Most Popular Slots Types and Their Exceptional Features

Casino slots are one of the favorite games that online gambling players love to play. It is a game that consists of reels, rows, and paylines that offers the chance of winning real money for its players. There are many popular slots types to take advantage of, for instance, multiple reel-slots, video-slots, and progressive-slots. The slot machine types mentioned above are by far the most popular slots one can enjoy and provide for its users.

Numerous factors affect the popularity of slot games and make them a perfect fit for players from different segments. For example, the quality of the online casino software, the smooth in-game control, graphics, sound effects, and all that stuff affects the user’s overall performance and increases or decreases their entertainment value. The games that have those certain qualities, make a name for itself in the industry. Before separately giving props to the popular slots, let’s discuss the available slot types that online gambling players are fond of. 

Popular slots: The Essentials

There are many versions of slot games one can take advantage of. It all depends on which kind of slot game the gamblers prefer. The popular slots types are classic, progressive slots, video slots, etc. Let’s now discover the range of poplar slots you can include in your online casino for the enjoyment of your gamblers. 

Classic Slots

Classic slots games come in different shapes and sizes. Most players resemble them as arcade-style games or fruit slot machines. Since the old and classical days of casinos, the classic slots have always been popular among gamblers. The simplicity of the gameplay, makes classic slots unique and easy to play for players from all calibers. Additionally, classic slots have an advantage that can’t be matched. If the luck of the gambler takes its toll, meaning if the symbols match up in all the rows and reels, they have a chance of hitting a massive jackpot payout. The enormous jackpot payout feature is adjacent to the wagering. Meaning the more your gamblers wager, the more they have a chance of hitting an extensive jackpot payout line. 

Furthermore, classic slots come in many versions; for instance, a vintage slot game can be in three, five, and seven different reels. The more reels a slot game has, the more chances the users have in winning or losing. Gamblers also have two options of increasing their payouts either by wagering in maximum coins or in wagering in stable amounts. By wagering in maximum amounts, players can increase their earnings each time as the game progresses, and by wagering in stable values, the players tend to receive the same amount of earnings as the game progresses. Both of these options have their pros and cons, and it comes down to how the gamblers feel about a particular game. That being said, there are also other features of slot games to consider as well. Let’s discover them.  

3-reel slots

popular slots

It is another popular type of online casino slot that widely recognized in recent years. 3D slots are a more improved version of video slot games. While playing them, you will feel the vibe of real casinos because of the enhanced graphics, three-dimension visual effects, and sound effects. Both classic and modern features of the slot machines are portrayed in 3D versions perfectly. For instance, you can enjoy avalanche reels and fruit slot machines in the same casino with 3D effects now.

Advantage and disadvantages of 3-reel slot games

People tend to choose three-reel slot games for their simplicity and basic features. The three-reel slot games are pretty straight-forward with fewer rules and game strategies. The games are mostly classic and have a retro feeling to it. Nevertheless, to keep gamblers interested, most 3-reel slot games come with free bonus spin rounds. 

The disadvantage to three-reel slot games is due to its repetitive nature. Gamblers often feel bored with the same symbols and fewer themes. Additionally, three-slot games are mainly aimed at people who are on the budget and those who are new to slot gaming and are looking to try their luck in slot machines. 

5-reel slots

Five-reel slot games are by far the most popular form of slot gaming known to humankind. With many movie, comic, and game themes, one virtually finds their favorite type of 5-reel slot game with ease. Additionally, five-reel slot games include a plethora of bonuses and mini-games that excite gamblers. 

Just like in three-reel slot machines, five-reel slot games also have reels, which are the number of vertical lines that spin when one pulls the lever. The number of payout lines differs massively from one slot game to another, but the standard of five-reel slot games payout line is twenty.

