it into real money. To play those games, you need to get virtual bullets to exchange real money and start shooting. There are various examples of each fish game group. Later in the article, we will try to list those available options. 

What are the Best Fish Games on The Web? 

fish games

Wild Water

Wild Water is among the top-rated fish games that we have in the industry right now. The aquatic theme and overall design of the game fit perfectly with the initial ideal of capturing both beach life and the undersea world. The Net Entertainment launched this fantastic slot game back in 2014. Since then, it is considered as one of the most popular online casino slots for this genre. Wild water features three rows and five reels. You can feel the 1960’s surfer vibe whenever you enter this slot machine. Various symbols capture the entertainment on the beach and seashore. The storyline of this game evolves as most of the themed scary movies. 

There is a wild shark that swims around the ocean to kill the fantastic surfers. You need to find a perfect balance and use the waves in your favour to save your life from the wild shark and get the most significant prizes that this game offers. So, as you can see, with its thrilling design and intimidating storyline, this game is a top-notch choice for all the aquatic fish game lovers out there. The sound effects in the background create the beach environment as you can hear ocean waves’ sound. Whenever you win the big prize, you will start to listen to the phenomenal surfers’ voices. They will shout slangs such as “cowabungaa,” etc. 

Interface and Symbols in the Wild Water

The interface of the game shows golden sand and the wavy sea in the background. In the foreground, you will see the main screen and the logo of the game. There are many exciting symbols in this game. The surfing board, mermaid, wild shark, the surfer’s drum, and legendary surfer are the main ones. The legendary surfer has three parts: his head, upper, and lower body. 

Whenever you line up those symbols in order and achieve to create the surfer image, you will go directly into the bonus round. In that bonus round of this slot, you will have a chance to earn massive rewards such as 500 credits and 15 free spin chances. The Return to Player rate of this gambling slot machine game is 96.04 per cent. It is above average percentage and can give you some great rewards. Overall, if you are missing the beach vibe while getting closer to the winder, you need to check this game out to bring back all those great memories. 

Beach and Beach Memories

You probably got the idea of this game by only reading the title. However, you need to know the key aspects to understand the fun that this game can provide to the customers. Most of them are about the undersea world when it comes to fish games and use the fish types living there. The games like this portray fish lives from a little bit different perspective. When it comes to Beach life, people admire the retro looks from the photos. They want to get in the time machine and enjoy all those activities. 

NYX Interactive is the company behind this great game. Beach and Beach Memories launched back in 2006. At a time, aqua casino slots were not as popular as it is today. However, with the arrival of this and many other online slot games to the market, the audience saw the real potential and entertainment value in them, so they demanded more from the casinos. 

Interface and Symbols in the Game

fish games

Beach and Beach Life is a very colourful slot that involves fantastic fish species, the bright sun, golden sand, and the waving ocean. Colour pallets used to create this slot machine are vibrant, and you can tell it from way over there. The game’s main symbols are the golden sun, ice cream pack, sandcastle, and fruit juice with ice cubes. There are five reels and four rows in this popular slot game.

In addition to them, you will have a chance to bet on 20 pay lines that are not fixed. You can choose the number of pay lines and design active pay lines in a way that you feel comfortable playing with. The Return to Player Rate of the game stands at 97 per cent. This slot game is higher and gives you an edge over other internet casino slots when winning constant great prizes. 

Cristal Water

Crystal water is another excellent slot that we decided to put into the most entertaining fish games. It is a high volatility slot game that can help you to win huge prizes from time to time. There are five reels and four rows in this slot. In addition to that, you will have a chance to wager on 20 variable pay lines. According to your preferable playing style and strategy, you can change the number of active paylines every time before you wager. The winning combinations in this game are a little bit complicated. However, it would help if you did not worry about that because we will explain every detail right now. 

Symbols in The Game

All the symbols except the Yachts will pay if you lined them up from the reel’s left side to the right. When it comes to the Yachts, you can earn regardless of the symbols’ order or direction. The scatter symbol in the game is considered a Yacht, while the wild symbol is Dolphin. By lining up at least three scatter symbols on the without any particular order, you will be able to trigger the bonus round. On that round, you would be offered great prizes such as free spins and coins. On the other hand, the wild symbol plays a ruling role in defining the winning combination in Cristal Water. 

