Extensive Guide on the Bitcoin Video Casino Platforms

If you have never played in bitcoin video casino sites before, do not worry. Through this guide, we will help you to learn the basics of these platforms. Besides that, our aim is to help you to understand the concept better. With the availability of different bitcoin video casino platforms on the internet, it is hard to make the right choice from a player’s standpoint. 

Therefore, they look for online forums and review sites. Through those platforms, they can find and examine the best bitcoin casino options by themselves. If you are one of those players who will step into the crypto sweepstakes world, you are in the right place. Before getting into the essentials, let’s make a general overview of the Bitcoin and video casinos that are using this cryptocurrency as a payment method. 

What is Bitcoin and How Bitcoin Video Casino Sites Function? 

Bitcoin video casino

Most of the time, players that have been enjoying the traditional sweepstakes websites are getting confused when they enter bitcoin video casino platforms for the first time. Bitcoin is an open-source cryptocurrency or digital money that was created in 2009. 

Unlike the traditional flat currencies that are available to us, Bitcoin is not connected to any of the central banking authorities. All the operations and transactions through Bitcoin are made through BlockChain. They are completely anonymous, which makes them even more appealing for online casinos to use. 

As we already mentioned, transactions through Bitcoin are anonymous. Regardless of the authority or government that you have in your country, they cannot seize the operations. It is impossible to track your records whenever you use this cryptocurrency. 

That makes it an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy the best sweepstakes games without worrying about the legality or anything. It is better to comply with the responsible gambling rules. If it is illegal in your country to play these games, do not risk it all. 

Another advantage of using Bitcoin casinos is that they do not require any sensitive information upon registration. These cryptocurrencies and gaming websites ensure privacy. Therefore, players realized how advantageous they really are. 

In the next passage, we will compare the regular and bitcoin casino sites side by side. As a result, you will have an idea why so many players are now switching to crypto gaming. 

Regular vs. Bitcoin Video Casino Sites

Bitcoin Video casinos have gone viral in the last few years. As players learned about the advantages that they could possibly get by choosing these platforms over traditional ones, the audience of the crypto sweepstakes players got bigger. 

Payment processing has been one of the concerning topics about traditional online sweepstakes. The fees and the time that it took players to withdraw their funds disabled them to fully enjoy the available games. 

It is really unpleasant for a player to earn thousands of dollars just to lose a portion of it for the fees. It is annoying to wait at least several days for accessing the winning. In this place, bitcoin video casino platforms came into the scene. They offer simplified solutions for players who are struggling with the same type of issues. 

The transactions that you make through this cryptocurrency take around a few hours. The most exciting part about this is that there are no fees involved. By

  • getting rid of the operation cost
  • and having a safer gaming experience

you can enjoy the quality of online sweepstakes in bitcoin casinos or stock to the traditional online sweepstakes and regret your decision later on. 

What Are the Games That You Can Play in Bitcoin Video Casinos?


Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey is one of the exciting bitcoin slot machines that you can try online. Net Entertainment released the game back in 2013. You can play this slot through both desktop and mobile devices with ease. The compatibility and entertainment value of the slot is off the charts, which is why there are hundreds of online sweepstakes fans around the world that prefer this slot machine. 

Despite the fact that the game is eight years old, the graphics and visual interface are still very comprehensive. The storyline of the game revolves around the tribe of turkeys. These turkeys are worshipping at the wild symbols, and by lining up those symbols on the same reel, you can acquire generous rewards from this tribe. There are five reels, three rows, and 20 pay lines in the game. 

On the reels, you will see generic card value symbols as well as five different turkeys. The color of the turkey is essential to determine the value. For instance, the turkey that has a red headpiece can absolutely help you to maximize the winning potential while offering five times multipliers. The wild turkey totem is the most lucrative object out there, and it has the ability to substitute for any other symbol. 

While combining turkey totems on the same reel, you will get a shot at earning up to 15 free spins. It is a very entertaining game with high variance and an above-average payout rate. So, if you enjoy constant wins and surprising bonus features, Wild Turkey can be a good option for you to play in bitcoin video casino sites. 

Jack and the Beanstalk

I am sure that most of you will remember the popular fairy tale about the boy who found mystic peas and went to the giant’s land by using them. This slot machine is inspired by the same fairytale, as you might guess from the title. Net Entertainment developed the slot game back in 2014. 

It is one of the most popular branded video slots that was inspired by fairy tales. The success rate of the game is not only the result of the popularity of the storyline. Rather than that, the exceptional bonuses and interactive features are what made Jack and Beanstalk special for slot machine players. 

There are five reels and three rows alongside 20 pay lines in the slot game. Expanding wilds and random payouts are the exciting features that you can trigger by combining the exact symbols on any of the available reels. 

On every active pay line, players have the chance to bet up to 20 dollars. While having an RTP of 96.3 percent and low volatility, this slot game is definitely a great fit for high rollers. If you have never tried this slot game before, go ahead and check it out. 

Dragon’s Kingdom

Dragon’s Kingdom is another special slot machine that you can play on bitcoin video casino sites. Playtech developed and launched this slot game in 2017. There are five reels, three rows, and as many as 25 active pay lines.  On each of them, you can deposit up to 25 dollars. 

Most of the symbols are designed as classic slot machine icons except the warrior and the dragon. The game offers exceptional bonuses for scatter and wild symbol combinations. You can earn 100 extra points as well as 20 free spin chances by utilizing those high-value symbols. 

The Blue Dragon is the wild symbol of the game, which has the power to activate the five times multiplier. Overall, it is a very well-rounded and impressive slot machine that we suggest you play as soon as you find a bitcoin video casino that offers Playtech games. 

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