Progressive Slot Machines: What Do We Know About Them?

There is a variety of different types when it comes to slot machines in general. From classic fruit slots to modern VR ones, slot games have never failed to amaze us with their exciting features and amusing gameplay. However, one type of online slot still remains on top despite the route that the gaming industry has taken recently, and that type is progressive slot machines. These games allow players to earn massive rewards in a relatively short period of time. 

Therefore, they are staying relevant regardless of the new trends in the online casino industry. What do you know about progressive slot machines? Are they a real deal? Can you earn real money by playing them? If so, how much you can accumulate? All the answers to these questions and more will be in this article. Before the deep dive, let us quickly introduce the progressive slot machines for those who have never played them before. 

What Are the Progressive Slot Machines?

Progressive slot machines

Progressive slot machines are mainly classic slots that offer you extremely large payouts. There are different levels of progressiveness, and depending on which slot you are playing, the jackpot size can change. Mainly the mega, minor, and medium sizes are offered in online casinos. The wide area progressiveness refers to the mega jackpot that collects a certain portion of each deposit from thousands of players around the globe who enjoy the same game. 

All those small portions add up to create the big jackpot, and one lucky player earns it at the end. So, what are your chances of beating the slot game and earning the jackpot? The answer will be in the next passage. 

Chances of A Random Player to Win Jackpot

To keep it real, the chances of hitting the jackpot are very slim. Although online casino sites try to ensure you that this is not the case and you can become a millionaire overnight, it is not that simple. There are tons of players who are playing the same game, and only one of those leave the online sweepstakes platform with a bag full of cash. 

At this point, the hit frequency, slot variance, and payout rate can help us to determine your chances of winning a jackpot in progressive slot machines. Keep in mind that the progressive jackpot slots are offering very low RTP in comparison with regular video slots. In these games, the payout rate would be 88 percent at best. 

So, you need to make sure that you are playing the right game that offers you a realistic shot at major prizes. Finding out the RTP rates of each progressive slot game and comparing them side by side is a good place to start. Another factor that we have discussed before is a hit frequency which tends to be lower in progressive online slots. Low volatility refers to the higher winnings but less frequency. 

In major progressive slot games, the hit frequency leads the game to pay out the main jackpot from 2 weeks up to 6 months. So, try to read the reviews of the games by experienced players before you decide to partake in them. While doing so, you can avoid wasting time in a slot that rarely pays out. 

Tips to Win the Major Prize in Progressive Slot Machines

Progressive slot machines

Although the progressive slots are mainly paying out randomly, there are actually some ways through which you can increase your chances of beating the slot game. So, what are those methods? The first method would be picking up the progressive slots that offer lucrative bonuses. Even if you lost the chance at the major prize, by using the bonuses correctly, you might also make up for it. 

Another tip would be sticking to the progressive jackpot slots that offer small jackpots. I know it is very tempting for players, especially when they see 7 figure prize money on the line. However, the big jackpots are rarely won by players. Therefore, a more realistic approach would be choosing the ones that have a relatively smaller target. 

Maxing out on each pay line is also a proven strategy for online progressive slot games. Some progressive slots have a secret feature that enables them to increase the RTP. It happens for certain players as they continue to bet the max amounts. You can read about this feature in online forums and stick to those games that offer you an edge over the competition whenever you decide to utilize this feature. 

Final Thoughts

There are lots of things that you need to learn before striving to become the next progressive slot millionaire. This guide included the essential information on the progressive slot machines, and you need to treat it as a beginner’s guide. For learning more about the different game mechanics, online casino news, and updates, please check out our blog page at Vegas7Games. 

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