Having a five-reel slot machine in your online casino is a steal. Why? Because the number of themes and games that exist in five-reel slot games is by far the best in class when compared to its traditional three-slot games. Since there are so many exciting bonus rounds and mini-games that exist in a five-reel virtual casino slot game, some argue that just having a five-reel slot machine in your online casino it would be enough for a profitable business. Nevertheless, just like in three-reel slot games, five-reel slot games also have disadvantages to them. 

Disadvantages of 5-reel slot games

popular slots

Since we have mentioned a lot of advantages to a five-reel slot game, it is time to mention some disadvantages as well. 

Gamblers often complain about the amount of time it takes for the symbols to stop on the reels. This might seem like a first-world problem to some, but in reality, this is a huge issue, and sometimes it causes massive stress for gamblers and many due to the excitement and the adventure of slot gaming some of the gamblers had a mini panic attack. Another few worry problems to some users that five-reel slot games have are the number of symbols it possesses. Oftentimes gamblers lose track of symbols and their value, which causes some problems to online casinos. 

7-reel slots

More and more, it is never enough; that’s what every gambler thinks when they hear or think of seven-reel slots. This is true for seven-reels winning chances as well as losing chances at the same time. Like five-reel slots, seven-reel slots are also full of many movie, comic, and game themes and characters. As a matter of fact, there are so many symbols on the reels that sometimes gamblers get lost with bonuses and prizes. 

The disadvantage of seven- reel slots

Just like its advantages, the seven-reel slots also have disadvantages that one needs to be careful of. As much chance of you winning there is also the chance of losing as a matter of fact since there are lots of reels, winning can become a bit problematic for some since it takes a lot longer for the symbols to match up. Just like in five-reel slots, the seven-reel slots also have the latency problems. It generally takes longer for the symbols to land on the reels, and this causes a lot of anxiety and stress for some gamblers.

Video Slots

When a novice or even a professional gambler hears the word “slot,” they mostly think of a three-reel slot machine. Maybe you, the reader, probably also imagined the same thing “a single or a multiple vertical lines spinning across the game, upon which the symbols match.” It is also likely that you thought that the reels are filled with fruit or with many symbols ranging from sea creatures to god knows what. 

Certainly, there are a plethora of Video slot games you can find at any typical online casino. Additionally, most gamblers would argue that they are the true advancement of the 21st century. With so many video slots to come across at Vegas7games, players are spoilt for choice. Video slots are a dream come true for many, and they keep players captivated for hours. Popular slots creators like Vegas7games have revolutionized the way gamblers play video slots by bringing many sets of bonuses and prizes to its video slot games.

Video slots are new in online casinos; they are still progressing and upgrading every day. Nevertheless, they are offered in all online casinos due to their high-demand among the gamblers. When comparing video slots to traditional classical slots, the difference is immense. 

Investigating Video Slots

Let’s start by investigating the Video slots. They are mostly played with five-reel or more, and they contain just about as much payout-line one can imagine. Video slot games offer videos or images on their reels and rows. Which grabs the attention of the gamblers and turns it into hours of endless gameplay.

Video slot games take advantage of the modern hardware and offer rich and vibrant graphics for the gamblers. Its soundtracks, gameplay, and themes are mind-boggling for the players. Video slots also provide hundreds of symbols, which enables the gamblers to wager as many payouts as they wish. Just like its older brother, Video slots are also run by Random Number Generator. This makes the winning experience as exciting as classic slots. 

Progressive Slots

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Progressive slots have a jackpot feature that increases as gamblers play the game. This incremental increase can be in the shape of independent online gambling slot machines, where the jackpot grows only in a specific slot machine, or it can be in numerous networks of machines, this enables the entire system to contribute to the initial jackpot. In other words, the progressive slot networks can control the jackpot feature of the online casinos, and they can manage systems of multiple casinos.

