Catchy Internet Cafe Sweepstakes Games Online

The delight of winning a grand reward, pleasure of excitement, and fun time are just a few key things that come to mind when thinking about online sweepstakes games. Here, the pleasure never stops, and the awards are getting better and more desirable. Thanks to engaging and colorful visual adventures, internet cafe sweepstakes games online are a real feast for every player’s eyes in the true sense of the word. 

Many gamblers of today are not patient enough to wait in line to get access to play their favorite gambling games in traditional casinos. Therefore, they prefer to play their favorite ones with just a click without leaving their comfort zone. 

What Are Internet Cafe Sweepstakes Games Online?

Internet cafe sweepstakes games online are some sort of games between gambling and the lottery. These online games are also may called games of chance, because here gainers are randomly picked. Internet sweepstake games rapidly became the backbone of online casino businesses. These online games with a massive variety bring the most noticeable gains. Many gamers are looking for a way to win real cash through awesome online sweepstakes games. 

But how do they work? They are too easy to register and enter. The first thing you have to do is fill the information such as full name, contact information, and address. The following step is to stake some amount of bet and wait for the game to win you some prizes. Some internet sweepstakes do not require any wager; however, some give single or daily entries. Due to the massive range of internet sweepstakes cafe games online, provide unlimited and variegated rewards to gamers. 

What are the differences between internet cafe sweepstakes and regular casino games?

There are several differences between casino games and internet cafe sweepstakes. The first one is about the legality aspect. Internet cafe sweepstakes are perfectly legal to play while in many parts of the world there are anti-gambling regulations against online casino games. The main reason why gambling games are illegal because it directly involves cash which brings us to the next point. The second difference between these two is that sweepstakes do not directly ask for cash from the player. You can register and play for free. The rewards of the sweepstakes are not consisting of cash prizes too.

However, you can earn many more rewards and then exchange them into real dollars. Most of the sweepstakes games involve virtual coins that can be converted to real money after you earn prizes. So, the perspective of the player is crucial. If you see these games as free and useless, you will not get the entertainment value off them. However, if you understand the fact that they are almost the same gambling games but it is m0ore safer to play them, it is where the fun begins. Let’s analyze the sweepstakes game providers and then move on to discuss the actual games.

Greatest Internet Cafe Sweepstakes Games Providers 

internet cafe sweepstakes games online

A considerable number of casino investors see an internet cafe sweepstakes as an opportunity for earning decent profits. They really can bring worth of attention incomes to the owners. However, some key details should not be avoided. One of them is the proper pick of the software platform to make them run successfully. Reliable software developers must provide not only software choice but also exciting online sweeps casino games. Studying the extensive range of the online sweepstakes software providers is a little bit weary thing. 

To make things easier for you, we present the list below, about top internet sweepstakes cafe software companies providing worthy and high-quality gambling products:

  1. Playtech
  2. Novomatic
  3. Microgaming
  4. Amatic
  5. Net Entertainment


Playtech is a noteworthy developer who offers the best gambling products used by reliable online casinos. The company is also held to be one of the top-line internet cafe sweepstakes software suppliers. A dazzling design, easy to use interface, and huge jackpots are developed to make players gambling activities more enjoyable and convenient. 


Novomatic is another giant among the best casino software companies. Many recognizable themes, attractive and meaningful gameplays, make developer’s gaming products eminent, among others. Various great bonuses, high-quality graphics, and superb functionality make gaming experience desirable for all gamers.


Among the other providers, Microgaming is exclusive for being a pioneer in starting online casino slots. Microgaming is the author of almost a thousand gambling games, including multiple attractive online sweeps casino games.


Amatic’s service is mostly focused on putting together high-quality gambling systems, advanced graphics for providing both local and online casinos. The hard effort of Amatic pros bears fruits. The company is overgrowing and has a significant increase in gaming product sales.


Net Entertainment (NetEnt) has been well-known for applying its innovative and original ideas. Its exclusive video slot games are the spotlight of each user. Excellent availability of internet casino games with smartphones and tablets with no doubts show off the highest level of company skillfulness.

Top 2 Internet Cafe Sweepstakes Games Online

internet cafe sweepstakes games online

We are going to present you with a list of a few best internet sweepstake cafe games developed by the best software providers. So, here are our top 2 internet cafe sweepstakes games online we have compiled for you:

  1. Space Rocks 
  2. Buffalo Thunder

Space Rocks 

The curiosity that people carry in their DNAs lets them reach out almost everywhere, including the cosmos. However, till today humanity has brought into the open only a small number of mysteries of our universe. Even this tiny part of cosmic revealed shook the world and became of the most trendy topics across the planet. Nowadays, you can almost see the signs of interest in the cosmos in every area of industries as well as gaming. Today players can play created fascinating multicolored games based on a space theme. 

Space Rocks is one of them. It is a quirky online slot game where you will teleport to the cosmos and gather up some precious gems. Here you will also see multiple gems floating between many planets. It is visually a beautiful slot game with its animated background image of stars and nebulas. 

Space Rocks include five reels and ten paylines. There are seven basic icons in the game, including five various gems in particular colors and shapes. Besides these icons, there is also a bar symbol and a red 7 number placed on a planet. The gem in orange color is a Wild symbol of the game. This icon can substitute all symbols we mentioned above. The Return to the player of the game is 96.2 %. 

Buffalo Thunder

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to observe a group of Buffalos thundering in the golden plains? If the answer is yes, then try out “Buffalo Thunder” by Novomatic and satisfy your curiosity with this well-known gambling game. While getting pleasure from a dazzling slot game, you will be able to win lots of prizes. Besides, there are various bonus games too. 

You can win multiple rewards for matching icons, including white, brown buffaloes, vultures, and some squashed lizards. Exciting and profitable Bonus games of Buffalo Thunder include Scattered Totem buffalo, Wild thundering buffalo, Stacked Wilds, and Free Spins. Another reason for playing this game is that players can play the game using a wide range of bets. 

To get the prizes, gamers need to start with collecting the letter and number symbols that are spread out across the reservation. Players also will get awards for finding squashed lizards. The number of prizes can rise to two hundred coins. The Totem Buffalos are the Scattered icons of the game, and they can multiply the total amount of bets. In addition to all, these symbols will also cause you to start five free games. 

Players also can earn rewards by spotting buffaloes. Matching each of the white or the brown can earn you up to four hundred coins. Unlike scattered ones, wild symbols (Thundering Buffalo) will award you up to 1000 coins. They can also show up as stacked Wilds during free games. 


Internet cafe sweepstakes games online promise bright to both online casino entrepreneurs and players. Enormous possibilities for winning many prizes is the number one reason why many gamers prefer to play internet cafe sweepstakes games. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a game to make a profit or to amuse yourself, by playing the internet cafe casino game options we mentioned, you will be satisfied in both ways. The experience you get through playing, will ever turn into a tedious one.  

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