Most Popular Casino Games of 2021 by Categories

Casino games are becoming more prominent in modern gaming. People want to play games for real money. That is why there are thousands of online casinos at the moment. Players are always interested in different facts and statistics about these games. Which games are the most popular casino games of 2020? Which category is the most played category in the online industry? In this article, we will try to answer these questions. While doing it, we will mention the most popular games that attract millions of players. 

Characteristics of the Most Popular Casino Games

Casino games differ for their components. Each category’s games have their unique features. However, some aspects match every category. They should be in online casino slots as well as baccarat, poker, blackjack, and others. These features determine the quality of casino games. When we talk about the most popular casino games’ characteristics, we have to start with security. 


Players always want to play in a secure environment. They want to make sure that their financial accounts are safe. For this, casinos try to solve all problems related to security and licensing. These two features affect the number of gamers that play this game. Casinos can deliver it by applying to casino software. Casino software may offer a package to the casino that includes a lot of features. 

For example, in slot games that pay real money, they can be about bonus features and promotions. Other than that, the software may guarantee RNG for the games. That is an essential feature of casino games to have fairness in the game. However, relying on software in everything is costly. It has additional fees that may be tough to pay. That is why some casinos do it by themselves. The only thing they buy from the software is their games. 


Another essential feature of the most popular casino games is their plot. Some people may neglect it. The first features that come to mind for attracting players are bonuses and gaming effects. However, to keep players in the game is essential. You may have the best casino game features, including visual and audio effects. But if you do not have a proper storyline, your players will get bored of the game. Online gambling games should be as interesting as a favorite TV show or book for the players. There should be a certain goal, villains, and ways to win. In 2020, the games capable of doing that succeed in the market. 


most popular casino games

As we have said, people know the importance of online casino game effects. Without great visual and sound effects, there is no chance that the game will succeed. In the technological era, it is significant to deliver in every aspect of the game. And the first step in that is to make sure that the game feels real for the players. For example, in video slots, the symbols in the game should be perfect. As the game structure is simple, the visuals are significant. HD quality may bring more customer satisfaction. And the sounds also should be according to the game theme. If there are animals in the game, animal sounds should be as perfect as possible. These features attract people from the first play. 


Possibly, the most decisive factor that determines the quality of the game is software. Online software can control a lot of things about the game. For example, it may determine whether players can play the game in certain countries or not. Other than that, the game rules also depend on the casino software. In recent years, it is an essential factor for the players to know the software behind the game. Sometimes they rate the game-high even without playing it. Real cash online casinos buy these games from casino software to increase their popularity and reputation. 


Vegas7Games is a gaming platform that offers the best casino games of 2020 to the players. They are popular for their high-quality products and services. Among their products, there are sweepstakes slot machine games, too. We will mention the best games offered by this platform that players should try. 

Buffalo Thunder

According to a lot of players, it is one of the most entertaining slot machine games of 2020. It takes place in Great Plains. You can see long grass and butte in the game. Both look realistic, and the game will give you an atmosphere of West America. It often rains in the game. For this, the game uses special effects. One of the most popular casino software in the world- Novomatic has perfectly developed this game. Also, Buffalo Thunder uses different animations. Symbol graphics are brilliant. There are two buffalos, a wizard, an eagle, and tribal masks in the game. All of them seem good. The game does not have background music. However, there are realistic sound effects that any slot machine game would want to have. So if you want to have a perfect gaming experience, you should try this slot game.

Admiral Nelson

online casino

First developed for land-based casinos, it is one of the most popular casino games. Amatic has developed the game, and it delivers in everything. The background uses a dark blue color that makes the visuals brilliant. With no background music, players can hear different sounds during the gameplay. For example, there is royal sound, ship bell, and cannon fire. After every single win, you hear a beat. 

From the aspect of animations, the game offers a lot. There are several interesting animation features. For example, Admiral Nelson’s dance with a blonde woman is one of them. Other than that, you can see Admiral Nelson giving orders to fire. With great and effective sound and visual effects, this game is among the best in 2020.

Deuces Wild 

We have mentioned that Vegas7Games does not only offer slot games to the players. Here is the perfect example of an online poker game. Sometimes people call this game Bonus Deuces Wild. The gameplay is the same as the other poker games you have seen. You have to decide on the number of coins you want to bet. To increase your chances of winning, it would be better to bet with 5 coins. Less than that, there are only a few chances that you can win. 

You can check the pay tables and house edges from online platforms to know your chances of winning. The winning chances vary according to your hand in the game. Unlike slot games, poker games demand a brilliant strategy to win. In slot games, you have to bet and wait for the winning combination. However, poker games demand strategy. And Deuces wild is a game that will give you a perfect poker experience. This game is available at Vegas7Games. After playing this game, you will be sure why it is among the most popular casino games of 2020. 

Ocean Monsters

Ocean Monster is another exciting casino slot that you can encounter in Vegas7Games gaming library. The game, as you can get from the name tag is based on undersea life and the creatures that are living there. The sound effects and visuals are perfectly matching with the initial theme of the game. Multiple species of fishes are demonstrated in this slot. By matching symbols on the same reels, you can get to the top. Ocean Monsters has five reels and four rows while offering 20 winning paylines for players.


As a player, you have to know the most prominent games out there. For this, you have to search for online platforms that give reviews on these games. However, it would be better to rely on your personal choices. Even the most popular casino games have pros and cons. So you have to choose them according to your gaming experience.

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