As mentioned before, the jackpot feature of progressive slots is nothing like that of any other slot games. For instance, if the gamblers have a lucky spin, their earnings increase. This is due to the structure of the progressive slot games. When compared to other online casino games, progressive slot games add the rewards on top of the games as the game progresses. Another advantage of progressive slots is the feature of offline gameplay. Progressive slots are the first kind of slot gaming that offers offline gameplay to its gamblers. Gamblers can easily save and reset their earnings each time they play. 

Furthermore details 

The best way to imagine a progressive slot is that they are slot machines similar to lottery games. When a gambler plays his or her chance of winning are pretty long, but the bonuses and prizes that come with progressive slot games are huge in quantity when compared to other popular slots. Just like in many lottery games, the prizes increase as the number of players increase until someone wins. 

Gamblers know they are playing a progressive slot game because it will feature a popping jackpot meter that shows the amount of the jackpot that has accumulated so far. Some even call popping jackpot meters the “jackpot ticker,” because it ticks from lower to higher position when the users on the network lose bets. Progressive slot games are here to stay, and it will keep growing as the world of gambling games grows. 

As we talked about the types of slot games, what do you think that we missed something? What is the common feature of all those games that makes the games more exciting for players? You guessed it right; it is the bonuses. Let’s find out more about them. 

Bonuses and Promotions of Slot Games

Bonuses and promotions are what keeps the gamblers at bay, and every popular slot offers it. Whether your players choose to play in progressive, video, or classic slot games, they can opt and enjoy their bonuses and promotions. Why do gamblers demand bonuses or promotions? Not everyone is lucky when they play slot games, so offering your players a form of bonuses and promotions ensures that you gain your gamblers’ trust and loyalty. It is also an ethical business practice to have. By offering prizes and gifts, your players will be hooked to your online casino. It is also worth mentioning before players choose any online casino slots, they always analyze each game’s winning feature.

Promotions are a great way to promote your gamblers who are long time players. It ensures their loyalty even more, and it is a great way to attract new potential customers. Here is a list of prizes you can offer your gamblers.

Bonus cash 

The gamblers must be given some kind of bonus cash after they spend some time in your online casino. This creates bonds between the players and the casino platform, which, in return, helps your online casino business to grow.

Free Spins

Having a free spin option for your users is another great tool to gain their trust and appreciation. It is best to offer it after users are about to finish their gameplay. 

Welcome offer

By including free bonus spins or happy hour bonuses in your popular slots will show the new visitors how much your casino appreciates the newcomers and how much your online casino values its gamblers. 

Try Free Game Mode

By enabling visitors to try your popular slots in free mode will help them further decide which game suits them best before they get serious about a particular game. 

The best slot games

popular slots

Online casino games come in different themes, soundtrack, gameplay, and quality. That is why it becomes harder for both players and casino operators to select the best one.  

Nevertheless, choosing Vegas7games as your casino software provider ensures the best business practice and stable profit. Additionally, Vegas7games have an excellent reputation among online gamblers, and it has the popular slots games and services one can include in their online casino. Generally speaking, slot games are known for their RTP, reels, and payouts. Here are some of the Vegas7games you can take advantage of.

  • El Toro (El Toro offers an RTP of 96,4%, with five-reels and forty-paylines)
  • Buffalo Thunder (Buffalo Thunder offer an RTP of 94.03%, with five-reels and forty-paylines)
  • Catsino (98% RTP and five pay lines, three reels and three rows) 
  • 50 Dragons (94.71%RTP and fifty pay lines and five reels)
  • Admiral Nelson (97% RTP and ten pay lines, five reels and three rows) 

The online slot games mentioned above are just a few examples of what Vegas7games have in store. Vegas7games are the best when it comes to their services, games, and their dedication to online gambling laws.

In conclusion

There are many software providers, but not all of them offer the most popular slots and services. Starting an online casino is the best online casino business one can manage online. Choosing Vegas7games online casino software means choosing the best software provider.

Including popular slots, types such as classic, video, and progressive slots in your gaming library will ensure that your online casino business prospers.

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