What Are Most Entertaining Sweepstakes Games to Play?

Online casino games are one of the best adult entertainment activities that we have. There are many issues with online casino games that do not allow players to enjoy them fully. One of those aspects is legality. Another one could be accessibility which somehow is related to the first point. The online casino developers want to provide fans with what they demand, which is interactive casino games. However, some state governments are totally against online gambling activities. To not fall under the radar and operate legally, online casino operators use sweepstakes games. Sweepstakes games are a little bit different than regular casino games. In this article, we will go through those differences and share a list of the best sweepstakes games that you can enjoy on online sweepstakes platforms. 

What Are The Differences Between Sweepstakes Games and Regular Gambling Games? 

There are a lot of differences between sweepstakes games and regular gambling games. The first and most important one is about the legality aspect. The online casino games and playing them is illegal in many countries and some states of the United States. The main problem that these countries are against these games is the addictive nature of those games. They do not want players to earn real money and risk their hard-earned cash on internet casino games. The main reason why sweepstakes games became a thing is that they are legal and accessible throughout those countries where players want to enjoy gambling games. Sweepstakes games do not ask you for depositing money to play. Their prizes also not involve cash prizes directly. But how players can enjoy them if they do not include cash? The central aspect comes right here.

We already mentioned that sweepstakes games do not directly ask for money. However, it would be best if you bought gold or sweeps coins to play. You can earn them throughout promotional activities or by inviting your friends to the platform where you play. Though, the easiest way to access sweeps coins is to buy them. After you win the games, you will earn prizes in the form of the gold sweeps coins which can be converted into real money after all. So, the difference between the two gaming types is that online gambling games payout with real money while in sweepstakes games, you can win only convertible digital values. Another difference is the safety for players. As the sweepstakes platform does not ask for real money and many private details about the user, those platforms are considered to be safer than the regular casino platforms. 

Are There Any Similarities Between Two?

sweepstakes games

Suppose you are an online gambling junkie that wonders how sweepstakes casino games look and feel like. Do not worry, because they are as good as the regular casino games. There are a few similarities between these two, and in this passage, we will elaborate on that. First of all, the quality and quantity of the games are almost equal to the regular online gambling games. Below we will share some of the best sweepstakes gambling games, and you will exactly feel what we are saying now. Secondly, you can find a lot of high-quality platforms to play, and there are fewer scammers in the sweepstakes casino business than the gambling platforms. 

The last one is about the software and gameplay of those games. The gameplay is almost the same as regular gambling games and designs are matching to the original ones. For the player that likes to enjoy gambling games, there will be no difference between the two option if we exclude the real money aspect. The reason why these platforms are so similar is that the leading gambling software providers are also building sweepstakes software and the games that are compatible with these platforms. They try to make them as much as to the real casino games as possible. So, players can enjoy them without any restriction as one of the best alternatives to online gambling games. 

Wacky Billy

Wacky Billy is one of the most entertaining sweepstakes slots that we have in the industry right now. From the interactive gameplay to the fantastic visual representation, this game takes you from reality and puts you on another dimension. The calming nature of the game is what makes it so unique. The main character in the game is Billy, who is a middle-aged guy that has a farm. Billy likes to enjoy his life on his farm while taking care of his domestic animals. In the background, you will see Billy’s farm, the natural habitat, and the shining sun. The sound effects in the game will help you to concentrate and focus precisely on the prize because it is so calming. You will relieve stress levels as soon as you start to enjoy this sweepstakes slot machine. 

There are a variety of plants and animals on this farm. For instance, you will see the loyal friend of Billy and his guiding dog, sheep, chickens, cows, and all that. The initial design contains many elements that go perfectly with each other. As soon as you enter the game, you will see the paytable where you can place the sweeps cash and start the game. This is a slot game that consists of five reels and three rows. Fifteen pay lines are going through the reels. The main symbols are Billy, his axe, and some of the animals. The complementary characters are mainly classics from other gambling slot machines such as letters A, J, K, Q, and lucky seven. 

Initial Design and Gameplay

The initial design of this sweepstake game is straightforward, and even amateur players can adapt to it quickly. On the middle-upper side of the screen, you will see the progressive jackpot number. When you go slightly to the right from the jackpot number, you will see the volume settings where you can block out completely or control the volume of the background music. On the exact opposite side of the volume settings, there is a bar that shows available and active paylines from where you can check them out or change them in a way that you want to play the game. 

On the lower right corner, you will see the number of entries and possible winning in case of a lucky draw. In the middle, there is a start button which helps you to spin the reels and enjoy the game. Overall, the design is fundamental, and it is so easy to learn how to play this sweepstake online slot machine. 

Wolf Moon

sweepstakes games

Wolf Moon is another sweepstake slot that we will cover in this article. The game is one of a kind when it comes to its interactiveness and entertainment value. The thrilling story of the slot makes it more dynamic as the developers very creatively approached this one. Amatic is the online casino software developer that created this game. Since its initial release and incorporation to the online sweepstakes parlours, fans loved it. As you probably know, wolves are among the animal species who live and die in the packs. This slot captures the story of a lone wolf who wants to see the shining moon desperately. 