Whenever you form a combination that involves a wild symbol of the game, it is a win-win situation for you because they can replace other characters. For instance, let’s say that you got two coy fish symbols and one Dolphin. In that case, the Dolphin could substitute for the missing part so that you can have three coy fishes in a row. That means you would go on to win that round in this casino slot. For all the marine and sea creatures lovers out there, this slot game is built for you. 

Winning Potential of the Fish Games 

The exciting theme and colourful design that captures the undersea world add a dynamic look to the game. Besides the valuable symbols, there are other secondary symbols. For instance, the letter A, J, Q, K, or the numbers such as 7, 9, and 10 are just some of them. You would be able to travel under the sea and sea creatures such as sea turtles, sea horse, coy fish, conch shells, the pale blue whale, and so on. Whenever you see the Dolphin on the second and fourth reels, this means that you are on a lucky day. 

Dolphin symbol on the fourth and second reel will maximize the winning potential; by doubling up all the prizes, you have made. Whenever a player manages to line up five dolphin symbols on the same reel, they will get the maximum prize in the game, which equals 50.000 times of their initial bet. As we already mentioned, it is a very high volatility slot game. That means if you play long enough, you will have a shot at the grand prize while. Considering the payout potential of this game, it is no brainer that you can achieve this feat. 

Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship is one of the most iconic fish games that you can find on the internet. The thrilling storyline and amazing visual effects add more excitement and intensity to the game. It is a high volatility slot with five reels and five rows. There are as many as 25 fixed paylines that you can bet on. Fixed paylines, as you might know, are the ones that cannot be changed throughout the game. And the number stays the same as the default. By forming a combination of at least three matching symbols on any of the reels, you can win this game. 

The game can turn out to be a progressive slot according to the number of people playing it simultaneously. Besides, that Ghost Ship offers Local Progressive and Random Major jackpots to its players. The storyline goes under these in a sunk ship that previously belonged to the Pirates. Ghosts of those pirates are still living in the boat, and that is the main reason why this theme and interface might look a little bit scary for you. It is a 3D fish game that offers impressive features. 

Interface and Symbols of the Fish Games-Ghost Ship

fish games

Black and ghostly greens are the primary colours used to portray the undersea characters and the primary symbol, the ghost ship itself. Realistic three-dimensional graphics will appeal to your gaming taste as soon as you start the game. The secondary symbols of the game consist of simple letters and numbers. The bar symbol can also be seen on the reels from time to time. The main objects in this video slot are 

  • the Flying Dutchman bell
  • a mermaid sculpture
  • a pirate ghost
  • a cannon
  • and the sinking ship. 

The ghost captain pirate is the wild symbol of the casino game, which can substitute any other symbol except the scatter. The scatter symbol, on the other hand, is portrayed as the ghost ship itself. Whenever you line up scatters on the same reel, you will have a shot at multiplying your previous wins. When the layer forms a combination of wild symbols, the ghost captain will come to life and take his pistol to shoot at his enemies. In that phase, you need to calm down and watch the fight because, as a result of this action, you will earn plenty of bonus opportunities, including the free spins. 

Besides that, whenever the ghost captain comes to life, he retriggers all the previous bonus offers, which helps you earn as much as ten times your initial price. It is a very captivating casino slot that has the effects of real video games. If you are into fish games with an exciting storyline and excellent payout potential, you need to find this game and play. 


Megaquarium is another fish game that we decided to put on this list. It is a unique 3D slot game with so many rich colors and vibrant themes. The storyline in the game is happening in an aquarium full of different fish breeds. They are very colorful and saturated, which makes this game very dynamic. It is a high volatility slot game that offers five reels and three rows. Like in any other fish games, you need to bet your desirable amount on the pay lines and push the spin button to start the game. There are fifty winning pay-lines on which you can wager from 0.5 cents up to 25 dollars. Regardless of the winning symbols you put on the reels, you will have a chance to win the game. 

The order is not a factor in defining the winner of this online slot. The game offers a variety of bonus opportunities for players. Some of them are free spin chances, mega and extra rounds. There are many different symbols in this game, which are categorized as valuable and ordinary ones. The shark, clownfish, whale, and the marine are the essential symbols. The other characters, such as sea horse, A, Q, J, and lucky seven, are the ordinary ones. Nemo’s fans will love this game because the main character in the slot is the Nemo itself. 

Overall the smooth gameplay and vibrant color use in the design will impress you. The game offers multipliers that start from 2 times and go as high as 500 times. To trigger this feature, you need to line up at least three wild symbols on the same reels, just like in any other fish games that you play. 

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