Types Of Casino Software Platforms: Bitcoin Casino Software

Casino software platforms form the main structure of the gambling business. In other words, they are like the backbone of this massive industry. Without software platforms, casino owners can’t provide, secure, and control all processes related to their business. There are a lot of various casino software providers in the gambling space, and Bitcoin casino software is one of them. Bitcoin gambling platform is a new age in the online casino business.

What is Bitcoin Casino?

There are increasing numbers of virtual casinos that offer gambling games with bitcoin units. These types of casinos are called bitcoin casinos. Bitcoin casinos run from all over the world. Through bitcoin payments, these casinos offer the clients various alternatives to put their bitcoin currency on different wagers. They include gambling games online, casino games, online lotteries, sports-based betting, and spread betting.

Legal Sides of Bitcoin Casinos?

The shortage of information based on anonymity in the bitcoin gambling business makes it hard to gather the necessary data. Due to the unknown traces of the transfers of bitcoin currencies, it is illegal to run bitcoin casinos in the United States. Most of the legitimate online bitcoin casinos are running outside of the United States. Players who prefer bitcoin casinos transact their money to the bitcoin sites anonymously from all over the planet. However, there is also a significant user authority from the US too.

What are the Benefits of Using Bitcoin Casino Software?

Bitcoin gambling software platform offers various advanced benefits for the casino owners. The advantages of the software provider include privacy, low prices, promotions and bonuses, speedy transactions, high-level security, and developed anonymity.

Low prices

Low prices are one of the main reasons why gambling owners prefer this software solution. As the transaction is not carried out through another banking system or service, the transaction fee may be lower. Therefore, the prices you pay will be so small that you probably will not even heed them. All the transactions made using Bitcoin are deposited in a public account book called the blockchain. It’s an excellent solution to keep track of the players and to operate correctly. As there are no representatives in the Bitcoin software network, nobody will charge you.

High-Level Security


High-level security is another crucial benefit of the Bitcoin software provider. Safety is the first thing that Bitcoin was designed to serve. Therefore, it is a more secure platform. Bitcoin transactions do not ask private information, and those details don’t seem to be anywhere. The only thing the clients have to do is to provide the address of their cryptocurrency wallet. Therefore, nobody can steal the payment information of the gamblers from them. Also, it is necessary to mention that there can not be any chargebacks. So, once you send Bitcoins, they are gone.

There are also various physical storage units where you can keep your bitcoins safe. Some of the most popular ones are KeepKey, the Ledger Nano S, and TREZOR.

Bonuses of the Bitcoin Software

One of the most notable advantages of applying Bitcoin in online gambling is the various bonuses and promotions that are available for the players. Different beneficial developments by the Bitcoin online casinos will frequently grant you cashback bonuses or free spins. Sometimes you can even get a ticket to specific events.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin Casino Software Provider

There are a few disadvantages of using Bitcoin gambling software system. They are volatility and unknown payment tracks of the Bitcoin casinos.

Due to the limited quantity of Bitcoins and rising demand for them cause the price of them jumps and down each day. Therefore, it is not advisable to keep your essential savings in Bitcoin.

An unknown payment address is another minus of the best Bitcoin casino software. As it is impossible to track down the Bitcoins, it can lead to selling illegal items when the player cannot be traced.

It is essential not to forget that Bitcoins are not commonly used payment methods. Only a limited quantity of casino sites and gambling places accept it as a payment option. But don’t lose your interest in the Bitcoin casinos. Because surprisingly, Bitcoin adoption is increasing per month across the world. As Bitcoin is still in its developing process, it may be a little experimental to use it for the customers. However, we know that it becomes more accessible with usage practices and remarkable features day by day.

Differences between regular and bitcoin casinos

The key differences between these two gambling platforms are about payment methods and the software solutions that they employ. Bitcoin casinos powered by special software products so that they could function properly. On the other hand, online casinos have a variety of options regarding the systems. The online casino provides a number of payment methods while bitcoin casinos as you can get from the nametag, are solely focusing on crypto values. Besides that, the unanimity factor makes bitcoin casinos a safer place in the eyes of players. This system is blocking all the information regarding the transaction and players feel safer.


Best Bitcoin Casino Software Developers

There are a lot of reputable online casino software developers that provide Bitcoin software. These companies include Microgaming, Playtech, Net Entertainment, Realtime Gaming, and others.

Playtech Software Company

Playtech is a well-established Bitcoin casino software developer. The company has internalized the most advanced technological progress in different sections. As a result, it put more effort into enhancing supporting new payment methods like Bitcoin. Therefore, if you are in search of a pleasant gaming experience, we suggest you choose a Bitcoin casino supplied by Playtech software provider.

NetEnt Software Company


Net Entertainment is a Scandinavian software provider with online casino solutions. The company provides some of the most respectable casinos across the planet with a vast range of gambling games, including slot machines games, table games, and others. The games powered by the NetEnt have various advanced features such as incredible graphics, fascinating animations, and high-quality sound effects. Net Entertainment also provides many famous Bitcoin casinos.

Realtime Gaming Software Company

Realtime Gaming (RTG) is a US-based casino software developer that is known for its exciting online games. The company is a significant provider for the casinos located in the United States. It supplies online casinos with different software platforms, including Bitcoin gambling software.

Microgaming Software Company

Microgaming is well-known for creating the first real online casino. This significant software company offers everything from classic or online video slots to various poker games and live dealer casino games. In addition to these all, we want to inform you that Microgaming was the first software developer that opened its online games up to the Bitcoin society. We are pretty sure that players will be delighted to see a fair quantity of Microgaming-supplied casinos that support Bitcoin.

Ultrapay Software Company

Ultra play is a leading bitcoin software provider in casino gambling. Besides turn-key iGaming, the company also provides various software solutions for sports betting sites, the lottery, and of course, online casino real money bitcoin. UltraPlay provides popular and reputable Bitcoin gaming sites.

Softswiss Software Company

This online casino software provider offers a unique software solution including, up-to-date functions, popular internet casino games, gambling license support, and others. In addition to all this provided by Softswiss software company, it also provides Bitcoin casino software. The company usually provides its users bitcoins as a payment method. The most popular bitcoin casinos that use software solutions of Softswiss company are Betcoin Sports and Bitcoin Casino 24.

In The End 

Although Bitcoin casinos are new in the gambling industry, they make quite a good improvement. Almost all bitcoin casino software platforms are developed by the most reputable companies all over the world. Most of the Bitcoin casinos also put a significant effort into developing their in-house configuration programs. However, you should not forget that it is not a perfectly designed casino type. So if you like to risk or interested in testing new things, then Bitcoin casinos are a perfect match for you.

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