To reach its aim, the wolf abandons the pack and starts its journey. While playing this slot machine, you will be a companion for that wolf, and while he tries to find the shining moon, you will try as hard as him to achieve the goals of the game and earn your sweeps cash. The rules of the game are straightforward, and even if you are an amateur player, you can very well enjoy this gaming title. There are four rows and five reels in the wolf moon. The paylines are another great feature that this game has as there are as high as forty paylines on which you can bet on with your sweeps coins. 

Wolf Moon: Main Features of the Sweepstakes Games 

The return to player percentage of the game is 96.7 per cent, and it is relatively high for a regular sweepstakes game. The same criteria that are applied to evaluate real money slots go for sweepstakes slot machines too. For instance, you need to look for games with high RTP. Besides that, volatility is another issue that needs to be addressed. If you want to win small but frequent sweeps coins, you need to choose sweepstakes slots that off3er high volatility. Though, if you are a risk-taker and like to play with supreme confidence, we will advise you to choose low volatility slot machines like this one. The game offers a max bet feature which is optional. If you do not want to lose all your sweeps coins in one bet line, you can very well adjust it to the point that you are comfortable playing with. 

There are twelve symbols on this game that will continuously spin on the reels. Ten of them are regular, and two are special symbols. The standard symbols include classics such as bar, lucky seven, numbers, and letters. The scatter and the wild are valuable symbols. The wolf pack is the scatter in this game while the wild symbol is a shining moon. The wild symbol can replace any other symbol and help you to get generous multipliers. On the other hand, you can use scatter symbols to trigger bonuses of the game. Keep in mind that the winning combination in this game should consist of at least three same symbols unless you have a wild between two identical symbols. In that case, wild will replace and substitute for those symbols, and it will be counted as a match. 

Fruit Bar

Fruit Bar is another great sweepstakes slot that we decided to analyze in this post. As you might guess from the name tag, the fruit bar is about the fruits and is designed as a classic slot machine. The main symbols of the game are consist of fruits such as apple, banana, grapes, peaches, and so on. Just like any other classic slot machine, this fruit slot offers three reels and three rows. In addition to them, you will have a chance to wager sweeps coins on five different pay lines. Although it is a straightforward game with a simple design, it is entertaining. 

For those players who had a chance to experience real land-based gambling platforms, this game will reminisce about their good old memories. The RTP for the slot is higher than the average, and it stands at 96 per cent. It is a low volatility sweepstakes slot that can help you to win great sweeps prizes that can be converted into real money. Every fruit in this game has a value. For instance, while the combination of three bananas can give you 300 sweeps coins, the combination of three peaches can help you to earn 500 coins. It is a very entertaining gambling sweepstakes game that will help you to relax and enjoy the casino experience. 

Wild Shark

sweepstakes games

Wild Shark is another great sweepstake slot that you can find on the internet. The exciting design of this game is what makes it so unique and popular among the gambling players. The storyline is about the jewellery box that is hidden under the sea. To go through the various challenges and to get your reward, you need to swim away from the wild shark. The wild shark is the main character of the game which wants to haunt you and take you out before you reach that jewellery box. Several reasons can lead you to enjoy this slot machine game. The first one is the great prizes and bonuses that wild shark offers. By playing this game, you can earn the highest sweeps coin prizes in the industry. 

The high payout rate and effective bonus packages are making it easy for the player to enjoy the game and succeed. Symbols and overall interface of the game are matching perfectly. You will have a chance to observe the undersea life of different creatures such as pufferfish, hammer shark, dories, angelfish, and clownfish. The game is straightforward for playing and is full of cool features. You can use the double bet feature to bet twice as much as sweeps coins on each pay line. Wild shark is a five-reel and five-row slot game that has 20 winning paylines. By utilizing the double bet feature, high rollers can benefit from the generosity of these sweepstakes games online. You can find this slot on many of the sweepstakes parlours or online platforms with ease. 

Thunder Strike

Thunder Strike is an exciting sweepstakes slot that we have on this list. The game has it all when you go through the beautiful interface and multifunctional gameplay. All of those components are creating a prime example of exciting sweepstakes games. The storyline of the game is inspired by the famous Marvel movie Thor while the main design is taken from Norse mythology. If you ever watched the Thor, you will remember the place where their castle lies whenever you open this slot game. 

The beautiful Asgard is depicted perfectly on the backgroun of this slot machine. As one of the new traditions of the virtual casino and sweepstakes games, movie themes are capturing the industry because of the high demand by players. Thunder Strike is another game that mainly based on the movie. Bright and vivid colour saturations will amaze you as soon as you tune in to this slot. The sound effects are also similar to the nature of the slot, and they are going perfectly with the initial design. It is a very creative and innovative casino slot that can help you to excel. 

There are seven reels and five rows in this game. Besides that, you can bet on 40 different pay lines. The game offers as high as 16.000 ways to win. This game is very generous when it comes to handing out the prizes. With the exceptional bonus packages and the right strategy, you can very well enjoy the ride and leave the game with lots of sweeps cash. Just like any other Net Entertainment sweepstakes games, Thunder Strike has a High payout rate which stands at 96.8 per cent. 

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