Cryptocurrency gambling: Pros and Cons of This New Casino Phenomenon

There are several differences between traditional gambling and cryptocurrency gambling: software providers, promotions, registration. Bonus systems and such matters vary for these casino platforms. In this post, we will try to give you an insight into those differences and list out the advantages and disadvantages that you may encounter while playing with crypto money. So let’s find out.

The advantages of Cryptocurrency Gambling

The first advantage that we are going to explore is about privacy. The cryptocurrency values offer enormous security for their users. That is the main reason why so many people prefer to use them not only in casino sites but generally as well. The only time cryptosystems ask for personal information is when you need to purchase another one. In that case, you enter your bank account details, and that is pretty much it. In order to gamble with your cryptocurrency, you need to connect the online casino profile and your crypto wallet, and from that time, you will have access to the casino games and play them with your crypto money. On that stage, you will not provide any personal details, either. So, it is the most secure way of gambling online.

No Fees

One of the best sides of cryptocurrency gambling is this part because while you play in an online casino that accepts crypto money, they will not charge you for that or take fees. There are maybe charges regarding the withdrawals, but they are very tiny. Consider the fact that those charges will cut from your crypto account. 

Transaction Speed

cryptocurrency gambling

As you may probably know, cryptocurrencies are decentralized. What does that mean? It means that all the auctions are held on the internet, and there is no physical jurisdiction such as banks behind those values. Besides the convenience that this matter creates, it is also speeding up the transaction process. Keep in mind that the transactions that you make are not regulated or viewed by any other party, which results in higher speed. In online gambling platforms, this matter makes a huge difference. Why? In regular gambling platforms, it takes approximately seven to ten days after you withdraw the application to get reviewed, let alone accept it. So, by making purchases and transactions with cryptocurrencies, you will get your withdrawals on time. 

Bonuses and Promotions

It is another advantage that you can utilize by using crypto values in online gambling. In regular online casino platforms, you may see some bonuses such as happy hour, wager, or registration bonuses. Though, while gambling with cryptocurrencies, those bonuses may double up. As the value of that crypto money is higher, by taking your chance, you can get enormous cash from the tournament bonuses in cryptocurrency gambling platforms. So make sure to search for available crypto gambling sites and see their bonus offers in advance.


As we mentioned before, the crypto casino platforms are very secure for you to enroll in your favorite games. These systems prevent others from stealing your personal information because there is no personal information that is synced with your account. By using crypto money in online gambling platforms, yo8u can make sure that sensitive information is not shown in those platforms and could not be found by any means. In times where fraudulent actions such as identity theft rose, it is one of the best choices that you can make in order to protect yourself. 


For clearly explaining the high value of the cryptocurrency values, let’s take the most popular one-which is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is on the rise because of the simple supply and demand rule of the economy. More and more people started to use this digital money. That reflected in the number of online casino businesses that obtained crypto solutions. In 2009 the value of one Bitcoin was around a few dollars. It rose to the hundred by 2011, and now in 2020, it costs you more than $ 7000 to get a Bitcoin. As a gambling player, with the right strategies, you can utilize these types of opportunities. You can either withdraw your Bitcoin to the local currency or exchange it and wait for the value to increase. There are lots of ways that you can make an additional profit off of it, so give it a try.

The disadvantages of cryptocurrency gambling

There are more advantages to crypto casinos than we mentioned above. Though in order to make it balanced, let’s look at the disadvantages too.


It is both a positive and negative side of crypto gambling. As you may probably know, they are decentralized values, and we cannot predict the rise or fall of the cryptocurrencies. That is why the value can both be advantageous and disadvantageous for you in online casino platforms. You should be aware of the fact that cryptocurrency values may drop significantly or rise rapidly. Keep this rule in mind without investing your hard-earned money on crypto casinos.

It is Still Digital Currency

real time gaming casinos

Keep in mind that crypto money is a digital currency and who knows what can happen next with the. Most of the people who gamble with crypto values keep them in safe storages through what happens when the values are still processing, and they are on the air? They can disappear due to several factors. As it is the anonymous digital currency, you would not be able to get a refund for that. So, be careful before settling in.


It is another aspect that has both pros and cons for cryptocurrency gambling. Casino operators do not want to deal with legislative issues; that is why they are operating in zones where it is legal. As most of the countries are against crypto values, there are actually a few reliable gambling platforms that accept cryptocurrencies. If you are living in a region that does not allow online gambling or crypto casinos, the chances that you may get in trouble with security is high. You cannot rely on anyone in that case because they can fraud you at any time. As they are illegal entities, you would not be able to sue them or use any other legal options to bring your money back. Be aware of the local jurisdictions before you register at crypto gambling platforms to prevent these types of things. 

Fairness of the Casino Games

It is one of the most crucial disadvantages that you may face while playing crypto gambling games. Most of the popular casino games that you can play with crypto values are not certified even though the casino itself is fully licensed. While betting in the regular online gambling platform, you will not get this type of fairness issues. Though, in crypto ones, things can take a wrong turn. Unfortunately, the number of online gambling platforms that did those scams is high for this one. You need to protect yourself before losing your money.

Final Thoughts

Now, as you read the article, you see that it is very convenient to gamble with crypto values, and it can save you time, money, etc. Though there are potential drawbacks of doing so, always remember to play responsibly in cryptocurrency gambling and generally online casinos to prevent yourself from fraudulent acts and enjoy your time without any inconvenience. 

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